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  1. 🔎 More from the greatest stock market analysts out there 🔍

    – Top 5 Takeaways from The Intelligent Investor (by Benjamin Graham):

    – Top 5 Takeaways from One Up on Wall Street (by Peter Lynch):

  2. Warren Buffet is the inspiration behind my investing channel and my project 1 million

  3. Hey there,
    Swedish investor,
    Thank you for this wonderful summary and I'm always looking forward to watching your channel summary videos coz your humor is quite mezmarazing…✌️

  4. Why if financial knowledge nobody comment but useless random things In your tube had a lot of comments hehe

  5. Can you recommend us where we can get audio book for this book you sharing thanks

  6. Mr. Warren Buffett himself gave credit to Mr. Charlie Munger for getting away from Benjamin Graham idea of the cigar butt. Mr. Charlie Munger said instead of buying fair companies at great prices buy great companies at fair prices. Also Mr. Warren Buffett said diversification is insurance against ignorance. That is why yourself can look up how many companies Mr. Warren Buffett owns plus the company's in Berkshire Hathaway, there is a lot. I invest like Mr. Charlie Munger and Mr. Warren Buffett with a splash of the Chowder rule.

  7. IT"S EASY! JUST DON"T LOSE MONEY! (damn, that's actually hard I've already lost a few thousand in the stock market lmao)

  8. Grant me the serenity to put my trust in the block courage to confront the skeptics and wisdom to accelerate adoption

  9. thanks i learnt many thing from this video
    do a video on asset allocation and portfolio managment
    Pioneering Portfolio Management by David F. Swensen

  10. Hey man, If I ever did a channel about investment (in portuguese) I will copy you a lot. ahaha

  11. Very important video! This should be shared! This is great must watch content! Thank you for sharing what you have learned from the book. When I started out, I couldn't begin to fathom how confused I was with all of the terminology. After two years of investing experience and studying, I have better understood what warren was saying and doing. This is a crystal clear summary of his teachings in the book. Thank you!

  12. @The Swedish Investor I have been following your channel almost from the beginning. I really like your videos and would like to make an offer to you. May I kindly ask for your email so that I can send detailed info? If you don't want to put your email adress here then please drop me email and I will get back to you: [email protected] Thanks in advance

  13. I still admire Buffett. But I'm going to stay with my approach of dividend income from diversification. I may not have $82B, but I live comfortably.

  14. I’ve focused my entire investing style based on Warren Buffett’s learnings – and it’s been paying off! LITERALLY 🔥

  15. Buffett: All lies – he told everybody about "The Giving Pledge" – giving 50% of his money away. Still he owns $ 80 billions. GREED is ugly.

  16. Basically learn to read financial statements of different companies you plan to invest in, or learn to build your own company and learn to make it public.

  17. Hey!!! I like your channel. It is content rich. Keep making informative videos. ▶️📺🎥🙌🏽💥

  18. Hi Swedish investor can I dup your videos in hindi, telugu or marati languages for indian audience..??

  19. Hi Swedish Investor, could you share how do exactly you invest your money, after reading all these great investment books? Thanks for the great content as always!

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