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My name is Keith Todd, and I’m an Allstate
agency owner in Lakeland, Florida. As an insurance agent, my job is to help people
make informed decisions about the insurance coverage that suits their personal needs. If a customer ever needs to make a claim,
we can also help them through that process. One part of my job is to help customers review
their policies. We look at the coverages the person currently
has. I like to explain each type of coverage in depth, and give examples of how it may
help. Say we’re reviewing auto insurance. I might
ask, “What happens if you get into a collision and you’re at fault?” “What coverages would you need to protect
yourself? Would your coverage limits be high enough to protect you?” We look closely
at all those questions. I have similar conversations with people who
are looking to buy new policies. Some people say, ‘I just want the cheapest coverage.’
I tell those people, “Think about what would happen if you had to make a claim. Would you want the policy with the best price
or the best benefits?” “That usually helps people understand that
we have their best interests at heart.” When a customer needs to make a claim, we
can help them begin that process. After they make a claim, I usually follow up just to
make sure everything is going okay. For me, that’s actually the best part of
my job – having the opportunity to help someone who’s going through a tough time;
to turn someone’s day around.

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  1. Insurance agents do 4 major jobs 1.policy sales.2.provide customer service and prospecting as well.3. Collect renewal and 4. Reinstate the lapsedpolicy

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