What is Curtin Uni campus accommodation like?

>>Since the mid-1970’s we’ve had student residences on both the Bentley campus and the Kalgoorlie campus. We’ve got 1,175 places in Bentley and 228 places in Kalgoorlie.>>I’ve been staying on campus for about two years now, I’m in second year this year. So you get your own little space sort of thing and then you’ve got your communal spaces where you get to chat with everyone, get to know each other, chill out you know.>>I had a choice when I moved in if I wanted Co-Ed or just females and I chose Co-Ed because I like being friends with boys and girls.>>They’re all pretty friendly sort of thing like you introduce yourself, just talk to them, get to know them a bit more. If you find things in common and it makes it easy, you make friends, it’s part of the university experience.>>When I first came here is it was a bit scary because I moved from interstate, so I knew literally no one. But moving in with another five other people really helped because it forces you to become friends and get to know everyone.>>What we want the students to actually get out of it is particularly being able to make friends and also to learn from other students in terms of the diverse experiences they’ve had, where they’ve come from.>>So if you get to know people from other rural towns or other overseas places sort of thing, it makes the experience a lot easier than having to just make friends at university. But this is where you live, this is where you study, this is where you have your own personal time. So if you have friends here it makes it a lot more accommodating.>>At Erica we have a gazebo where we can have lunch, we have lots of free barbeques so you can have meals and come together. We have a study room or a karaoke machine in the common room.>>They organise plenty of trips, like this weekend we’ve got a Rottnest trip going on, all these free food nights, yeah it’s pretty good around here they accommodate you really well.>>Advice I’d give to someone that was moving in to uni accommodation would be go down to all of the free events and make as many friends as you possibly can, because the more friends you have the easier it is to live away from home.>>We get very positive feedback from students about living in residence particularly people say it’s been the greatest experience they’ve had at university and particularly they’ll remember this for the rest of their lives and students who come back and say it was fantastic I remember my time in student residence from some years ago.>>I hope to stay until I finish my degree yeah definitely. It’s definitely a lot easier, a lot cheaper like for what you get sort of thing. And yeah it’s definitely the best experience you can have at university, I’d definitely recommend it.>>I’ll definitely be staying here until the end of my degree as long as possible.

Paul Whisler

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