Tesla Performance Model 3 Test Drive – First Thoughts

– Here. I just got back from my test ride in a Performance Model 3 and I just figured we could talk about it. I’m gonna pull up the comments on my (speaks foreign language) And so if you guys have
questions hit me up, let me know. Hopefully the audio is okay. It was pretty wild. So let me just make sure
I’m all set up here. Okay. Oh, I need to do it in a different window. Okay, one second guys. I’ll pull up the questions here. All right to recap where we’re at, just drove a Model 3 Performance that was red with the white interior. Had the full package there. Hello from Germany. Hello, hello. Hello Stuart, hello Scott, breakbox, MTgeekman, Owen Llewellyn, how are you guys doing? Wyatt, what’s up? Here, how about this, I’ll
put the laptop down there so I’m not looking off to the side. Okay, so I drove the Model
3 Performance Edition and it’s fast. It’s very fast. I don’t know… I was just talking to my
buddy too, he was in the car and he got to drive it as well. It’s certainly not as
fast as a Model S P100D. It seems to handle turns better, which I think we already knew just because of the design
of the car seems to be better for handling and those things like that. Then you have… And so Jenny was in the car as well. She’s not as much of a fan. So I did talk to her and
we worked out the numbers where we could actually buy one. So that’s kind of the question
I’m thinking of right now is whether or not we
should actually buy it. But yeah so I took it, I don’t know, I drove maybe 10 miles
or something like that. I’ve definitely got the
zero to 60, zero to 80, like really had some fun with that. And it really has a punch, a much stronger punch than
my rear wheel drive Model 3 that I have right now. Now compared to a P100 Model S though, it’s definitely not as
(distortion drowns out voice) in off the line it’s hard
to tell the difference. Maybe if I got to drive ’em
(distortion drowns out voice) You’re gonna have that
85 to 100 mile per hour still pulling. And in this one it
definitely around 65, 70 it just started to drop off, which you know is fine for most cases but that’s really the question, right? If you’re buying a performance vehicle, this isn’t just a you’re going
to get groceries vehicle. This is a a performance vehicle that if you want to take it
to the track, you can. I do think it would perform
exceedingly well on a track, maybe better than the Model S because even the most recent reports I’ve seen on the Model S didn’t have great
performance on the track. But on a straight away, the
Model S P100 is gonna win. I did not, as you guys know, As you guys know I don’t
like the white interior. However, the white where the wood grain is on the Model 3, the black interior, that piece was solid. It was like a soft plasticy feel. Maybe a little bit better than that, maybe some type of ceramic or
something with a nice coating. I don’t know exactly what the material was but it felt good. The thing I liked about
it is that it was smooth, unlike the wood grain one which is porous. So I really would prefer
to change the wood grain to a carbon fiber or a
piano black or a satin, something like that. That would be great. But in the other one,
it’s a flat solid thing so you could wrap it, you could change it, you could do all kinds of
things to it without any worry. Because right now if you try to wrap it, the vinyl won’t stick properly and it’s just (distortion
drowns out voice) So yeah, so there’s that. That was one bit I really,
really liked about it. I like the carbon fiber spoiler. I like the brakes, the
bigger brake calipers, and the bigger rotors. One thing about that I
didn’t get a clear answer on and I think I would love
to have something different but if you buy the performance package, which is not just the car but this is like the add-on of all these
other little features that make it, give it
that performance look. That’s an additional $5,000. Now that includes $4,000
worth of wheels and tires because you can already go buy
those same wheels and tires from Tesla and it’s $4,000. And it’s, you know, I’m not
saying it’s not a good deal. I think it’s a fine price for it. I don’t like that style of wheel though so I would get different wheels. I’d probably get the 20 inch
turbines from EV Wheel Direct and that would be like
what I would go with but I just paid five grand
and now I have these wheels, which are four of the five grand and I don’t want (distortion
drowns out voice) So I guess I could sell them is probably the way to think about it because otherwise I can’t
get the new brake calipers or brake setup or the carbon
fiber spoiler aftermarket yet. So that’s kind of the thing. You have to buy that and
then get rid of the tires to make up some of that cost. So I didn’t like that and
it doesn’t appear that in their current production anyways, that it makes sense for them to do that. The software on the car was
much improved over mine. I assume it’s just the latest one. I’m still running 2018.18.13. They pushed an update to me recently. I called my service center
and I’m like hey guys, it’s been like a month or
two, I haven’t got an update. There’s all these cool new features, can you push the update? And they said yeah, sure. Got the update and it failed. So now I actually have a
service appointment next week to take my car in because
they couldn’t fix, you know, they looked at and like we’re gonna have to troubleshoot. I don’t know why, I don’t
know what’s going on. So the software on the new
one I just drove was great. The thing I was really blown away by was just how it noticed every car around me. It still didn’t have any
great blind spot detection or anything like that. That didn’t appear to be improved but the the graphic of
the cars going around was really great. I couldn’t find track mode. I clicked in every setting, I couldn’t see track mode. Maybe they disabled it for this one and that was just a prototype or something that other people had. And then other than
that, it’s funny because my car is lowered an inch and a half, which I think is the right amount. So it’s a little bit too
low maybe for my wife but I feel it looks so good and it does handle a little bit
better when it’s lowered. Especially with these dual
rate suspension that I got. So I got in the car I felt
like I was riding high or something, it felt crazy
to me how high it’s sat. And they said that it’s lowered or that it will be lowered in this one but it definitely was not lowered. This was you know my full
