Sutton Bonington Campus – Bonington Student Village tour (part-catered accommodation)

[Music] Hey guys. This is Bonington Halls by CLV Sutton
Bonington Campus. I’m James. I study plant biology and this is my first year at uni. [Music] So, this is where you can pick up your keys
at the start of the year. It will also be where you’ll get all your parcels from online
deliveries and these guys are the guys to come to if anything in your room breaks or
needs fixing or any queries you have at all. [Music] So, this is Stanford Common Room and there
are two major common rooms on campus for everyone to use and they both have
Sky TV with Xbox as well – plenty of Xbox games, and books for everyone there, lots
of games – play Twister here quite often. Each block of flats will have their own key
fob. So, that’s the fob to get into the building so you know it’s only students ever allowed
in the building and feel very safe in there. And then your individual flat key will get
you into the flat. I’ll show you the laundrettes – because
you’ll probably be using these quite a lot. So, as you can see, there’s ample supply
here and there is another laundrette at the other halls at the other end of campus as
well so there’s plenty for any of the students at any one time. These ones are run by online top up so you
will have a washing card that you can top up online and then you just swipe it when
you want to use the machines and that’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ so you never spend more than
you need, so that’s really cheap, it’s good. [Music] So that’s your key fob to get into the building.
One tap on the outside and the door should open. So, again, it’s only students in here
so it’s really, really safe. All your post boxes as well. So any letters or anything
small will go to those, anything larger – pop to the office we’ve just been to. [Music] Now, if you come with me, I’ll show you where
I’ve been living for the last year. Ok, so this is our corridor; there are five people in here and there’s normally five people in a flat in these accommodation blocks. This
is my room. Everyone should get at least this – this is an en-suite room, so not everyone
will have an en-suite but I do. So, if you have an en-suite room, that’s what you’ll
get. So, we have an extra-large desk, as you can
see, which is great when it comes to revision because you can sprawl out as much as you
like. It goes all the way around the room, which is really nice because it goes right
by the window as well so you get light all time of the day. As you can see, I’m a plant
biologist so … keep plenty of plants. This is a single room so single beds but doubles
are available if you want a larger bed. The wardrobe’s got plenty of room in … so
that’s for hanging all your clothes and on this side you’ve got shoe compartments
as well … got plenty of drawers for everything and some more little cupboard space down there. Everyone gets a noticeboard so you can pin
up your timetables which you’ll get each semester with all your lectures on so you
can pin those up there so you know when you’re going. So, this is our kitchen: plenty of seating
areas, TV – very useful, nice dinner table so you can all cook together and eat together
which is really, really nice -really helps a flat … bonding as well which is great
especially in the first few months. You’ve got hobs there, and your oven and microwave
so all the cooking facilities you need. And ample room so you can see quite a few of you
can cook at the same time – there’s plenty of space. Everyone has a top cupboard and
then a row at the bottom as well so the bottom one’s good for pots and pans – it’s a bit
deeper. So, in here your flat will come equipped with
a mop, a dust pan, a hoover – all the cleaning stuff’s provided for you. In the fridge,
everyone gets one drawer – sort of this space and you have one drawer in the freezer
as well. [Music] As you move in – on moving in day, you’ll
be assigned someone who’s in second or third year and they will come, they will fetch your
keys with you at the office and they will … show you straight to your room, show you
where everything is. Basically, do what I’ve just done: give you a tour of the flat, say
“That’s your cupboard space, this is your room,” and they’ll show you where to go
because you’ll be … first night, you’ll be given a meal – it’ll usually be a barbecue
or a pizza – so they’ll take you to that as well. So, that’s really nice. So, we’ve got plenty of bike sheds on campus
with more round there, more over there as well so feel free to bring bikes. And my flatmate
has three, I have two – so yeah, there’s plenty of space for anyone who wants bikes. This area is a nice little barbecue bit – had
a barbecue last night – it was very good. Plenty of seating so you can revise outside
as well. That’s the south entrance to campus. So, everyone, to get in, will need their University
card – should be given on your first day and you swipe in as you come in. So again, the
campus is very, very secure. [Music] This is the IT centre here, so if you have
any problems getting on to the University wi-fi, logging into any of your
systems – this is the place to come, they sort out all your queries here. I imagine most of you coming will be vet students
so I’ll just show you to the vet school which is literally just over here. So, that’s
the vet centre there – all the buildings you can see. This large block here is the lecture
theatre that even the bio scientists get to use. It’s all brand-new so all the students
in their first year will probably be in that lecture theatre and it’s fab. This is the gateway building so a lot of exams
are in there, all the computer rooms – if you want to do computer modelling in biology
modules – things like that, there will be all of the state of the art facilities in
there. [Music] More halls here. They’re all shared bathroom
in there so they don’t have the en-suite that I’ve just shown you but the bedrooms are all
exactly the same layout … so you have your bed, the long desk which is present in every
room – always lots of desk space, always the same amount of storage. The only thing that’s
different is the en-suite – whether you have it or not. So, as you can see, just a short walk away
is our little student amenities centre. So, you have a Costcutter this side for little,
mini-supermarket and a lovely coffee shop the other side as well. Anything you’re going
to need: late night snacks, fancy a few biscuits, to full-blown meals. So, this side’s the coffee shop – gorgeous
paninis and amazing croissants. And the TV’s always on in there so if you don’t want
to watch TV in your flat, you can come down here with a few mates, grab a latte after
a lecture – it’s great. Now, this is the barn. It’s very, very new
– only been open since I started in September actually and it’s the main hub of student
activity on campus. So, in there you’ve got the guild space which
is, at the minute, under renovation so it’ll be new for when you come in September. Now,
this is the function space so you’ve got a bar just behind
those shutters there – it’s a lovely bar and then, again, the wide screen
will always be on. More group seating down here – feel free to study down here as well.
It also doubles up as the scene for all the barn parties on campus and barn parties, believe
me, at SB, they are fantastic, absolutely amazing. This transforms into a nightclub
– it can go on until three in the morning – they are absolutely fantastic. As I say,
we’ve got a great bar there – everything you possibly need. [Music] Now, all students in their first year will
have a catering package for five evening meals a week on week nights. So, this is where you
come, this is the canteen. So, five evening meals a week: each one is
three courses. Seating for everyone here. That’s the servery hatch, so you’ll pop
in there, pick up your three courses. There’s always four choices of mains, puddings, always
soups, starters, loads of different desserts. This is where I met many of my great friends
up here – everyone comes to eat together. So you all come with your flatmates, and they
come with their flatmates and before you know it, you fill a whole table and you’re all
friends within the first few days. Ok guys. That’s it from me, I’m afraid. I
hope I’ve gone through everything you’ll be thinking about this time. I try to remember
back when I was in your position – just finishing A-levels, having so many questions
– I’m trying to answer them all for you. And remember: SB is the best campus! [Music]

Paul Whisler


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