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Hi, I’m Officer Deglys Chavarria with the Medley Police Department here in South Florida and I’m here to talk to you about hit and runs and what to do in crashes. We understand those are stressful situations, so we want to give you inside information on what to do. Look around to make sure that all of your occupants are safe. Remember, your priority should be yourself, your well-being. The second thing you need to do is 911 and notify the police dispatcher or the communications as to where you are, so they can send you help. If you can, look around outside and see the suspect vehicle or the vehicle that’s been involved in the crash. Preferably, we would like to get a tag of the vehicle and specifically the direction of travel that the vehicle is leaving. Also it’s important to tell the dispatchers and communications if you notice the type of damage
that is involved in the crash. That can narrow down the amount of vehicles that we as responding officers are looking for. For example, if you say on the phone that “I’ve been involved in a hit-and-run. The vehicle is traveling north on this address, and it should have front end damage.” For us, it’s easier to look for a vehicle that’s traveling in that direction, narrowing it down to front end damage.

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