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– Oh yes, my paycheck! Yes! I’ll finally start a savings account, pay rent on time and maybe buy a new jacket for once. (phone vibrating) Hello. – [Voiceover] Hello I’m
calling for Milo Rights. – Milo, hi. – [Voiceover] Hi, this is the Student
Loan Collection Service. You owe us. (upbeat pop music) – Uh, okay. Hey, can I give you a call back? – [Voiceover] Sure, just give
us a call back at 1-800– – Shut up! Okay, ten extra hours per week at the job, plus the minimum student loan payment equals me paying them off in 43 years. Cool. (phone vibrating) Hello. Are you calling me from
a different number? Girls wanted $900 a night. Hmm. Must be into foot stuff, alright. Let me ask you a question,
what’s your name? Oh Brenda, that’s a nice. My grandmother’s name. Um, did you ever have student loans or. (phone vibrating) (incoming text message beep) (outgoing text message beep) How do you sleep at night, Brenda? How do you sleep at night? You’re a monster! No I don’t have any money. I can’t afford to pay you. Five dollars is too
much, that’s ridiculous. (phone vibrating) Uh! Hello. – [Voiceover] Hi, we’re
calling from your alma mater. Would you like to make a
donation to the school? – Are you serious? (phone vibrating) Hello Mom. – [Voiceover] Hey baby, your
nephew got into college. – Oh no. – [Voiceover] Don’t worry,
on a full ride scholarship. – Oh, well that’s great. Good for him, yay college. (upbeat pop music)

Paul Whisler


  1. I am lucky enough that my dad can afford to pay my tuition fees in full. So I never had to deal with student loans.

  2. people commenting about how you're answering and seeing the home screen or some other app and saying it's a fail. you can exit out of the phone app while still accessing the call. it's not that hard to understand. people.

    the first time she answers the phone, she might have pressed the home button after answering the call leading the screen to return to the home screen.

    if she was on the calculator app during the call, you may have answered the call and proceeded to exit out the phone app to return to the calculator app.

  3. You can see she just turns the phone on and puts it up to her ear, she even opens an app by accident. XD fail BuzzFeed, fail.

  4. Did anyone else notice at 0:13 she wasn't even on the phone with nobody 😂

  5. Cant relate. In England our student loans are paid back slowly. A certain (but small) percentage is taken out of your wage every month before you recieve your money in your bank, like tax. And even then, you dont start to pay back your loan until you earn £22,000 ($31,950) annually and after 30 years, whatever you have left of it is cancelled. And of course.. if you never earn £22,000, you just simply never start to pay it back. I would never have gone into further education if I was in the US.

  6. Dude, my school started asking for donations as soon as I graduated. At least give me a YEAR to make my first million, damn!

  7. Free college in Qatar + no taxes at all (Yes we don't do taxes over here at all), I'm lucky.

  8. "New phone. Who dis?" LOL

    I'm surprised they don't just move in next door. Come over and introduce themselves like "So, did you pay back your student loans?" LOL

  9. I might as well go to West Point and have my college paid, that or find a bunch of scholarships

  10. I'm so bothered by the fact that this is sponsored by a FREAKING LOAN COMPANY

  11. yeah ok, she has an iphone 6 and macbook, that HER PARENTS paid for because the cost of college when they were young was as much as a used car….

  12. Idk why ppl act like student loans are so terrible. Avg loan balance is like $30k, you can pay that off in 2 years if you budget and cut down your lifestyle, especially with no kids. I did it. Not the most fun 2 years of my life but I'm better off because of it.

  13. I refuse to make donations to my university until I'm finished paying off the loans I had to take out to afford them. I'm being punished for not settling for a crappy state school and seeking a better, private education.

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  15. I really don't know why you have to pay! in Saudi Arabia collages pay us 266 USD Every month!

  16. That's why you work hard and get those full scholarships baby!

  17. this is why all my money is in a brokerage account with assets instead of cash, can't sell my stock without being identitythief.

  18. yeah so when u are offered a $5 payment there really is no excuse lol

  19. Or challenge the loans. People don't know the fraud behind them. I challenged them, and got them wiped out. Don't pay these crooks

  20. message of this video: don't go to college if you don't expect to make enough money to pay off the loan plus living expenses and retirement/savings. Do some math people!!

  21. Did anybody else notice when she was on the phone it was just the lock screen and her face accidentally pressed an app

  22. I see videos like this and the one variable that I'm always looking for is what they used the student loan for. And by what, I mean what did they major in. Because someone that's say a doctor, engineer (certain kinds of engineers), something in those fields. Isn't worried about their loans. They got great returns on their investments.

  23. Her phone could possibly be on call. You know you can go to almost any app and the call will still work?

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  25. Nursing student in heaps of student loan. Legit broke and desperately searching for jobs

  26. Trapped with student loans? Givling is a trivia app on the rise that crowdfunds student loans! You don't need to be good at trivia to win anything- play every day to increase your chances of winning! Download on iOS or Android- use code SP963588 to join!!

  27. HA! I love this! I just started my channel that follows my journey to paying off my student loans! This video is so accurate!!

  28. I worked through college and took out a total of 18k in student loans. MIS degree and job market was tight when I graduated. Didn't make much in my first job. Loan deferred after layoff during down turn then not many years the loan more than doubled to 38k. Then got a better paying job and have been getting it paid down now that I have an income over six figures. The money now isn't that big a deal but really made going through a bad economy tough. Student loans are good but for some that don't do something with the degree it is a bad move. Debt is slavery. And it is better to be broke than deep in debt. Being broke is easy to change.

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