Uni Park Campus – Nightingale Hall tour (catered accommodation)

Hi, I’m Lydia: I’ve just finished my second
year of pharmacy and I live in Nightingale Hall which I’m going to show you around today. As you can see there’s loads of green space
at Nightingale Hall and most people tend to have picnics and things like that in the summer
on them – there’s also just been a summer barbecue so it’s a great place to chill with
new friends you’ve made over the year. There are a few picnic tables at Nightingale which
is quite unique because not every hall has them, and you can come buy drinks from the
bar when we have like formals and things, and chill out. People tend to bring picnic
mats, play football and stuff in the green spaces as well. As well, in the summer when
there are exams, people bring their revision out because it’s quite a nice place to come
and relax and there are loads of quiet areas which you can’t get distracted by, and it’s
especially nice to get the nice weather and revision in at the same time. So now I’ll take you to see the tennis courts
which not every hall has, so Nightingale’s really lucky in that sense. You don’t even
have to have a sports’ membership as long as you’ve got tennis equipment – or even
if you haven’t you can hire it from the Sports Hall – so anyone can use them. There are
about ten tennis courts across the University so it’s quite nice that there’s one quite
close to the hall if you want to play. You’ll also notice there are bicycle racks. Most
people, because campus is so big, tend to bring their bike and there are facilities
to lock your bike up, and there’s a bike shed which is exclusively for students from Nightingale
to lock their bikes up. So yeah, this is our tennis court. This is the entrance to Nightingale Hall.
Most halls will have a secure way to get in: either a code… Nightingale’s is a card,
so basically the University card that you get, you just scan across and it lets you
in. Next I’ll show you the hall office which is
basically the place you get your parcels from, and any queries you have you can go and ask.
There’ll be a list which I’ll show you in one of the common rooms with your name, and
if your name’s on it you just come here and show them the University card, sign it,
and then pick your parcel up, but all of the mail’s in the junior common room which I’ll
show you soon. This is Nightingale Hall’s bar and it tends
to be open during formals (the bar area) but this area is usually open all the time so
you can come, and as you can see they’ve got a TV – you might want to watch something
on TV with your friends, there are loads of spaces to sit down. We’ve got a pool table
– pool tournaments occasionally happen, and I’ve known FIFA tournaments to happen
as well. So this is our library – as you can see
it’s quite quiet because exam season has just finished. People tend to use the library facilities
to revise during exam time. Nightingale’s got two what we call junior
common rooms: basically our chill spaces. This one is the smaller one. Inside it’s
got a TV which has got access to Sky so people watch football and things. This is also where
you go to pick up your mail. People tend to use it as a social space to order pizzas and
things like that, so we don’t have to eat it in the rooms. I tend to come down and play
cards with friends, have a few drinks before a night out, and things like that. So this is our second junior common room.
People tend to use this more for… we have film nights and stuff so it’s all very social.
So each hall will have like their own program which basically you can watch films: they
might watch films on Monday evenings or they might come down and have games nights, things
like that, so all that will take place in here. There’s also a notice board which is
usually full of things, which has events coming on and basically news to do with the hall
and the University in general. This is our dining room. In here you’ll have
your breakfast which will be at a set time. Loads of choice to choose from, like toast
and cereal is usually available until about ten o’clock, and then it kind of varies, like
at weekends we have brunch and things like that. Every evening meal is also in here and
there will be like a vegetarian choice, a normal choice, and then there’s like juice
and tea and coffee facilities. The menu will be shown, and you can also access it online
so you’ll know what you’re going to be having each day if you know what I mean. So on the second floor is where Nightingale’s
laundry facilities are, which I’ll give you a quick tour of. Each hall works slightly
differently so they’ll have some washing machines where you can pay, so it’s like £1.80 for
a wash, £2 for a dry, and it’s a card system which you get given also when you join. So
you just basically add credit to the card, scan it and then, yeah, wash. There are also
instructions on the wall if you don’t know how to wash [Laughs], and you can also buy
washing tablets here, also in Portland, and they’ve got irons and ironing boards so you
don’t have to bring any of that. So I live on the fourth floor. So yeah, this
is our bathroom: it has three showers and two toilets, and I share it with myself and
four other people, and these get cleaned daily. It’s kind of like the communal area. So my room is what we call a Single Study
Plus room – what that means is that I get a sink in my room, and a three-quarter bed,
and then the desk and everything, the lamp, you get a mini-fridge as well. You get a big
noticeboard which is good to pin stuff up. I quite like the size of it so when I first
came to Uni I didn’t think it’d be anywhere near as big as this. I like the fact you’ve
got a sink in your room even though you’re sharing a bathroom. It’s quite handy to have
a sink to do your teeth in so you don’t always have to leave your room. The amount
of drawers and stuff is perfect for fitting everything in. The wardrobe is like a double
wardrobe, loads of spaces like hanging space, a space where you can put your t-shirts, shoe
space: it’s perfect to put everything in. So the kitchen we tend to use for snacks and
also if you order pizza and can’t be bothered going down to the JCR you can come here, there’s
a table you can sit at. So that’s it from me guys – hope you’ve
enjoyed the tour and, good luck with your future studies!

Paul Whisler


  1. Really great video, loooads of information! Can't wait to start here in September! :3

  2. Great video- it's so nice to see where I'll be living in September:) just wanted to ask are the bathrooms shared between one gender, or are they mixed?

  3. Great video, really helpful. Just a quick question – are all the desks in nightingale single study plus rooms of that size or are there bigger options available?

  4. hey, im from india & i study pharmaceutical sciences here in india. i just so much want to get into UoN for my further studies. can anyone plz tell me what are the entry requirements for international students n how much i have to pay for a masters degree in pharmacy.

  5. I'm from México, I visited that place in 2012 Beatiful place, beatiful university and beatiful country!!

  6. Nightingale is one of the best ones. But of course 2nd to Hugh Stew. Notts is maybe the most beautiful Uni if green downs are your thing, you'll likely never get to wake up looking out on one huge green rolling down ever again after this. Ex notts students that I meet always want to go back. But… LOL at affording pizza after these hall fees, and not even being aware that sounds crazy to normal people. Notts students are a lot richer backgrounds these days.

  7. Does nightingale hall have the option of an ensuite? Also thank you for the informative video!

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