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I’m frequently asked, “What kind of
printer should I buy as a new loan signing agent? And more specifically, what
printer do I actually use in my office?” Well in short, you’ll need to get a dual
tray laser printer. Being able to print legal and letter size paper is an
absolutely requirement as a notary signing agent. A dual trade printer will
have one tray for letter size paper and one tray for legal size paper. The
printer will automatically go back and forth from each tray to print the size
required. Understand if you print a legal size document on a letter size piece of
paper or vice versa, a letter size on a legal piece of paper, there is a chance
the loan documents will not be accepted and a re-sign will need to happen. Now,
if a re-sign happens, that means you don’t get business again from that
source. So don’t take a chance. Get a dual tray printer. The next thing students
ask is, Why a laser printer versus an inkjet?” Let’s first start off with the
price — a laser printer does have a higher upfront price versus an inkjet but don’t
be fooled, you actually save a lot of money in the long run with a laser
printer. A laser toner cartridge prints more sheets relative to their cost than
an inkjet cartridge. The cost of printing in black and white with an inkjet
cartridge generally runs 5 to 7 cents per page. Laser cartridges cost
between 2 and 4 cents per page, and there’s some laser printers that can get
that down to less than one penny. Regardless what laser printer you get,
the more pages you print, the more money you stand to save by opting for a laser
printer. And the laser printer should last you about five years. Do the math
with me. If you’re printing at 3 cents a page versus 6 cents a page, you
save 3 cents per sheet or $7.50 for every 250 pages you print out. Remember, as a loan signing agent, we work
for signing services, you are required to print out two sets of loan documents — one
for the borrower to sign and one for the borrower to keep. That’s why you print
out roughly 250 pages. While an inkjet may be cheaper up front
for a laser jet it’s truly the cheaper choice — about $7.50 to be specific per set. The next reason you go laser printer over inkjet
is speed. You can’t put a price on time. Especially since the sooner the docs
print, the sooner you can go to your appointment. Laser printing speeds range
from 12 up to 45 pages per minute. Inkjet printers run from 6 to maybe 20 pages
per minute. Essentially, a laser printer is almost 3 times as fast as an
inkjet. Once again, remember you print roughly 250 pages. Imagine sticking
around for 250 pages to print out at 6 pages a minute. Now I think you can see
why you want a laser printer being a notary signing agent. Inkjet is great if
you’re only printing about 5 pages once a week or so. You’ll be printing
thousands of pages a week as a successful signing agent. Get a dual tray
laser printer, you’ll thank me later. Now let’s talk about scanners. Some
printers come with scanners built right on top of the actual printer. This will
obviously drive up the cost of the printer greatly. First off, why do you
even need a scanner at all? And it’s because some signing services will
require a scan of your signed loan documents back to them so they can check
your work before you put the signed loan documents in FedEx. Now this request
won’t happen all the time, so it’s your call if you want to overpay for a
scanner plus printer that you’ll use every now and then, or you go to FedEx
Kinkos whenever required for a scan and paying them $5.00 to have the docs
scanned to you, and then you can email that to the signing service. You’ll need to be
at a FedEx anyway, so it’s not like you’re wasting a trip to specifically a
FedEx Kinkos. If it is your goal to only be a signing agent that works for
signing services, then perhaps it’s worth the investment for a scanner/
printer. But if you take my course, I’ll teach you how to make sure you bypass
the signing service and work directly with escrow companies, mortgage
companies, and real estate agents who will never ever ask you to scan them
loan documents. Lastly, I’m always asked, “Mark, what printer do you actually have
and actually use in your office?” I specifically use a Brother HLL 5200 DWT business laser printer with wireless networking. 250 bucks,
not like 500 bucks for some HP. 250 bucks and it’s wireless.
I put the link on this video to help you in case you haven’t found a good printer
yet. It’s the cheapest, best one on the market. No need to waste your time
searching, I’ve done the research for you. I hope this video helps, as all of my
videos I hope help you. I’m Mark, I teach Loan Signing System and look forward
to helping you make money as a notary loan signing agent.

Paul Whisler


  1. Mark…is there any truth to the statement that Laser printers are "more secure", with printing the docs, than Ink Jet? Meaning, I was told that Ink Jet printers print the document with ink sitting on the surface of the paper. Versus Laser actually ADHERES the toner permanently to the paper…thoughts??

  2. Hello, Mark. I'm a newbie California Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent. This video was very informative and I appreciate your clear, concise and articulate presentation. I wish you would have addressed the questionable issue regarding the concerns of "wireless versus USB connectivity." i.e. Which is more reliable for dependability, especially when printing mass documents on the Brother HL-L5200DWT Business Laser Printer with Wireless Networking, Duplex and Dual Paper Trays? Os is it always in the best interest of the preparer to connect the printer via USB cable? Thank you.

  3. Brothers requires replacing the drum unit (30000 Page Yield @ 5%). Does it come out cheaper over time?

  4. Mark, I missed this test question: "It is acceptable to print ALL loan documents on letter size paper?" I answer "Never" because of this video (.25-1.00). On your video with your wife playing the borrower, it looked like ALL the papers were on letter size, but ALL of my personal mtg docs were ALL printed out on legal size.
    1 Only if there are NO other docs that come over on legal size paper
    2 Never
    3 Always
    4 If you ran out of legal size paper, it's okay

  5. What do you think about the Brother HLL6200DWT Wireless Monochrome Printer with Dual Paper Tray, Amazon Dash Replenishment Enabled? Do you think the $100 difference makes it better or will last longer? It looks like an upgrade. Do you think the 5200 will soon be disabled? Thank you for your advice!!!

  6. No matter we do with our brother hll5200dw it will not print according to the PDF it's been 3 days trying to get this to work it will not alternate to the correct page size

  7. Advanced printer settings on your computer look at fit to page click that then uncheck scaling fit… that was the problem I'm sure I'm not the only one so I thought I'd put that it's fixed now thank you great printer

  8. Can I print loan documents from staples or any store of that kind

  9. Hi, Mark. In watching your video on packaging documents, we obviously will have to make several copies. Is there a dual tray copier/printer at a reasonable price that you might recommend?

  10. Hi Mark, With all do respect you have been telling to your viewers loan signing agents get paid $150/per assignment and buy your program. My question is are you really sure of that? I only heard people telling they only get paid $50 to $75 max. I am not sure how the signing agents can save money with these kind of offers. Two sets of loan document printing and traveling costs to borrowers, person I spoke to ended up paying from his own pocket rather than saving money. So look like after all this notary/loan signing agent business is not a business that people can survive on.

  11. Mark, I'm new to the industry. Let me just saw that vid was right on the money. Thank you. I'm going to check out your other videos as well. This printer seems to be a workhorse. Would you still recommend it or its predecessor?

  12. Hi Mark…can you recommend type of paper? For instance, paper weight. Is multi purpose 20lb okay?

  13. I am using the Brother HL-L6200DWT – Such a solid performer!

  14. Hello Mark, like this Video , do you ha a test document that I can use to “prove” I set my printer to print on3 document with both letter and legal size paper Thanks

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