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Hey Humber! So we all know that in college, accessible learning is vital to the sucess of students. So today we’re here with Jeff from Acessible Learning Services. Hi Jeff. And we’re going to be asking him some frequently asked questions that you may have about renewing acomodations. So, follow along to find out everything you need to know about the process. So I have some questions here on my phone and so here’s the first one. Jeff, how do students go about requesting a change to their accommodations? Sure so, students can request a change to their accommodations by meeting with their accessibility consultant and they can arrange this through an appointment with our front desk or pop in to see us during our weekly drop-ins. Okay, great. And should students let you know if there has been any changes to their disability? Absolutely. I mean that’s really important to know. So if students feel they have a change in their disability whether that’s a new diagnosis or an update in their condition and they feel that that’s going to make a change for their accommodations or their support needs then definitely come and meet with your accessibility consultant. Again, you can see them through our weekly drop-ins or book an appointment with our front desk to meet with them directly. Okay and if they want to book an appoitment with a consultant, how can they go about doing that? That’s great. So we’re a part of a group called Student Wellness and Accessibility and we’re located at the North Campus on the second floor of the Learning Resource Commons and at our Lakeshore Campus, on the second floor of the Student Welcome Centre. Okay, great. So how do students view their accommodation letters online? This is a great question as well. So students can view their accommodation letters online through the student web portal. They can access that by logging in with their Humber username and password, selecting the current term and selectng view accommodations. And because this is a database it’s important to logout after you’re done the session for security reasons. Great! That’s an awesome tip so thank you for that. So do students have to still approach their teachers about their accommodations? Yeah we recommend that as well. So even though your accommodation letter will be shared with professors whether you choose for our department, Accessible Learning Services, to send that directly or if students choose to send it themselves to professors, we still encourage students to approach professors the next time they see them. Briefly introduce themselves, alert the professors of the fact that they have accommodation letters in place. We feel that keeping an open dialogue with professors and being proactive will help create a more positive leanring experience for students in their courses. And one more point about communicating with professors. So if students have testing accommodations in place, we strongly encourage them to alert their professors to that in advance. Let them know which testing accommodations they’d like to use. This gives professors time to set that up directly with Testing Services. Okay perfect. And do students have to update their accommodations each semester? Yes they do. It’s important to know that accommodation letters are not automatically renewed every semester. And so you’d have to renew that each semester by going on online and clicking the accommodation renewal request form. Okay! Is there anything else important that you wanted to let the students know? Well we’re always here to support students, to support faculty as well. So if you have any questions about anything related to accessibility please come by and see us. We’re going to put a link the description with all the information that we talked about in this video. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell to be notified. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!

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