Paul Whisler


  1. !!!ScribeTribe!!! –don't give up, keep pushing, keep going over your "Beyond Committed" and Learn how to layth the smackth down on the Credit Bureau's!!!

  2. I'm seeing other people's videos mentioning you in a positive way popping up in my feed lately. lol..

  3. — 🙂


    Either Jerome did a good camera work or was his day off!!!

  4. Have you ever seen anything really come back verified from the CRA ?? I just sent out my first set of letters just waiting to see how they come back all charge offs and collections acts.

  5. Scribe Tribe Nation!!!!!! BRAAAANDON!!! What up team!!! Thanks for everything, been telling EVVVVERYONE I know including strangers about your program. Granting freedom with honesty and a helping hand, thanks guys!!!

  6. Hey great job as allways… I recently purchased, and been down with "Beyond Committed for about a wk now. I have had two items in collection/ court judgment since 2016. And i've been paying on them on a reg. Should I treat these the same, can I dispute?
    p.s . lov'n the system…!!!

  7. ScribeTribe!!!!! Im addicted to your chanel. You make learning and disputing these money snatchers fun. I watch you in the morning like its the word. #TheCreditStalker lmao

  8. I swear I just emailed you on this lol, this was awesome Brandon! Answered my other questions so I didn't have to email you. Thanks!!

  9. I consolidated my student loans and the other accounts are marked charge off,
    Transferred to another office can/should I dispute to have them removed

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