four fingers could fit between the fender and wheel. So definitely was not lowered. I don’t know if that’s something that these ones haven’t been done yet. Question that I had for them, which I didn’t get a clear answer on but I’m curious what you
guys think about this. Okay so will there be an
upgrade to Ludicrous Mode that requires hardware? Because if so then that
would be super lame that you buy this performance car, the latest and greatest
fastest version you can get, and then a year from now you have to buy another more faster one. And if you guys recall this happened I believe with the P85D where the next, maybe year after they
they came out with that, they came out the P90D, and
then with Ludicrous Mode. I believe they offered a $5,000 upgrade or it was like they kind of made it so anybody that had bought that
car within that past year could upgrade the hardware to get that without an exorbitant cost. So that was one thing that
was lurking in my mind and just knowing how Tesla operates, I know that if that did
happen that would be, they would be totally, I’m
sure they would find a solution if they did do a hardware upgrade for the new Ludicrous version. So there you have it. Now, when I priced it
out it was 75 thousand. I was looking at the black, the Obsidian black not the standard black. The one I drove was red. The red looks good. I just think I really love the black car. Although I know my son would love it because he loves the movie
Cars, Lightning McQueen. So he would love the red but
maybe we could just do that on a fun weekend trip
or something like that. So those are my first thoughts, first impressions after driving it. Yeah it’s a extremely fast great car. For that price it’s probably
gonna be hard to beat. The biggest kind of leftover for me is does it make sense for me to
get it for the channel here and/or is it that much of a difference from the one I have now
that it’s worth getting. Because it’s a full 15
grand or 14 thousand or something up from the one I got. So that’s a really tough decision. So I’ll have to kind of simmer
on that one for a little bit. Okay. Let me go and let’s just
answer some questions here. So I’m doing it on YouTube
today, not on Crowdcast. This was pretty much unplanned
but now that we’re here, go ahead and ask your
questions in the chat. I think Superchat’s enabled
if you want to make sure that I answer your question. I’ll do that. Let’s see, Wyatt says just
wait for your two roadsters. Yeah, I feel like with
how delayed everything is from the referral program, I’ll being like in my
midlife crisis by the time I get the roadsters so it’ll
probably be perfect timing. No dig on the referral team, just they’re backlogged and stuff so yeah. Let’s see. How did it smell? Smelled like a new car, I don’t know. These things are, I mean, they’re
doing so many test drives. So the one I went to here is
in San Diego at the UTC mall. They have two of ’em. You can maybe go to the store and you can ask to get a test drive if you’re interested in one. I don’t know if you can
book it online or not. I just went there. I had a kind of an awkward
experience the first time I went but just say yes, I’m interested whatever. And maybe they should
be able to get you in, not probably then, that day,
maybe within a couple days, so there you go. Blake asks does the white dash
create a significant glare? No, not at all. It has like a matte finish to it. Maybe more of a satin finish
or something, I don’t know. It wasn’t super, it wasn’t
gloss it wasn’t a gloss finish. Hi from Mars, hi. Regen feels stronger, Val more? No, not really. Actually no, no it didn’t at all. It felt just like my car. Like my rear wheel drive Model 3. Did you hear about the hyper mile records just set by the Model 3? Yes. (distortion drowns out voice) Charge if you drove carefully and the challenge is like you’d have to drive (distortion
drowns out voice) slowly and so you can’t drive
really slowly on the freeway and that means you have to
take the Pacific Coast Highway. Beautiful, great. However I think it’s 380 miles where I mapped it out on the freeway, if you go from like, which
if you guys aren’t familiar. The city of San Francisco
is actually really small so the Bay Area is really big but if you’re talking just
the city of San Francisco, it’s pretty small. So I think I mapped out like a Whole Foods or something like that
with an EV charge port and then go all the way down
to like a health food store at the very very tippy tip
of LA on the north end, up by Ventura and that was 388 miles. So if you were to… Because you can’t go the freeway you have to go over to the one and there’s a closure on the one on the Pacific Coast Highway by Big Sur. It was like a landslide and
it’s indefinitely closed or you know until further notice. So that means that you
have to go down there then you have to get
off and go around that and then come back down. And it goes from 380
miles to like 488 miles. That would be really difficult. So I’m not sure if that’s even possible. Yeah, so there there’s my
thoughts on the hyper mile. Sorry, thanks for the tangent. Andrew Allen asks headliner material. Same as my current Model 3. It was not the Alcantara. Breakbox asked was there in
insane mode in the screen? No, there was a chill and sport. And what do I have now, is
that so what I have now? No, okay, so here under acceleration I have chill and standard, and that one they had chill and sport. That was the difference. If bad weather flood
Tesla Model 3 S and X… I don’t know. What’s one thing you
dislike about the Model 3? I don’t like that there’s
not a heads-up display or a heads-up display or some
kind of dashboard back there. That would be nice. I’ve got to have certainly gotten used to looking over at the
screen for the autopilot and the speed and stuff
but the navigation stuff is still all the way on the right screen and it’s still that way
in the latest firmware. That I think should change. I think that should come to the left side and maybe be integrated into the kind of left third of the screen there. So there you go. Are you able to turn traction control off? No, you are not. You can do slip start,
which is kind of like that but it’s not like if you
were doing a drag race and you didn’t want traction control. You can’t do that. You can’t turn it off indefinitely there. Is there much difference,
better the braking itself? I didn’t really, it felt
pretty standard to me. I think you really only see
