Understand Dan Lok’s Financial Journey – How to Invest Like A Millionaire Ep. 1

Paul Whisler


  1. To me, the best feeling in the world is when you give your parents a nice present and the way they react and the look in their faces is priceless. You feel fulfilled as a person.

  2. I am in Cuba on vacation but i had to buy a internet card so I still won't miss your daily videos. Great video!

  3. i was in Vancouver earlier this year and i discover your channel right after i left, i love your content

  4. wow cant wait for the next video on the principles and guidelines on creating wealth. thank you for sharing this for free. its amazing

  5. I'm excellent at not spending money and I understand how to make good investments. How do I do the making more money part? πŸ˜€

  6. This was amazing Dan! You always bring such valuable content in every video – like actual game-changers for me. I need to see the rest of this talk! Haha
    I've got a good cash flow business generating me 5-6 figures per month so I'm building up a good savings. I'm going to keep investing in more businesses that I'll be building but I don't know where else to invest it. I would love to invest in businesses that are hands-off but I don't know where to find them

  7. While happiness comes from within, pleasure comes from getting things, e.g., an expensive car, and whatnot.

  8. Hi Dan. Iam Leo, nice to watch you. Im interested at your experience of business failure with 150k debt. Do you have a link when you tell the complete story about it ? How you solved that "problem", how you dealt with maybe the "terror" of the debt collector, how you felt, strugle or anything. Thanks Dan. Respect

  9. Thank you for sharing this Dan ❀️
    But have you shared a video about the principles and guidelines that you mention at the end of the video??

  10. Sifu Dan
    I am wanting to know more about the investing. I still want the fancy car for comfort. Driving Maxima fully loaded, but I want that Infiniti next then the Lotus. Sorry, I have to be upfront.
    Nick Mirante NY

  11. I love Dan Lok. I have read his F.U. MONEY book and it was a great turn around! Thank you for being real and being so down to the earth!

  12. What stood out for me in this video, Dan, is the cash flow pattern- the way I understood your explanation made a lot of sense- no matter how much a person makes, how they move their money around will determine if they will get in debt or not- something to keep in mind. Thanks for explaining it so clearly.

  13. That's why most PowerBall winners lost all of their money in a few year, they don't know how to manage their money.

  14. 11:20 Dan "don't buy the Maserati you don't really need it" …Mentee " I know I dont but ..Lol" .Great content Dan!

  15. Really interesting and important topic. The percentage to safe according your earnings.

  16. Absorbed a lot of knowledge took notes and have become a tiny bit smarter. Sifu thank you soo much!

  17. Hi Dan , I am at the beginning of investing all of my incomes into the bitcoins. What do you think about investment in this? I don't want to waste your time

  18. After watching this 3 times, I’ve booked lessons, improved my skillset and doubled my fees. Let’s see…

  19. Thank you. Dan. Really like that bob Proctor said that Solomon said if you get anything thing get understating. Been sitting with a money in my hand and asking my self what comes up when I see this. The sub conciousness was horrendous. But I knew then that I needed to change my relationship with this tool. How do I learn the game of wealth. Listen to the people that our truly living the life. Saw your post of Facebook and came over to your channel. I work all hrs in Β£80,000 in dept live at home with my parents. It's not all bad I do have many joys in life but the one thing I don't have is my independence it's the only to thrive living the way you do. Being able to generate wealth and maintaining it while being a fully embodied being. Understanding who and what you our and why you have to live this way is the mindset of champions.

  20. i wanna learn a lot from you Dan Lok. Can u mention me in your videos sometimes ? hehe. i will be glad of it. i am aspiring innovative entrepreneurs . im really interested in others things that other people neglect . can i tell you something? i know you don't know me. u might refuse to reply ,but it will be agood motivation on me. i am 19 years old . i will immigrate to US . i am from the philippines. now, the thing is my sister will be enrolling in DLSU next next year and she will take medicine, she want me to help her paying her tuition fees . huhuhu.I was surprise how big it is! i am thinking of investing . i keep learning stocks and businesses and entrepreneurship. this is my fucking game.

    iIwill be working in US – whatever works available there .but i am hoping to work in network markreting, bu not really sure that it will happen there quickly ,because just like you i feel that i have the power of pursuasion . what would you say?thank you!

  21. You really are a gem sir, it's also nice hearing your story coming from the other side…thank you. If you can do it, we can too!

  22. Sir I know you aren't gonna get through this reply as you probably run out of time busy with your schedule…I just wanted to tell you that I have actually been through almost all the videos you have posted in YouTube and the other way around.
    What made me feel special about you that you have actually saw very tough times in your life I mean very tough ones, that's what connect me to you and really made you my true Idol 2 get success from what I am suffering as you had. I personally think that money doesn't really matter when you have your passion to fulfill your dream and it can actually overcome the enthusiasm to become a billionaire without even having money at the initial by working harder and harder and becoming good each and every day.
    At last I would like to thank you for all you have given me as a true source of influence.
    Thanks again.
    Your true Shishya ( apperentice)

  23. This video kept my attention and made a lot of sense. Thank you, Dan Lok!

  24. You are international celebrity. Please don't use slung word in your motivational videos..

  25. Subbed 1) because you are Canadian 2) because I too known how being poor feels and I really like learning from people with money but I love learning from people who truly came from nothing…like me. Not millionaires who temporarily lost everything, but people who understand buying food from the discount rack. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  26. Hi sir, your video step in when I needed it!! Thanks god I found you. What does online store strategies looks like? How should I market my self so I can earn more in site like LAZADA…

  27. Thank you very much for sharing & inspiring us with such valuable information. Wishing you all the best! I will work hard to strive better!

  28. just got into your account and I think my life is gonna turn around very soon, the tip is I have to start right now , itΒ is my momentthank you for your content

  29. Hey Dan, the video is so inspiring. You motivate me with your every word and sentence. I do mean it. Thousands and Millions those who are watching these videos, are definitely benefiting from these. Keep spreading your kind of wisdom. Thanks a ton.

  30. You are a very powerful speaker Dan Lok. πŸ‘ I am addicted to your videos. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. πŸ˜‡

  31. Dude this guys like how do this and that to be a millionaire. You can’t do nothing unless you get a solid paying job, save up some solid capital and then invest in side business, franchise, etc.

  32. I remember when I wanted something expensive whatever it was, I would save have enough to buy it but when I was going to the cash register I would think twice about if I really needed it! 95% of the time I would leave it due to the fact that I had the ability to buy it. I still do that πŸ˜… same thing with a car so now im looking for that Red Ferrari. Perhaps I'll get there one day to buy it in cash or get a good deal but by then I'm going to think of just renting one to leave the expenses, maintenance, storage and wear and tear as well as depreciation out of my life lol. Enjoy the amount of energy Dan has teaching πŸ‘

  33. Hi, I am very new to online businesses and trying to make my way. I learn from you a lot .. thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    I Would be much appreciated to tell us your story; how did you manage your way up, your jouney from been poor to a very successful entrepreneur!

  34. I want millions of dollars but I want to be like Warrant buffet except I do want a nice big house but I don't want any boats or expensive cars or jets I just want the money so I can live a comfortable life

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  36. I was hooked and then the video didnt give your tips…is there a part 2 of this video?

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