Top 5 Tips for Choosing Accommodation

So, you’re coming to study at UniSA. Congratulations! Adelaide is a great place to live and study. This is such an exciting time. In your accommodation, you’ll probably be making new friends from other countries, interstate, regional, and local areas. If this is your first time living away from home, you’ll learn lots of new skills too. Making the right accommodation choice can take time, but it’s worth it if you want an enjoyable, trouble-free experience #1 Take your time. Shop around. On the UniSA accommodation website, there are lots of student apartments, student hostels, and residential colleges to choose from. It is best to ask them questions by e-mailing them directly. #2 If you’d rather live in private rental accommodation, head to the UniSA Rental Database. But, don’t pay money in advance. Book temporary accommodation, then visit your selected properties when you’re in Adelaide, so you can check that they’re suitable. #3 Avoid social media for finding accommodation. People are often not what they seem on the internet, and don’t always know their renting obligations. #4 Know your rights. Check out the helpful Housing FAQs on the UniSA accommodation website, for tips on each step of your rental experience. Remember, knowledge is power. #5 Always get a written rental agreement. Check that you understand it, and get receipts for cash payments. Your bond should be safely lodged with the Consumer and Business Services Bonds Office, for the length of your agreement. We want you to have a fantastic time in beautiful Adelaide. So follow our tips, and enjoy your stay!

Paul Whisler

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