the improvement in braking if you’re doing stuff on a track. That I think is that’s why they have those performance brakes. I don’t think you need them otherwise. In your typical just driving around, even if you’re being a
racer out on the streets, it still probably doesn’t
make a difference. I didn’t notice it at all. Jeffrey asks would you
sell your current Model 3? Yeah, that was kind of the
thing that we were thinking. I did the math on it. I think what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna pay off my Model S because the monthly
payments are really high because I got such a short loan to get the better interest rate and so that would be the better deal. And then I would get rid of my Model 3 and then get the new one
is the thinking right now. Are the door panels white
or vegan white leather? They were I think, actually
that’s a good question. I think they were white Alcantara. Okay looks like it’s
disconnected on my screen. Are you guys still seeing me? Let me see, I’m just punch it around. Okay it looks like you’re still there. I’ll go through the other
questions that were already asked. TesLatino, great name. (laughs) Do you mind doing a quick
two sentence summary of the test drive? It was fast, definitely had a
strong punch in the beginning. Much better and much, much
faster than my current Model 3 but not nearly as good or as fast or much of a punch as a Model S P100D. So P100D still reigns supreme. I don’t think that was a surprise but that’s like comparing top-end Model S to the top-end Model 3. Yeah, the top-end Model S
just still is the champion so there you go. Tesla battery will shut
off or throttle performance if it gets hot both for
charging, I don’t know. What made you get your first Tesla? So this is from IwantaTesla. So the first time. Okay so I was working remotely
or not remotely, sorry. I was working where I
(distortion drowns out voice) and I had like a newer Honda Civic fully loaded at the time, really comfortable, pretty nice. I mean it was expensive for a Honda Civic but it was it was really nice. It was a two-door and it
was quick and it was great. Then I started working from home and I didn’t need that car
anymore, it was the lease. So I got rid of it and then what I did is I got just a 1999 Toyota Tacoma. Just an old beat up pickup truck and with that I loved it. I still have it. I love my old beat-up pickup truck. I throw my surfboards on Wednesdays and I go surf with the old man
crew down at Pacific Beach. It’s great. Then I had a son and I needed a car again. I was still working remotely so I didn’t need to like drive anywhere so I didn’t care about having a nice car. And I’d wanted to go electric for a while. I wanted an electric car. And so I started looking at cars. I looked at the Nissan Leaf at the time and fully specked out Nissan
Leaf was around $40,000. $44,000 or something like that. And I was ready to do it, I was ready to buy the
first gen Nissan Leaf. And then what happened was
is I would remember that there was a model that Tesla
had just recently announced. The pre-owned program, the
certified pre-owned options. And I thought okay $44,000 is
like a lot to spend for a car, let me see if maybe there’s a Tesla. I don’t even know, I had always assumed that they were just wildly expensive. And so I looked and there were
some in like a very similar, it was like around 50
thousand for a used Model S and and so I looked at the
specs of the Nissan Leaf at the time, the first
gen fully specced out versus a used Model S and the Model S was
just a far better deal. It was so much more
car for what you’ve got and it was only five, six grand more. So that’s what I ended up doing. I ended up buying that in January of 2016 and that’s how I ended up
getting my first Tesla. It was in the safest car,
it was super comfortable, it was good for taking my
son around at the time, and you know we could charge it at home. It was fantastic. So I didn’t waste time at gas stations. Better for the environment. I mean, overall it was just a great thing and because I bought it used I got it for a far cry from
the original sticker price. Oh and it only had 10 thousand miles. So I don’t know how you buy a 2013 car and have it for three years
and don’t put more than ten thousand miles on it but yeah. So that’s kind of the back
story about how I first got one, so there you go. All right, back online here. Robert Dingle asks fit and finish? It looked beautiful. I did check all the panel gaps and looked all the way around it. I do have some photos
that I posted yesterday, maybe I’ll put a link to
it after this video is done and it was fantastic. Just beautiful, beautiful quality. I looked all over the car. Yeah, it was great. Is the Model X worth the price tag SUV? So from blackredneck,
that’s a great handle. So yeah, the Model X I love. The problem I have with the Model X is the falcon wing doors. One, because they’re so prone to error but two, because in my garage at my house they can’t even open a quarter. My son, my three-year-old
son couldn’t even fit in and out of them in the
garage and that sucks. I can’t imagine ordering
a vehicle that is like so not functional for my house. So that’s why I don’t have a Model X but I think it’s a amazing vehicle and if you were to compare it, maybe I’ll do another one of these videos where I knew the comparisons,
the cost analysis. But if you were looking Model
X versus say a Range Rover, which I know I did this. It is a far cry cheaper and then if you use it for business you can write it off
with the new tax laws. You can write off a 100% of
the cost in the first year. So there’s a huge
incentive for the Model X. Yeah, I’m a big fan. I just wish they had regular doors. Maybe the Model Y will
be the winner for me, so there you go. All right, next question. Mark asks does Jenny
still have that Model X? Yeah, she does. That’s the thing, she does because… but the problem is the falcon wing doors. That’s why we’re not
going to do it so yeah. Maybe the Model 1. Sk2snow, wind/road noise improved? I didn’t notice a difference. I think they’re both fantastic. I actually want to do a video on that because I hear this a lot
where people talk about wind and road noise and I think my hunch, and this is where we
have to look at the data and figure it out. My hunch is that because
you don’t have an engine or a transmission or
any of the other things that generally make noise, maybe it appears to people
that are new to Tesla is that there is a added,
