What’s It Like to Move Out of Home (and Into Accommodation) for Study?

Hi everyone. My name is Ziwei and I’m going to be staying at Campus Perth in 2019. Hey, I’m Guy. 2019 I’m staying in Campus Perth in the city. My family’s in Kalgoorlie. I’m actually from Kalgoorlie. I grew up in Geraldton, which is about four and a half hours north of here. Kalgoorlie, it’s a great place but it’s quite
isolated in some senses; quite rural. You don’t get the chance to meet new people
and be, like, accustomed to new ideas. New cultures. And for me I just wanted to
kind of get out and explore and kind of see what the world would be like. It’s a sense of
Independence; you are exploring the world by yourself; you can guide your own
way. You gotta practice how to do your laundry; gotta do your dishes; gotta do your grocery shopping; you gotta do everything that you should do when
you live alone. I call home a lot. I always want to keep in contact with my family. Speak to them pretty much every day. Campus Perth, there’s gonna be a lot of new people living here. There’s gonna be people from all
sorts of universities and TAFEs and whatnot. And that’s something really
exciting, I’m really looking forward to.

Paul Whisler

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