What Are the Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car Versus Buying? #AskBellco

[Jack] What are the pros to leasing a vehicle? [Dan] So, the pros are – you’re generally going to be happy. You’ll have a lower payment.
A nicer vehicle, again. You got the warranty already included in so you
don’t have to worry about it breaking down. [Jack] That’s huge! Parts under warranty is a big deal. [Dan] Exactly, so those would be the three main things. [Jack] Those all sound awesome so I feel like I should lease.
Why would I not lease? What are the downsides there?
[Dan] Well, the downsides to leasing, again, is the mileage. So if you’re somebody that
has that last-minute trip and you’ve got to go to Florida, for example, you might not
want to do it in the leased vehicle. You can’t make any upgrades to your
vehicle, so if you want to tint your windows… [Jack] That’s right! I wanted those I
wanted those flashing LEDs under the car that like they’re gonna
flash along to the rhythm of the sound system. I can’t do that in a leased vehicle? [Dan] Not at this time you can’t. [Jack] Ugh! Maybe in the future.

Paul Whisler

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