like it’s more noticeable. The wind noise and the road noise but overall my perception is that it’s a really, really quiet vehicle. So yeah, I’ll maybe do a test on that but I didn’t notice any
difference compared to my car but I don’t really notice
it at all in my car anyways. So I don’t know why people are
complain about that so much. Joel asks hello, from Borje
Ontario Canada, I think. I’m thinking of financing a
three year old off lease Leaf. Is that a good cheap option? I don’t know. I would do a new next gen leaf. I wouldn’t do the first gen. Unless it’s just like a
little putz around car inside of an urban area. I don’t know where your town is. Did the suspension feel stiff? It felt bad. I did not like it. So the suspension… so first off the suspension on all, actually it’s fine. It’s fine. My suspension I have dual rate suspension, which you guys can go
check out that video. I actually measured the
vibrations and stuff like that. When I’m just cruising down the road because I have this dual rate suspension it is really soft and just really smooth. And it’s a dual rate which
means when I take corners, it does it at an even tighter and better to like stiffer ratio than the other one. My perception of this car was that that suspension was far
worse than what I have and it probably is just
the normal suspension. It was the same height,
all the other same stuff, so there you go. Hey thanks Trina, TrinaOditty? Thanks for the the dollar 99. I really want a Model 3
but I just got a BMW 330i. Hey, I don’t know what to tell you. The BMW 330i is probably a great car. BMW I think makes, I mean I never had one. My buddy had one. I was always jealous of
him years and years ago. I think BMW makes grand vehicles
so you’re probably fine. If you just want a Model 3, this would be kind of the comparison depending on which one you get. I think you’d be happy
with any Model 3 really. The performance one, it’s compared to the rear-wheel drive long range. I don’t know if you need, it
was gonna be that much greater to you coming in from a BMW. And you may miss some of the kind of creature comforts of the BMW 330i. I don’t know exactly what it has but I mean even my buddy
who his wife just went from a Ford Fusion to a Model 3 misses a lot of the creature comforts. Like for example, they
had ventilated seats. You know things like that. So there’s a lot of
little things that Tesla really are lacking in that area. I think they’re still fantastic but it’s one of those things
where coming from a BMW, they’re probably a lot of
little things that you’ll notice but overall your driving
experience is gonna be vastly different and I would argue better. So there you go. Hope that helps you. Rich asks is the Model
Y gonna be like the 3? A cheaper SUV? Yes, that is the idea. Kenneth Jones asks did your test drive have the red brake calipers
and 20-inch wheels? Yes, it did. Jason asks what’s the horsepower on dual motor non performance? I don’t know. I believe Tesla has… if you go on to just the Tesla website now and go to Model 3 and scroll down, I think there’s a section
there where they list all that. I don’t know if they put
horsepower on there yet. So if not, you might
be able to calculate it but the best guess is probably
just to take it on a dyno. I think the rear-wheel
drive like the one I have is I think 271 and maybe 307 for
the the pound-feet of torque. I forget exactly. Hey, LaBobby thanks for the five bucks. When do you think standard
battery will be available for the Model 3? I’m hoping for later this year. I am really hoping that the
standard battery is an option coming into Q4 and I’m hoping for that because if you can get this car
even at 220 miles top range, basic everything and I don’t
know about the interior. Maybe it won’t be as nice.
I know it won’t be as nice but still I’m sure it will be fine. If you can get this car for 35,000 and then like if you’re in California you get a 25 hundred dollar
rebate plus the $7,500 federal. Man, that is a steal. I think this car is a good
value at around 50 thousand. I think at 65, 70, 80 thousand, it’s getting a little
bit ahead of it’s skis as you might say but I think that any cheaper
that you can get it is gonna be just a fantastic value. This is a great car
and I think it’s great. The question is if
whether or not it’s worth that like 80 thousand dollar price tag, which you can kind of spec it up to now. So yeah, thanks for the Superchat and hope that helps you. Hey Sam, thanks for the Superchat. If you have any questions
or anything let me know. I’ll keep watching here. AZWildcat13: Ben, used
Model S or used Model 3? I think it depends on the
price in your situation. I think the Model S is a better car. I think it’s pretty objective. There may be a few things
better on the Model S but it kind of really just
comes down to your situation. If you need a smaller vehicle, if you live in a place, more urban area. If you’re a wild cat maybe
you’re down in Tucson, I don’t know, I only been
down there a few times. But anyways, yeah Models S
is gonna serve you better like the hatchback is probably
biggest complaint on this car versus the Model S. That just makes a Model S so functional. So incredibly functional and this one that’s
definitely a challenge. So yeah, I think you comes
down to your situation. In my situation I would
probably go with a used Model S. There you go. Let’s see. Victor Garcia Perez, so
English I’m learning, hey. (speaking foreign language) I hope that helps. Let’s see. Have you seen the Volvo Polestar? It’s supposed to compete with the Model 3. No, I have not. Is it an electric car? I would love to see it, if it is. I mean, I’m all in on electric, right? So I don’t want to see a
car that’s not electric other than that. So Victor, you’re asking
about the horsepower kilowatt battery powered
Model 3 performance app. So it should have the same
75 kilowatt hour battery. Horsepower is gonna be greater, we don’t know or I haven’t
figured that out or seen it yet. And how much PS? I don’t know what you mean by that. Maybe that’s the torque? The torque should be greater
as well, so there you go. Do you think the K10 will
compete with the Model S? I do, I actually think
that car looks sick. I would love to take that for a spin. This is the thing right like I love Tesla because they are the ones that are forcing the industry to change. I’m totally open to
Porsche or BMW or Mercedes or any or even Jaguar with the I-PACE. I’m all for it, bring it on. Like let’s see all of the
best cars in the world become electric. I think that’d be fantastic
