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  1. Über is actually good and even profitable for the riders/ passenger but may be not for the drivers .. I won’t bother buying my own car if there is uber service out there … because it’s cost efficient

  2. Uber and lyft are cannibalizing their own infrastructure.
    I quit long time ago. Fuck these assholes. Who the fuck can survive working on 5 dollars an hour? That's how much you net!!!
    There's a sucker born every minute but that doesn't less long either. The average life spam of an uber driver is 6 months. After that you need transmission new brakes and tires at the very least. Who the fuck is gonna pay for all if that at and how? From where? From the 50 fucken cents per mile? Wake up ppl. Stay away from these assholes. There's so many well paying jobs out there that you can do instead of uber or lyft. It will be like waking up from a nightmare. Walk away and never look back.

  3. Fuck ride sharing. Tried it as a Lyft driver. Was good when it started and could make more than $30 an hour on a weekend night. Then they got in a price war with Uber and was maybe making around $12 an hour. Not worth my time. Had a car with no payment that got bad gas mileage which was better than getting a more efficient car with a payment. Got the perfect car for it now though. $600 1995 Saturn that costs around 12 cents per mile to operate including purchase price. Too old to get approved unfortunately.

  4. It's not a scam. It's a ride share app that profit both the driver and the passenger .it wasn't designed as full time hustle but at beginning with the demand people worked full hours and made more money than their own jobs .as a full.time career it's a loss but it's great if you already have a car and a job but looking to make extra money for some emergencies instead of borrowing from western union or cash money your gas, car payment or other small bills

  5. Let's not forget all the CHEAP ASS FUCKS who ask for a 1 mile ride or to stop a Jamba Juice along a 15 mile trip- including toll fees, gas, etc… and between 3 people, can't even scrounge up 1 FUCKING DOLLAR FOR A TIP? GREEDY, Fucked-up Co.. for cheap, Fucked-up people to use and exploit hard working people. Nice business model.💩🐷🐷🐷💩

  6. A better ride share concept that will enable pro drivers to survive:

  7. The young turks? Now I hate your guts, Ana and Chunk are lying hypocrite scumbags!

  8. uber depends on a large number of ppl being cash desperate . this works reall well in the usa. just need a car you can sleep in

  9. This video is a scam and complete BS click bait. I make $1,500/week with $175/week gas cost. Car paid off, free oil changes, warranty on tires; just got a nail, paid $20 boom new Fn tire! Set up my Uber driving as a business, all expenses are tax write offs, plus I make extra money with Cargo. Gig economy is taking over, employers are terrified, jobs and W2s are joining dinosaurs!

  10. Damnit! I was going to start tomorrow. Now I'm wondering about all the YouTubers I've listened to… They claim to be making money for years. I don't doubt your statistics. And indeed there is always someone waiting to take advantage of you. That profit margin is Shameful!!! I never knew they took THAT much! So….how about Lyft? I'm afraid to ask.

  11. I've never used Uber or Lyft so I can gladly say that I'm not contributing to the exploitation of the American worker.

  12. If you have a brand new car, then it comes with a warranty and certain number of miles or kms per year.

  13. +SciQ Hold up! Why are we deducting 54 cents per mile based on "depreciation" when things like vehicle registration, insurance, are included in that sum. If you do not drive for Uber, but you still intend to drive a vehicle lawfully in this country, you still have to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, at some point you'll need to pay for an oil change and new tires, etc. That portion of those expenses is constant whether you drive for Uber or not; it's called owning a vehicle. If you're going to walk to work, then fine. Otherwise, that portion of the depreciation calculation should be calculated as income.

