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Buying through ACV Auctions is actually better
than going to a physical auction. I’m supplied with much more information in
that twenty minute listing of the auction than I would even be able to perform my self
at a physical auction. ACV Auctions allows us to purchase cars and
have access to cars that we wouldn’t normally have. It’s like having an EZ Loan Auto Sales buyer
there looking at the car for us. The condition report that they provide allows
us to do a deeper dive than what we can do at the auction. Everything that I need to know about the vehicle
from a tread-depth measurement to an OBD scan to photos of the under carriage of the vehicle
is all supplied in the condition report. Purchasing a vehicle through ACV that has
been condition reported by one of their representatives has proven out to be a better car. We are buying a newer, lower milage car that
costs us less in reconditioning than when we are currently buying at a traditional auction. The vehicle arrives as represented in the
listing. There’s no surprises. When that car comes back it’s extremely accurate. You know I’m going to say 99.9% of the time
the vehicle is exactly as it was described. ACV Auctions is with you from the beginning
of the listing all the way through the purchase and acquiring the title and even up until
the vehicle arrives. ACV Auctions is built on trust. The level of trust that we have in the condition
report that is provided has allowed us to go outside of our circle to buy cars in a
way that we have always dreamed of. You know, buying cars online and being able
to source inventory the way that we are with ACV Auctions has been a tremendous, tremendous
addition to our business.

Paul Whisler

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