because when that happens then everybody that drives a
Volkswagen Jetta or a Prius or something is gonna
want to get one of those. And so I think like you have to kind of start with the sizzle and
get people’s attention and that product lust that people have. Especially in our consumerist society. I think that’s what I love about Tesla but I am all for these
other brands coming in with legit contenders and obviously they know how to make cars so it’s just a matter of whether or not they have the will to do it. So yeah, we’ll see. I would love to drive a K10. Gracias Victor. Let’s take a look. Tell them the safest, Tesla’s
the safest car on the road. It’s true, it is. Tesla is the safest car. I don’t know if there’s like safe… I mean jeez, it’s like it’s
one of those things right? It’s like a zero to 60. I you’re in a sub 3 second zero to 60 and you’re not gonna be able to tell me the difference being a 2.3
and a 2.4 second zero to 60. You’re just not. Right, your sub 3, you’re fast as hell. So the safest car? Yeah, like if you get 5 star
ratings every category, great. Is there one that’s maybe
safer than the other one? It depends on the situation, right? We just had a rollover with the Model 3. The car did exceedingly well. I was shocked by those
photos so go check that out. I think that was a great thing. Shilasdarkylay, it’s a great name. Think it’s worthwhile to
rent a Model 3 on Turo to get an idea or should I wait? I totally would. You can use my referral code and get 25 bucks off your
first ride, so there you go. It’s at teslanomics.co/turo. I’m a big fan. And they don’t sponsor,
this isn’t sponsored by them or anything like that. That’s just my referral
code as a Turo customer. So I use it all the time, so yeah. Mark asks Ben, check out the
aftermarket spoiler by RPM. It looks more like the Model S spoiler. I also wrapped mine in satin black. Are you talking about that on the back because I’m very keen on getting a spoiler for this car in the back but I don’t know the guys at RPM at all so yeah maybe I’ll have a look. I usually work with the guys
at Unplugged Performance and we have a real good relationship so that’s probably who I’d go to but I’ll check it out yeah
’cause I think that’d be fun. Breakbox asks would
you recommend a Model 3 for a family with two little children and has the trunk enough
space even for vacation? So I’m gonna say no. But my friend Kim and her family from the channel Like Tesla would probably disagree with me because they have two small children and they went from a
Model X to the Model 3 and they seem to make it work and they go on road trips all the time. So maybe just go watch
theirs and use that. With the Model S I think
it would be totally fine and I think what it comes down to a lot is the extra storage space
you have in the Model S. And the Model X would be ideal but again, for me I can’t even open the
doors an inch in my garage and that just kills me so yeah. There you go, I hope that helps. That was a good question. Rycons asks would you buy the K10 even without any autopilot? Yeah, totally. I don’t really use autopilot. Let’s see. When do you plan a trip
to Europe for holiday? I don’t know. I originally had planned on
going to Spain for a month but then we went on some
other trips with our son and it was just so hard
traveling with them that we just kind of put it off. But yeah, some places we really want to go and spend a extended period of
time are Mexico City for one. That’s probably the easiest
and best option for us and then we love Madrid as well. Those are probably the top two for us. There’s maybe other other towns and places in Spain or Mexico but
those are our top two where we could actually like live and work and not just be tourists on vacation. So yeah, there you go. Off topic. Mark Benton: yes, on the
back it would look great. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna
do that someday soon. ClipsCS don’t you think a
power trunk is needed in a car in that price range? Yes, yes! Thank you for asking. Let me just say I was
shocked by how many people were upset about the
trunk smashing fruit video because that was just a dumb video and people were so offended that I said anything
negative about the Model 3. That was a dumbest idea ever. It is a thing. If you have a Model 3, you know the trunk is not the easiest thing to deal with. It’s hard to close and it
forces you to grab it on top and then even then, it
doesn’t always close. I mean, the first time I had
one I left trunk open all night with like thousands and thousands
of dollars of camera gear in there at Airbnb I was staying at because I thought it was totally closed but it does not closed very easily. I think even my very first drive video, I had that same issue. I was this sucks, this is a problem. And I have seen a video someone
replaced the trunk lifts, whatever those like hydraulic
things that hold it up are, to make it easier. So that’s honestly something
I may do because it sucks. It’s definitely not an
easy easy thing so yeah. Thank you for asking that question. AZWildcat: Ben, when you
ever work for a Tesla if they prompted you? If you were prompted would you tell us? I was prompted and I said no very quickly. Two reasons. I love what I do and I could not do it if I had a relationship with them. So people maybe are
confused about about this. I do have contacts at Tesla so whenever I have questions like when I did that depreciation video or sorry, the Phantom Drain video and I saw a bunch of
data that was like whoa, this could be bad news
for the company, right? Because of the access I
have to certain things whenever I come up with
something that I’m like hey guys, I’m gonna report on this because
it’s the right thing to do but I also want to paint
it in the correct picture, the full context. Are you aware of it? What are you doing to change it? Am I missing something? So I have contacts at
Tesla that I do work with but by no means do they
endorse this channel, do they support me in any
way, any of that stuff. And that’s even apparent as you saw, what people on the Wall Street Journal are getting invited to go
drive the Performance Model 3 at media day and I’m not, right? So it’s one of those things
like I get zero support directly from them. And I could not do this with
any amount of credibility if I did get any preferential treatment or anything from them, right? The only thing that I get
is when I have questions about stuff that may
