Testing Accommodations

♪ ♪ The Disability Resource Center provides testing accommodations to eligible students. In order to receive accommodations, students first meet with a disability coordinator. Gathering information from documentation and student interviews, the coordinator will determine
appropriate testing accommodations. Examples include
a low-distraction testing environment, where noises and interruptions
are kept to a minimum; extended testing time; use of a scribe or reader; large print tests; and use of a word processor or assistive technology. Eligible students will receive letters from their coordinators outlining
their accommodations. Students then review these letters
with their professors. It is important to discuss
these letters with instructors to determine how to implement
the accommodations. In many cases students’ needs
can be met within the department. For instance, students who require
a low distraction environment might take their tests in a vacant classroom, office, or conference room. When accommodations can be provided
within the department, students make these arrangements
directly with their professors, and the Disability Resource Center
is not directly involved. However, there are times when the department is unable to provide needed accommodations. In these cases, tests can be taken at
the DRC’s Accommodated Testing Office. In order to test at
the Disability Resource Center, students must first complete
a Request for Test Accommodations. These forms are obtained
from their coordinators. Students use information
from their course syllabus to complete the “student” portion of the form. Next, it is important to meet with the professor, who will complete their portion
of the form and sign it. The professor should keep the pink copy
of the triplicate form for her records. The student is responsible for
turning the original signed form into the Accommodated Testing Office at least one week before the first test. On test day, it is important to arrive on time and check in with UGA ID. Lockers are provided for personal belongings. Remember, cell phones are NOT allowed
in the testing rooms. These rooms are monitored by proctors and cameras to ensure adherence
to UGA’s Academic Honesty policy. Once a student completes
the test in the time allowed, DRC staff returns the test
to the professor for grading. Whether testing in the departments
or at the Disability Resource Center, testing accommodations
support students’ ability to demonstrate their mastery
of curriculum at UGA.

Paul Whisler

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