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Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m one of the
student callers who spoke with you on the phone last year through the Alumni
Annual Appeal. Thank you for making your first gift to Curtin through the 2018 phone
appeal. Your gift joined those of your fellow alumni, and is already
transforming lives on behalf of Curtin. Welcome to our donor community. Through Alumni Annual Appeal scholarships, four incredible community-minded students
will be supported for up to four years of their degrees. I’ve always wanted to
do really well in my career, I’m quite driven, so just have a job I really love
and I’m passionate about that’s probably my motivation. Receiving the scholarship
means so much to me – it will definitely just take that stress
off. I can just focus more on my studies and not have to work so much. I had a bit of struggle during high school – I actually missed a whole year of school in year
ten for medical reasons. I had quite an amazing team of doctors in Australia and
overseas and you know they were the reason that I came out so healthy in the
end – that’s really what motivates me. I want to use my past experiences to
hopefully, you know, deliver better nutrition education and to help other
kids that are struggling. Gifts to the WA School of Mines Endowment Fund are creating a perpetual fund to support generations of WASM students. We’ve
already been able to award scholarships to eight future mining superstars. Growing up, I’ve kind of always wanted to play AFL football but it ended up that there was alot more kids that were better than me. I knew I want to go to uni – as an engineer
maybe – so it’s what I’m doing now. Relocating from like a rural area down south, it was
quite expensive moving up. Paying things like the bond, just furnishing the house
that shifts your focus a lot off uni and more on to just I need somewhere to
live, and I need somewhere to sleep kind of thing. So the scholarship means a
lot to me – it’s gonna help with a lot. The Young Alumni Helping Hand Fund was
launched to the 2018 Appeal and is already supporting students in financial
crisis. Thank you to our young alumni donors for providing these emergency
funds to assist study and living costs. I’m a Social Support Advisor at the
Counseling Accessibility and Well-Being Services. The Helping Hand Fund is a
provision of emergency relief options for students who have
come in with maybe a long-standing financial strain to give them a bit of
reprieve from the situation or a kind of emergency relief for persons in crisis.
One or two weeks off reprieve does make a massive difference to their
lives. Thank you for being part of Curtin’s Alumni Annual Appeal. We can’t
wait to speak to you once again this year, and on behalf of all of the
students you’ve supported this year, thank you for your donation, your
generosity is providing practical support, building confidence and
empowering students like us to make tomorrow better. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.

Paul Whisler

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