come out in a news story, I try to get clarification in context because I think that’s important when you’re telling a story. So that’s the only kind of support I have. So they did ask me to work for them or one of the teams asked
me, not like specifically, but they said hey,
would you be interested? Not based on the data team side and I just no, absolutely not. I love what I do so that’s why. Also I’ve heard stories about
Elon being kind of a crazy and I just had enough of those in my life. There you go. Mark, I don’t work for RPM. Yeah, okay no worries. Let’s see. When do you Tesla will be able to produce 10,000 Model 3s per week? Great question. In a few years when
they get a new factory. I don’t see it happening
at Fremont at all. No way. Unless they, I don’t know maybe they start building
more tents or something. Just definitely not gonna happen. Nicholas Terzani asks
do you think the brakes on rear wheel model
(distortion drowns out voice) enough for aggressive driving
in a nice curvy road downhill? Sure, yeah. They’re great. They’re probably not going to
be as good in that situation as the performance ones but
I’ve actually driven this. There’s a road in Southern
California you can look it up. The Ortega highway, it’s the 74. It goes from I think San Clemente like the i-5 in near San
Clemente or San Juan Capistrano over, I don’t know what the
other town is on the side over to the 15 freeway and yeah. It’s a really small whiny little
road that’s kind of crazy. And I was coming back one
night from my family’s, my brother’s place up in San Clemente and we got stuck on there was
like a closure of the freeway and so we had to take that little road and it did fantastic. So yeah I think it works great. Obviously I think the
performance one will do better. But for you know 99.99% of the time you probably will know
(distortion drowns out voice) zero difference in the
breaking between this car and the other one just because
of how you’re driving it. Unless you’re actually
taking it to the track. If you’re a track racer and you want to take it to the track, absolutely that’s what you want to get. For everyone else, it’s unnecessary but I get it if you want it anyways. Rich asks is a free super charging when you use a referral code good for life or the life of the car? So the free super charging
for the referral program is good for the life of the car. As long as you have that car, you and that car will
get free super charging. Now, I’ve heard before that it was ending this last program, which was on the 15th. Then they extended it two
weeks, which is really odd because usually when they extend it, they extend it for a whole three months. So it’s extended I think
until the end of this month and after that I’m guessing
it actually will change. I’m sure the referral
program will still be around but I doubt free supercharging
is gonna live on. So that’s what I heard before
and then it sounded like maybe they didn’t have
everything in order yet so they just extended it a couple weeks or maybe to line up with the
months or something like that. So yeah that’s kind of where it’s at. As long as you have the car you and it get free supercharging. That’s on the Model S and X of course. All right. David Adams: if the Model Y
is simply a bigger Model 3 would you consider it
a good business move? Would it be better in your opinion to go in a different direction? I don’t know if it’ll, yeah. See that’s a thing is like the Model X is this
wildly advanced vehicle. If you’ve never been in
one and had it for a day or something, it’s crazy how cool and how just insanely advanced
every little detail is. Like one of the things
is when you pop open the falcon wing doors if
nobody’s sitting in them the front seats will
actually come up and forward in order to make it easier
for people in the middle and back to get out. Stuff like that, it’s crazy. It’s so cool. So I think it could be watered down a ton and still be a fantastic vehicle. In fact I think most people would probably prefer what the Model Y is going to be compared to the Model X. I really do. So yeah, I think good
it’d be a good choice. I don’t know what you mean
from like a business standpoint but yeah. All right. Caleb: do you own Tesla stock? I do not, I fundamentally
do not believe in investing in an individual stock of a company. I invest in index funds and
I think I have some ETFs and mutual funds even though
I try to stay away from those. I don’t know if I have any left over and then I do some crypto
stuff for kind of the hardware so there you go. So Damir, this is a great question, does the Performance Model 3 feel faster than a normal 100D? I don’t know if I’ve driven a 100D lately. Man, that’s a great question. I don’t know. I guess I would have to look
it up and see what they say. They both seem extremely fast to me but there is definitely a big distinction I would say between
the Performance Model 3 and the Model S P100D, which I’ve only driven once so you know that was that one experience. But it’s incredible so there you go. Brandon asked what do you think of Tesla’s head of sales leaving? More fuel for the fake news? No, I think that’s a concern. I don’t really know. Tesla has a weird sales model. It’s direct to consumer. They don’t have, as far as I know, they don’t have
commission’s on sales people so it’s a different thing altogether. I don’t know how I feel about it. I guess losing top tier folks isn’t good but also you have Elon who
his reputation of being a really over zealous kind
of strong manager and leader that could rub other people the wrong way. I understand like I
couldn’t work for Elon. So I can understand why
somebody would probably, why there’s turnover there. Especially like when you’re
at that position, right? Because you get the sense of
entitlement maybe a little bit as like hey I’m a chief
whatever of this thing at this big company. And then you have someone
like Elon cut you down and doing sleeping at the
factory and stuff like that and it’s like look, I’m not gonna do that. So it’s one of those things like I can probably see it,
something’s going on here. I could probably see how how Elon probably rubs management the wrong way and that’s my hunch as to
maybe why they’re leaving. It’s not for everyone, you know? That’s how it is but
that’s how it goes so yeah. Charles asked, I’m gonna take maybe just a
couple more minutes here guys and then I’m gonna head back. Traffic is terrible and
so yeah, that’s bad. Here we go. Do you think the SpaceX package will be street legal on the Roadster? I don’t know, that’s a good question. I mean, it’ll be a street legal car. Whether or not you’re allowed
