US student loan debt hits record high: Report

Paul Whisler


  1. Who cares? As long as you all have the boss in charge, why would you need education? Just trust in him is all you have to do…he is clearly not educated much either and look at him go!!!

  2. Wait, you mean obama didn’t fix it and made it worse?! Who would have thought

  3. why blame the government for giving loans to its citizens so their educated,
    blame the ridiculous price of colleges and universities

  4. Well, shut down "schools" like Evergreen first, and split the rest of the amount between any Demoncrap officeholders: THEY are the fans of free college….let's see if it is all talk the way we KNOW it is. (It's real easy to turn people against the "cold institutions" like banks, in favor of college students the like of which we all know some personally. Right up until you NEED the cold old banks and their "filthy lucre", right)? But THAT'S ok with Demoncraps too…because THEN the bank is the villain. And Demoncraps don't want to teach anything "useful"anyway, they just want these places to indoctrinate hapless young people in Demoncraps crap. (Hard to fool any of us that went to college back when they were actually Institutions of Higher Learning, shooting for the Highest Common Denominator….NOT the LOWEST).

  5. Not only student loan is sky high, car, housing, credit card, trade deficits & national debts are even more.

  6. There are a lot of on line fraudulent applicants that receive government grants for on line classes that never follow through with the classes or paying the loan back which causes the interest rates to raise on the ones that are legit.

  7. Lets do the simple math, as of october 2018 USA national debt is around usd 21.6 trillion divided by 326 million of usa population = usd 662.576, congratulation!! Every US citizen has a debt worth of usd 662 thousand, forget an old generation 65 yo plus, lets say millenials gen they carry a burden of at least usd 850 thousand, what about new baby that are born after october 2018..well they carry a burden of at least usd 1 million

  8. So $700 billion went to indoctrinate students into loving socialism instead of entrepreneurs who could have used it to start companies they will need to work at during the next recession. USA is in trouble

  9. That will teach this generation that working while going to school like we did and paying for most of the bills as they occur is the smart thing to do.
    They all comment about how smart they are and how ignorant everyone else is but look at who is really smart.
    Get an education in something besides social justice and maybe a job will be waiting.

  10. This is what happens when u establish a kingdom on greed everyone gets greedy and when a collapse comes no one wins

  11. I hope these student loans bring down the country.
    Thank You, Federal bureaucrats.

  12. This is GREAT!!! Maybe after a major down turn people will get wiser about making Wall Street richer.

  13. This will be the end of America. Loading 20 year olds with 50k plus debt after spending 4 years hanging out and trying to get laid. No value proposition at all. Biggest scam in history. Yes I know there are brilliant people at university and a lot of knowledge. But 97% of 18 year olds are not in a place in their life to take advantage of this.

  14. Seriously? Everyone thinks that's the only way to make it in life. sooo keep paying the piper. Unfortunately no job at the end of the rainbow that will pay them what they thought they'd make. Self employed/entrepreneurs make more than most college grads.. Go figure.

  15. Mercantil Capitalism order and sovietism are the both faces of the same coin , the slavery of human and nature for the production , in soviet the production goal is for the glory of the party and in mercantil capitalism order, the production is for the glory ( and the wealth ) of the capitalist ! But in a democratic world, economy is not the goal HUMAN is the goal !

  16. The student-debt problem is made worse because of Obama-created income-based forgiveness programs. A big portion of that $1.5T will be repaid by you and me through taxes, not by the students who took out the debt. The federal gov't needs to get out of the student loan business immediately.

  17. wait… You have to PAY for your education??? your buried in debt because of college?? weird system…….

  18. What about school's semi-professional sports teams that students get stuck paying for… or the mandated student insurance or student activities fees or thousands of dollars for parking etc etc… the fees are ridiculous. They just keep rising and rising and rising.

  19. "Maybe they should've thought about it" maybe u adults should stop pressuring us into college and telling us its either loans or ur a failure like there aren't other options.

  20. Never took a student loan. Took classes while I was in the military for ten years. Then used my GI bill to finish. Total bill I got paid to goto school and had a blast doing it.

  21. So glad I never went to college and went to a vocational tech school instead which I was able to get a Grant to pay for. Going into debt $70,000 dollars to get a liberal arts degree isn't very intelligent imo.

  22. And its held by mostly women.

    Never marry a woman. She'll likely bring you into financial ruin with her psychology degree.

  23. There should be NO loan forgiveness! NONE! You did it to yourself. Deal with it.

  24. And they WILL expect that degree to pay off! They'll get a job at the government! PRINT ME SOME A THAT MONEY!

  25. Every student should quit college until they wipe the debt clean. 1.5 trillion dollars in debt for college students and America is still a dumb country. The government uses Americans for money. Your in your 50s and is still paying college loans off. The government let the banks screw college students. Every student should walk out until they straighten this college debt out. We all know that they isn't going to walk out. They is cowards just like their parent's.

