thinkFolio: Interview with Insight Investment

Our technology strategy is based around supporting our solutions-based business. We
deliver solutions to our clients, which means we need technology that can be quite bespoke to those
clients’ needs.  So we are looking at things like cloud
technology, services, micro services, and all the good things
and tools that come along with that, which should hopefully allow
us to deliver bespoke solutions to our business, who are servicing our clients
. The opening up of the architecture by thinkFolio is a really positive step. It allows us to leverage via the APIs some of the functionality that we like in thinkFolio and then use that for some of the solutions that we are building
for our business stakeholders.  As part of that work, the
moving of a lot of the processing (compliance for example) to the server side really helps to give a kick in
performance and actually gives a much more positive experience
to our user base.

Paul Whisler

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