  14. It's all true. Been saying it for years. Uber and Lyft are nothing but legal slavery.

  15. If you are smart and write off your miles,the tax savings will pay for gas and depreciation. This requires drivers to purchase used, low mileage vehicles at substantial savings to new prices,plan on putting two hundred thousand or more miles on the vehicle, handle basic vehicle maintenance and repairs yourself, and so on. A $15,000 car with $5,000 worth of maintenance and repairs over 200,000 miles comes out to $0.10 amile. If that vehicle is a hybrid that gets 50 miles to the gallon, then gas is about $0.08 per mile. Since taxes on earnings over about $40,000 are 22%, social security is about 14%, and Medicare is I believe 4% and state taxes in California or about 9%, this makes your tax savings per mile $0.25

  16. i drive only weekends and when there’s a surge!!! make 250-300$ in 5-6 hours

  17. Her math doesn't seem correct. She says the IRS determines that the expense is 54 cents per mile. She deducts that amount from a driver's income. In fact, you can deduct 54 cents a mile from your tax liability. What this means is your taxable income will be reduced by this amount so it provides a tax savings. Ex. 100,000 miles x 54 cents = $54,000.00 deduction or reduction in your taxable income. In addition, she talks about car depreciation like the value of the car you use goes to zero but that isn't the case. Lets say you purchase a quality used car for $15,000 and then drive it for a year putting 100,000 miles on it before you sell it. You will probably be able to resell that car for $9,000 – $11,000 if you have maintained it properly. While I have no doubt the Uber site gives a rosy view of potential earnings I also have to think a properly run & well documented RideShare driver business would have a much better earnings outcome than what she is estimating.

    I would love to see actual numbers from someone who has worked this industry, managed their expenses properly and documented them in QuickBooks, and logged their mileage and received their maximum about of tax deductions allowed.

  18. While I do not think people can make a good salary out of driving Uber, but I do not think the Maths in this video is right unless someone uses a new V6 car to drive UberX. If it is an older small seden, the per mile cost would be a lot lower

  19. What a thief company, they just don't give a fuck about the drivers plus they take almost 50 percent believe it or not

  20. Don’t like Uber drive for TRYP keep 100% of the ride money and tip. And scale your business with referring other people. Be aware the Disruptors are coming.

  21. Must have been all stupid blondes to help you figure that out!! You are dead wrong on all account!

  22. Fucked up and sucks like a hell to drive in uber, all the fuckn money you make goes to gasoline, car care and a bit small for your stomach to eat and drink because ofcoure you will fuckn drive almost 10 hours or more to do that above. I put from my money to what I got from uber to just live Like a shit. Thus, the biggest winner here is the uber it self but not the drivers at all and believe or not, you will hate it in just a month if you work it.

  23. Uber is a piece of trash company. I doubt they'll exist for too many more years given all their scams and driver rapes. I predict the feds will ultimately pull the plug on their despicable company.

  24. Automation is coming and Uber & Lyft is just buying time!! Why don't most people understand that these jobs are just a part time and a quick fix to make a buck!!🤭🤪 Long term is not the solution wake up everyone!!!!!

  25. Worst decision is drive for companies like Uber and Lyft that don't have your back when riders damage your car and uses riders' recommendation rants to deactivate your account without factual evidence.

  26. Uber relies upon people who cant hold a job for whatever reason. Old rich guys trying to buy sex from passengers. And drug addicts who would work gladly for 25cents per ride.

  27. Would lone you to do a similar video about the road Haulage industry and particularly in the U.K.

  28. People, I beg you. please. wake up.

    Don't do Lyft/Uber. You definitely have no power against them after you realize at month 2, that Lyft/Uber have been using you .  And you only have $99 left in your pocket.
    This system would never get you any savings, they sell your valuable lifetime for dirt cheap to attract people and get that money constantly from you, and you will feel sad for the car. your car hates the fact that you bought her or him.

    Many of them don't take the shower, and your back seats will get that nasty ass smells.

    I have a question for you. would you pick me up for $3? at rush hour? who in the world would do it except for the friends?
    and they are using that 20% coupons and special free rides coupon codes on holidays? so who cover that costs? you will be.
    Do you think they will raise the booking price for you? no, it will decrease the number of users. The target is always you. not the passengers, not the staffs.

    when you are near at month 4. they want you to quit for other fresh drivers who barely complain.

    Lyft/Uber takes average 40%. the half of a month time you will be pissed off I guarantee that. when everybody get pissed off and strike, then pay you a little more for 2 weeks then everything rolls back quietly, you again get that shit pay then the cycles over, they repeat this frequently.

    I BEG YOU. do something else productive when you have free time. you realize that you can survive in any other ways that's always better than Lyft/Uber.

