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This is the Mews, one of our partnership halls. If you live here, you’ll be situated right near the main Cowley Road area which is a busy social area with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. This is a six-person flat, and you can see the kitchen behind me Here we have large fridge freezers with lots of space for everybody Cooking and storage space with your oven, sink area and microwave and then just behind you, we also have a social area with a television, coffee table and sofas. We’ll take a look at a room next, if you want to come with me. The Mews offers particularly large, modern and spacious en suite bedrooms In each one you get a three-quarter size double bed, a large study area, with a desk, chair and lots of storage, a wardrobe, and then you also have your own en suite bathroom which I’ll show you, just down here. This is a particularly nice one, and each room will have one quite similar. In here you get your sink, mirror, toilet and a nice spacious shower. Lastly, we have the Mews’ communal area and reception. So here we have a pool table, there’s a seating area just behind me with sofas and a television, We have the laundry facilities, just in the corner, and then a reception, should you need to speak to a member of staff with any questions, or for help or advice. If you’re interested in the Mews, feel free to take a look at our website on our hall information page. You’ll see it offers a 42 week contract which runs through from September to July. If you have any questions about the Mews or any of our other halls of residence, get in contact with us and we’ll be pleased to advise you.

Paul Whisler

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