Traverse Correction in EXCEL /Transit Rule/Bowditch Rule- Closed Traverse

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miss any updates this video is for the Survey engineers around the world who
work hard to start up any construction projects I have prepared an Excel
spreadsheet for Traverse corrections and calculations and I will give the excel
file to my SUBSCRIBERS for free so keep watching this video. For any construction
projects it is mandatory to establish control points first. It may be in road
projects railway projects Irrigation and Transmission line or buildings etc because
without control points we cannot give layout for the constructions and to
establish control points TRAVERSING is mandatory TRAVERSING may be a closed
Traverse or an OPEN Traverse in a Closed Traverse we take a known station as a
start point and observe rest of the point coordinates at the Traverse by
using ETS or Electronic Total Station instrument until we reach at the start
point again. At the end we found some linear error and this error is corrected by two
methods one method is Compass Rule or Bowditch rule and other one is Transit rule most
widely used rule is compass rule or Bowditch Rule. Transit rule is used
infrequently. in compass rule first distance and latitude and departure is calculated
for each Traverse line if we take the coordinates easting/northing
of a points by ETS the latitude will be the difference of Northing values and the
departure will be the difference between the Easting values in another ways we can
calculate latitude and departure from the length and bearing of the line also
the latitude is equal to L cos(theta) and Departure will be L sin(theta) the algebraic sum of latitude in a Closed Traverse must be zero and same
for the departure but after the survey some miss closures finds in
latitudes and departures and the algebraic sum of latitudes and the
algebraic sum of departures are called latitude miss closure and departure
miss closures respectively in compass rule the error or miss closures are
distributed to each Traverse line by following formula corrections in
latitude of a line is equal to total latitude miss closure divided by Traverse
perimeter multiplied by length of the line and correction in departure of a
line is equal to total departure miss closure
divided by Traverse perimeter multiplied by length of the line then the latitudes
and departures are adjusted by applying the corrections finally with the
adjusted latitudes and departures the corrected easting and northing is
calculated I have summarized the whole process pertaining to the Traverse
Corrections and calculations and I prepared an Excel spreadsheet by using
some Excel formulas here you just have to input the easting/northing values
obtained from the field survey data of a closed Traverse and the corrections will be
applied automatically and you will get the corrected Easting Northing values within a
second! This excel file I have created this looks like this
here is the input column and in here this is the Traverse corrections by
Bowditch Rule and this is the output here normally it looks blank but when you
paste your easting/northing values here it will be calculated and in the output you
will see the corrected easting and northing values so I’m giving you an
example I have an input data here I started surveying from point p1 and I observed the points like this and this is the p1 point I have taken once again so
at the starting I have taken this coordinate and in the ending I have
found this coordinate so here is a closing error I
have to solve these closing error adjust the closing error. so in my formula you
have to just copy the point ID easting and northing values and right click copy
and in that excel file what I have created and paste your data here and
only you will paste this data the output will come here you can see that first
coordinate and this is the last
coordinate what you need also here you will get the total closing error
this is 17 meter at 213 degree okay this will be the Traverse length total
Traverse length all these will be calculated automatically because I have
given the formula in excel file the bearing will also be calculated and then
latitude departure will be calculated and the corrections in latitude and departure
will be calculated. Try this excel file I have given the download link in the
description and in the comment section also it tooks 30 days to complete this
excel formula so if it relates to you Then LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE our
channel check the other tutorials in our channel I hope you will like this too
Good Bye for now! see you in another tutorial Thank You!

Paul Whisler


  1. U upload the video and we appreciate your help but the sheet is locked

  2. Hi! I'm willing to pay for this program. I don't need the password . Just remove the expiration.

  3. thanks for your video…….I need the excel version for open traverse corrections please

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  7. Why did you use =IF(C8=" "," ",IF(C8=" "," ",A7&"-"&A8)) for cell J8, when you could have simply used =IF(C8=" "," ",A7&"-"&A8)), your code is redundant, great job though it'll be nice to have the password so I can add a little sting, [email protected], thanks.

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  10. I am so impressed by your presentation and the spreadsheet that you're sharing to the Surveying industry. I was hoping you can create a formula that I can use here in the United States. We use US Survey Feet in our units instead of meters and Northing, Easting on coordinates instead of Easting, Northing like your Spreadsheet. Let me know if this is possible. My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you.

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  12. Sir, I have a request to you to send a link to a video about some open Traverseing so please sir

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