    You will undervalue yourself and get confused. but at the end you will accept the wrong deals they play and lose ability to filter what goes right and what goes wrong.

    at month 4, they do not want you anymore. even though you have 5 stars all the time. having you over 4 months is negative profit for them(i heard this from IPO webpage i don't know why). so they pay so much less than before and those cut goes to the new drivers.

    You will feel sadness that someone used you for money, and you can't do anything about it. That damages your mentality which would cost you more money in an entire life. That's permanent damage. I'm sure those two company will collapse within two years, better engineers will make much better app for the people, that is open sources that anyone can take part and every drivers and passengers will use it. which makes driver and the passenger both happy without the man in the middle with that 40% of your income.

  29. And if a person is making payments on a car, there is also the interest they are paying. 🤔

  30. 😭 😭 😭 😭 I’ve been driving uber for the past 2.5 years and not even covered my expenses after i left thanks god i am well now

  31. Damn, I sure am losing money at $25-$35/hr and my tax deductions are about 50% of my earnings but my car isn’t a fucking Land Rover so the miles and gas and oil changes don’t cost much. You couldn’t have cherry picked data any more.

  32. i don't get it. do people think that only fleet drivers have to do car maintenance, pay taxes, and maintain car insurance? everybody has to do that, including people with high paying cushy jobs. if they make enough money they can afford the expenses. I've been delivering for almost 10 years and while i'm not filthy rich(no one should expect any entry level job to make them rich or even upper class) i'm able to pay my bills just fine. heck I made enough money to buy another vehicle when my old one got totaled. who buys new cars every 5 years anyway besides rich people? you can get a quality used vehicle for $4000 and if you drive a fuel efficient vehicle that's easy to maintain or you have mechanical skills and can do it yourself, you can save tons on car maintenance.

    you also can't beat not having to deal with inside work, annoying co-workers and bosses, and being able to make your own schedule and start and stop when you want.

  33. "You're going to need to buy a new car every 2 or 3 years" was the most retarded statement on this video. Yeah, if you drive a Saturn or Kia! 😭

  34. It’s all fun and games until you get stabbed in the neck for taking the wrong turn

  35. I do not know how you all guys can drive for uber

  36. Thats why I tried to boycott the app but I no longer have a car. People who arent for this job shouldn't do it. When I first heard about the company I thought it was legit until i figured it out .

  37. Your calculations do not account for tips, referrals, and self promotion that can be done via social networking. You are correct that you are trading the future value of the car for cash. But again, you do not account for the fact that cash in hand is more valuable than the future value of the car.

  38. Uber is a scam and passengers know it but a little cheaper than taxi and dont feel guilty not tipping ubers drivers

  39. Ok then just get a Uber car and drive. There is no perfect job unless you prostitute

  40. you forgot to said there is 1.34 base fare plus promotions and surge and other earnings not just cents per mile..still bad anyway

  41. Also people use whatever car they have. Honda and Toyota surpass every other auto maker for constant use. my 01 tacoma didnt even start having problems until the 280,000s.

  42. Uber and Lyft are basically being crowd funded by drivers.I have watched the You Tube videos and always draw the same conclusion.

  43. That is dumb I have an uncle who works full time in Uber and makes more money than when he owned a papa johns. This is not a well though out video I’m sorry

  44. I agree with almost everything but a car is not an asset it's a liability

  45. Uber take now 50%
    Plus you have to pay taxes
    Plus gas
    Is a slavery job
    Uber owners should be in jail

  46. I Pay extra Cash at 20% for every trip, which hopefully covers some of the costs. The Net income analysis is very real!

    Vehicle time cost, tire, fuel and consumables cost, tax, insurance, license fee etc., I have been told by Uber drivers that they drive for nearly 14 hrs a day. Lawmakers have to intervene to stop this exploitation of Drivers/Cab owners by aggregators like Uber.

  47. I calculate my earnings after expenses and taxes on a daily basis. My net earnings fluctuate between 7 and 15 per hour averaging around 10. I live in a mediocre city for Uber and have a sub optimal vehicle.

