Understanding Virginia FR44 Auto Insurance Filings

Hello! I’m Dan Lyles with Lyles Insurance. and
in this video I’m going to help you in understanding Virginia F r44 auto
insurance violence we’re going to go over what an F r44 filing is the type of
auto insurance policy you need to attach it to
and also I’ll give you some pointers about how to find the best rate first of
all what is an F r44 filing you probably haven’t seen too much about it because
Virginia’s only one of two states that has that far forty fours but an F r44 is
not auto insurance it simply attaches on to an auto insurance policy and what
that filing does it’s a guarantee to the Virginia State DMV that you’re carrying
at least double the state minimum in a auto insurance liability coverage which
is fifty one hundred forty so if you need an F are forty for filing you’re
going to have to choose a liability level of coverage at least that high when it comes to F r44 filings there’s
good news and bad news here’s the good things it does for you once you take out
an auto insurance policy with an F r44 attached the company will notify the
Virginia DMV electronically that you’ve taken out an auto insurance policy that
contains at least double the state minimum liability limits once the DMV
processes your F r44 your license will then be reinstate and assuming you’ve
paid all your fines and met other reinstatement requirements that you may
have had but now here’s the bad news about an fr
44 filing it axes what I call that tattletale that’s the easiest way to
understand it once your policy is no longer active the auto insurance company
is required by law to notify the Virginia DMV that your policies either
lapsed cancelled or expire once this happens your license gets suspended
again until you reinstate your old policy or start a new one with another
fr 44 attached now this is the part that’s really important about how to set
up your policy and it’s very simple if you own a vehicle or have a vehicle
registered in your name you need to attach your fr 44 filing onto a regular
auto insurance policy now for those of you who are trying to get your license
back but don’t yet own a vehicle what you’ll
need to do is take out what’s called a named operator’s auto insurance policy
it’s also known as a non owners policy either one will attach it fr 44 filing
and get your license back finally let me give you a quick pointer about how to
find the lowest rate regarding fr 44 filings when it comes to far 40 Ford’s
you’re going to find that auto insurance companies tend to fall into one of three
categories number one they don’t write fr forty-four filings at all number two
they will write F r44 filings but they charge you an arm and a leg for it or
the third category which is what you’re looking for
as the companies that tend to go easy on Fr 40 Poor’s and drivers who have dings
on their driver and record the most efficient way to find this is to quote
with an independent agent that specializes in high-risk auto insurance
that way you can get quotes with multiple companies at once instead of
quoting with just one company at a time so I hope you’ve learned what you need
to know about the basic understanding of that part 44 filing thanks and have a
great day

Paul Whisler

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