to use that on the streets is a different thing altogether. Yeah, I don’t know like maybe could like blow somebody over standing next to it. I don’t know man, yeah
that’s a tough question. Caleb asks which Tesla is your favorite? Roadster next gen, that’s
probably my favorite. How much different with
a single motor Model 3 perform in snow than the dual motor? It’s a good question. I’m not really sure but
my friends Zach and Jesse over at the channel Now You Know, when they got their Model 3 they had (distortion drowns out voice) last was it? They did a thing it was
like the 12 days of Model 3 leading up to to Christmas or something. (distortion drowns out voice)
to think it was doing great. Or if I recall so you can
go check out their videos. That’s probably good. More or less cost per month
recharging your Model 3 from Vitty Suarez. Go to my website teslanomics.co. I have a calculator there
that shows you that. I believe Tesla probably has one as well. For me I think he comes down
to like 30 bucks a month or something crazy. But I don’t drive a lot so you got to take that
into account as well. So there you go. Mark Benton: Ben, I assume
you’ve seen the Jetta pad, what a great product for the Model 3. Are you just plugging products Mark? Is that what’s going on? You come in here, you
come to my comment section just to plug products ’cause
you know I know your name and I’ll call them out. Come on, man, come on. Yes, I’ve seen it. I think Eric got one and did a review. I think I’ve got one coming, I don’t know. So you probably be seeing that
sometime soon on the channel. I think that’s cool and then I just saw something
on the, not the next web. The verge or something like that that someone else was making it and was like this is this big thing and a lot of us were like yeah, old news. I think the guy, I forget his name, he has a channel I One Tesla
or something like that, forget but he has a Model 3. He did a cool thing where he put a an iPad on the back of the lid
that closes over the shelf, that was pretty cool. But yeah I don’t really, I don’t know. All that’s (distortion drowns out voice) I think it would be cool
to do wireless charging but I actually have a thing
on the back of my phone that’s like, it’s not pop socket but it’s like a pop
(distortion drowns out voice) I think that disables wireless charging because there’s such a big fat gap. So I don’t know how well it’ll work in what most people’s situations like. I think it’s a hard thing. I actually like (distortion
drowns out voice) is one other barrier I have
to pulling my phone out and looking at it when I’m driving. (distortion drowns out voice) I think that the wireless
pad idea is a great idea so when I get the Jetta pad or whatever I’ll obviously share that
with you guys and do a review. I think a lot of people will like it. I don’t know if it’s right for me but it’ll be cool to see it and kind of see what’s going on with it so there you go. And yeah, let me know what other products you want me to plug Mark. (laughs) All right, let’s see what else we got. Should I get a Tesla Model S or Model 3? Tough choice. I posted to
(distortion drowns out voice) possibility for a roof
box or any plans on this? Yes, there is a sea sucker
or something it’s called. It’s like giant suction cups
that you can put stuff on and I heard a rumor that Tesla is gonna be offering one very soon
because there are spots for it but I heard that Tesla’s gonna like officially unveil that
sometime soon so we’ll see. I don’t know if that’s true or not but there would be something for sure. Any word if Tesla will
allow apple CarPlay? I doubt it, I don’t think
that’ll ever happen. Tesla definitely wants you to
use their operating system, which I’m not super in love with. I do think Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are kind of substandard
compared to the model. What’s built in here. I am like praying for this that one day, one day soon hopefully we
have an actual App Store for the Model 3 or for all Teslas so that way you could have Waze, you could have Spotify,
you could have Pandora, you could have whatever
other kind of apps built-in. And because they would
have an app platform. I think honestly I think
like if they delayed some of the other physical
things they’re making and they did that, that that might be a better play for them
because that could balloon to being a giant revenue maker for them and benefit all of us. Like they’d be farming out the advancement of their vehicles. It’s just amazing. I really, really am just dying
to hear about an app platform like an app store for Teslas. And if you don’t know
what I’m talking about, if you go into a Model S and
Model X and you go to settings there is a section called apps and it has I think navigation and browser or something like that. So there are like this ecosystem, it’s like the idea is there. It’s just not ready yet. So you have it. Okay, I’m gonna do one more question. Been going for a while now
and let’s see what else. Spotify in America Tesla please. Yes, yes. Mark thanks for the comments. Yeah and I appreciate you’re
always there supporting so that’s it. Caleb asks how often do you live stream? Every Monday I do a news show. Today was just this like
random I just got done (distortion drowns out
voice) Performance Model 3 so I thought you know, there you go. If you could choose between
a black and red Model 3 now, which color would you pick? Personally I like the black. I think it’s just sexy
and beautiful and elegant. It’s just great. My son however would love a red one and so I might be biased
into getting a red one just for him, we’ll see. Team black, all right yeah. (distortion drowns out voice)
somewhat helpful to you. They wouldn’t let me you
actually film during the thing. That’s like just their corporate policy. So I didn’t get a chance to film the car but these deliveries to folks
should be happening soon so if you’re in the San
Diego area and you have one, I would love to actually
do some videos with it and do some side-by-side comparisons to give people a better sense of like whether or not that value is there. I’m still undecided as to
whether or not it’s worth it for me but you know I’m in a
different situation as well than most people are. So try to figure that out. I’m definitely gonna
do something, a review, a side by side comparison someday. So cool thank you all for watching and I will see you guys
here next time, peace.