  48. This lady is an idiot. Check out The Simple Driver or The Rideshare Professor to learn that the truth is you can get rich as a driver if you see all the angles

  49. uber is not a scam, the US regulations are, uber is just doing what most companies do which is playing on the borderline of legality

  50. I’ve done the math also. You’re actually loosing money by driving through Uber/Lyft! It’s all a scam!!

  51. Driving for uber is a joke, should put on a clown suit driving for this company, or just go live in your car, because you will be homeless with nothing with these slave wages.

  52. Not sure of all the dislikes. She's just revealing the truth behind the scheme.

  53. Thanks for making this video . Lot of the drivers dont even know the actual costs.

  54. I'm just curious when you figured out all the math did you also consider the fact that you can deduct $0.54 a mile as well as other expenses such as your car wash and so forth? That actually brings the cost down quite a bit. No looking at that myself and others average about a hundred and fifty and night take home and maybe only have to do one tank of gas at around $25. I'm not saying you'll get rich but most people do average around 10 to 20 an hour and if you know how to give great service you can also get tips. To make up the difference you also have to look at it side gigs such as the cargo box or music apps that pay you for playing their music to Riders. Yes some people are not smart enough to set money aside but if you were smart you would figure 30% of all the money you make should immediately go into a savings account which would cover taxes should you have to pay anything which most people don't or pay very little because of the reduction in mileage but that also helps with depreciation of your vehicle should you need to get a new one. I've also seen where people I need to lease a vehicle and you can actually get the cost of the lease reimburse if you hit a certain number of write each week which saves you quite a bit in the long run. Uber isn't necessarily a scam as long as you do it in a way that smart but it also does take the right kind of person to be able to make it work

  55. the only way that you make money is working 70 hours a week hitting the bonus and you don't have a life you always tired this is good for them but not for the drivers

  56. I totally agreed with you, I cannot understand why people still working for Uber and Lyft, they’re robbing both sides driver/passenger

  57. Thanks for sharing this. This is most sure for most Uber Drivers a new Thing they never thought about it. As Long as the flow of new Drivers Keep comming, this scheme can continue. I have listened to an southamerican Uber Driver who Claims as well it's not worthed driving for Uber in his Country. Other US Uber Drivers Claim an net income of about 4% while in that southamerican Country the net income was about 25% – but still well below the Minimum wages – the net income as an Uber Driver was about 33% of the Minimum wages in that Country.

  58. I make over $700 – $1000 a week driving for both Lyft and Uber. Right now though Lyft guarantees new drivers will earn no less than $1000 driving in the first month with Promo Code. This is a guaranteed base pay of $1000 not including tips and time is limited. Start driving part time now. If you don’t enter a code upon starting your application, you won't be eligible for this promotion. use Promo Code: OFFICIALPROMO to earn a guaranteed $1000 driving for your first month when signing up with Lyft. To qualify for the bonus in your city if you want to drive for Uber you can use Promo code: ChristyJ232OUI to qualify for promotions with Uber.

  59. I’m sick of you people bashing Uber's, if you’re not happy just move on to something else, I’m sure whatever it is you’re going to complain about it SO JUST MOVE ONE!
    ScIQ looking at your channel is there anything satisfies you? Negative, Negative, Negative,

  60. I love THIS lady. I got into the cab business in 1997 and did really good. I have been telling people for years that these companies weren't going to do well.

  61. Be an uber baller. Llc then file scorp buy a cheap car depreciate it pay yoself a fair reasonable wage and stack cash in a separate bracket than your day job wages. Full time uber is dumb. Its gotta be a side gig.
    Pick up eats and amazon 2hr and declare earns under the same company.
    Form 2553 pimp.

  62. Averaging $15 to $20 every 4 hours of waiing and driving. I am very disappointed. Right after the guarantee my trips were cut by more than 50%

  63. It's true they charge customer more but don't paying the driver . This happend after the Muslim takes over 🐀

  64. Full time drivers have to rent car and make at least 125 ride a week..otherwise imposible to make money

  65. I think uber and lyft are good side gigs, but nothing to try and make a career out of.

  66. I do uber eats ..I do about 3 trips about 4x out the week and I give that money to my 11 year old niece. She comes with me and helps. She wanted to make some extra money so I figured why not. I stay maybe an hour a day. I dont see how anyone could do this for a livinng

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