  26. You only go to college if you are going to be a lawyer or doctor. Other than that it is a scam. If you want to make a living get an apprenticeship, go to a trade school, build skills by earning certificates, join the military, or start your own business. It will teach you how to be an “Adult” and you will make livable wages with no debt.

  27. As someone who is also in student loan debt.. you should check out Givling!! it is a free app that is crowdfunding student loan debt with trivia! Each member can get up to $50,000 of their loan paid off and also have a chance to win a good chunk of money playing trivia! lots of options! if you would like to try it out, use code SF874034 (and no it is not a pyramid scheme, i have seen multiple loans paid in a short time!)

  28. I am in nursing school I will graduate with a,good job but i did the math my loans grow at about 7$ a day. I got a discount on school because i am in military and live with my parents free of charge. So its crazy im at 50,000 so for ppl in my program who dont get the discount and live on their own their debt must be super high. I really dont think sone will ever be able,to pay it back. My monthy payments to pay off,in 10 years are about 600

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  30. Worst mistake of my life I was definitely more financially well off before now paycheck to paycheck with a worthless piece of paper

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  32. A lot of broke hos have worthless degrees and loans.
    Our taxpayers shouldn't be held responsible for their worthless degrees.

  33. evil putting American in Debts, and want them to stay there!!!, Let us burn all Debts on Holy Altar of God!!!!! include students loan!!!) and medical bills!!! Only USA Citizens are bankrupt due to medical bills (about 1,000,000 Americans per year)

  34. evil putting American in Debts, and want them to stay there!!!, Let us burn all Debts on Holy Altar of God!!!!! include students loan!!!) and medical bills!!! Only USA Citizens are bankrupt due to medical bills (about 1,000,000 Americans per year)

  35. The cost of college is to blame as well as how people are brainwashed to believe that debt in "higher education" makes them better than everybody else. College is just another ponzi scheme.

  36. Student loan debt, car loan delinquencies, tax hike (on many). Baby boomers don’t have many to buy their homes as they begin to downsize. Wow this is about to hit hard…

  37. Jobs often require a college degree. But they pay so low you cant pay off your loans. Now you're going into default. Now it impacts your credit. Now you cant buy a house or a car. Now there are millions like you. Now it impacts the housing and auto markets. Now it impacts the construction and auto industry. Now building trade companies go out of business. Auto companies go out of business. Now colleges have less revenue from to operate due to millions of unpaid student loans. Now colleges lay off professors. Now colleges shut down in debt. Now millions are out of work…here comes the next collapse of the economy…

  38. It's gotten to a point in this country where the cost of going to college is too expensive to pay for itself in the long term. In other words, it has lost its value and no return on investment anymore. The upper education system in America has failed! People will be better in the long run if they just learn a trade, grow a talent, become an entrepreneur and learn how to make money. Screw college–it is now a waste of time, money and an enormous headache. This will no doubt affect the economy forthe next 20 years as student loan debt prevents people from participating in the economy. The government should get out of the lending business, which got us to where we are. Easy credit has destroyed our country. America is soooo broke!

  39. Very Informative video ! I'm gonna share with my classmates. I'm an international student looking for scholarship. I found some at and I'm searching for more. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  40. College tuition should be regulated so people can pay it off with their own money. Like people used to do back in the day. If you keep letting colleges raise their tuition while increasing number of students without controlling them, they will jack up the pricess even more. And what is to blame… inflation (not really, is greed)

  41. If you graduated and are in debt, please take this survey in regards to student debt! Many thanks

  42. How about the push by government and parents telling kids that college is practically a necessity for success in the modern economy.

  43. It's going to hit the fan soon. Take a look at the housing market price history on any one of the big websites. All prices are being cut, signifying a slowdown. Stagnant slave wages means nobody is going anywhere. Boomers can't sell, younger can't buy. The only thing younger workers have going for them is the ability to move elsewhere whereas most Boomers would find it difficult or almost impossible to find another job because of their age, they're stuck. Once the brain drain hits hard it'll further devalue home prices since competition has moved elsewhere. I'm Republican but I vote Democratic because I need the system to crash again so I can buy a home for my family. Keep saving your money, pay off debt and wait patiently for the next round then buy the dip!

  44. Bankers start the brainwashing in high school. They use the term "money management" when in reality they want to enslave you for life

  45. there are many forgiveness programs check this website it has quite resourceful information

  46. RepublicaKKKans are directly responsible loans… they sold america out..

  47. I went to community college for industrial electronics and electrical technology. Scholarships paid for everything and I make 32 dollars an hour now. I made 80k last year with overtime. You can make good money with a trade and not have a huge student loan payment every month.

  48. Ignored my parents and teachers and chose not to go to college. Straight into the workforce (Construction) and trying to get my CDL license. Debt free.

  49. I went to community college i think i am done after that i dont want to be in debt

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