Paul Whisler


  1. I’m sure they learned their lesson from that P85D ludacris/hardware update. Elon knows he can’t afford those kind of things with Model 3 owners. This car has to be a success for Tesla to truly succeed, which means they had to plan these things out and avoid outrageous upsets to owners.

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    P.S. Ill be having a P3D channel – Taking delivery August 7

  11. Ben, I just drove the Performance 3 on Sunday. I used to have a P85D and I can say that the P3 is software limited on 0-60 time. It deff takes of smooth instead of hitting hard but has a waaaay better top end on it. # Permeant Magnet Motors front and rear FTW! I bet they will get faster with software over time. I don't think they will use the silicone fuse like in the Ludicrous cars or updated the count of batteries so if you buy a P3 now your good.

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  14. Elon and the Tesla website are too ambiguous about the Model 3 Performance version specs. Elon says the bae performance version comes with bigger brakes. But the website shows the bigger brakes are packaged with the $5000 performance option. The website also shows the performance version top speed “up to 155”, but fails to note “*with $5000 Performance package”.

    According to the website, the $5000 package includes a lot more than $4000 wheel & tire package, it also includes “Larger, stiffer calipers and lightweight two-piece discs for enhanced performance and thermal capacity” and “lowered suspension for improved handling”.

    Tesla should make the specs more clear on the official website, but as usual we need to wait for a customer to buy one and take it apart before we know what’s going on.

    Some would say you only need bigger brakes to go with higher top speed, but the fact is, any time the car can accelerate faster, it also needs to be able to decelerate faster, because racing stoplight to stoplight is a real thing.

    Sasha the Canadian is busy making some performance upgrades for the model 3, which gives options.

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    Contactor acts similar a fuse and "trips off" if amps too high (or perhaps just burn? not sure). So the metal used handles higher amps.

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  26. I think there might be another even higher performance Model 3 version with bigger motor(s) (least likely) or maybe a higher output rated version, (more likely) perhaps only a ludicrous mode? (most likely) The lower weight of the Model 3 makes it possible that the Model 3 Performance version could (possibly) become almost as quick as the highest Performance Model S at least until the Roadster is released.

  27. Tesla offers too few options and as you mentioned you’d have to go to 3rd party’s and then have to either toss original parts or go thru the hassle of selling. Take a look at what Jaguar is offering with the new I-Pace… Tesla needs to do better with option choices. But given their challenges in building the M3 with minimal options I’m not sure their not ready to compete with the larger companies yet.

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  33. So what are the hard numbers?
    0-60, 0-150
    time to 1/2 mile, time to 1 mile
    60 – 0 in seconds and how many feet?
    Max lateral Acceleration (g's and at what speed)
    Total Price.
    Musk says the performance should be equal to that of the BMW M3 but faster and cost the similar.

    Last checked a performance oriented US Market BMW M3 Performance package runs $58,500-67,500
    In 2016 this model's lateral acceleration was recorded at 0.98g with 70-0 of 149ft, top speed limited to 160+

  34. But he doesn't get refferals for Model 3, thus affecting his bottom line. If he can instead convince people to go S or X, and use his referral code, he wins. A guy who has been awarded over $500k (two roadsters) for convincing people to buy S and X models is probably the last person I would trust to give an honest review on what is now creeping into Model S pricing.

  35. Waiting to see what Porsche brings to the table before I make my decision – still 2-3 years out from buying my EV. After spending a week with my folks who have a Model S 100D, I was very impressed with the front seat experience, though thoroughly disappointed with the rear seat room and comfort. Shifted my perspective on Tesla. Great for 2 adults with kids or short adults, but the rear seat was too low to the floor with a short seat cushion, so only my butt was on the seat, with no leg support. A 3 hour road trip was pretty bad as a 6'2 person in back. Also, the rear ventilation needs improvement. Of course, this is an S not a 3, so I look forward to trying a 3.
    Anyway, loving the move to EV's and I know they will all get better as time moves on. Definitely keen to see the Model 3 Performance…..
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  38. I took delivery of my loaded Model 3 Performance in Atlanta this past Tuesday. It was the first production one delivered in Atlanta and the employees had not even been in one yet. As soon as I drove out of the parking lot I hit it pretty hard and was floored by the acceleration. I have a Ferrari California so I am used to hard acceleration but this was significantly harder. It pulled my face back. The way it handles and takes off makes it like a theme park ride. Unfortunately I had to leave it in Atlanta to get the front end covered in clear film. I live over 150 miles away and did not want to take the chance of a bit of road debris putting a nick in my new car:) I will get it back to Hoover, Alabama sometime in late August. Then I can do a much better set of tests:)

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  41. Why would you buy it you guys are probably going to end up selling it when you get your 2020 roadsters?

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