Top 5 Tips For Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be a nerve racking experience and is often the second most expensive purchase we’ll ever make but there some simple things you can do
to make the process easier cheaper and get you the best car for your money. First things first do your research. There’s no point buying
a four-wheel-drive if you’ll never go off road or a micro if it’ll be Mum’s taxi so get the basics covered first. Work out the must-haves before looking at the nice to haves Don’t borrow beyond your means it’s too easy to fall into the trap of over reaching when it comes time to put pen to paper don’t rely on dealer finance to tell you how much you can borrow go and see a financial advisor before hitting the car yards and most importantly your budget should
dictate the vehicle you buy not the other way around Safety matters safety is an obvious but often overlooked
factor in choosing a vehicle modern cars are safer than ever but
there’s a big difference between a three-star rated vehicle and a five star. Nowadays there’s a five star rated car for all budgets and tastes so it’s not a safe vehicle cross it off your list calculate your running costs. It’s one
thing to be able to afford the purchase price can you keep the car on the road? Ongoing costs such as servicing can vary greatly between
manufacturers. Rego increases with engine size and comprehensive insurance
is typically cheaper for more common models. Even fuel efficiency can make or break a family’s weekly budget. Resale value is important. When it comes time to trade in the car you want it to maintain the highest
possible value. Depreciation is the single biggest factor in assessing
resale value with luxury and top spec models losing
the highest percentage keep in mind that the most popular color
choices are whites greys and black. So while the bright purple might be your favourite bear in mind it may be harder to find a
buyer when the time comes key these few simple tips in mind and
you can make the most out of any new car purchase.

Paul Whisler

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  1. A lot of good points.  But, when it comes down to buying a car, most people buy the car that "looks good".  Everything else usually takes a backseat.

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