Paul Whisler


  1. yes, that's right, employers and other people interested in you will check your facebooks and Twitters, and even something you think is innocent could prevent you from getting that job. Say your potential employer is a Tory, well if he sees you social media account that you vote Lbaour or who ever then he may not give you the job, but you'll never know that's the reason you didn't get the job.

  2. In the 21st century, modern man has become absolutely naked – interested people can find out absolutely everything about each person.

  3. I am not sure what is ambiguous about his answer. They have a duty to properly disperse taxpayer funds by reviewing all the public sources of information relevant to said dispersement.

  4. It will get worse if people let people like Christian Brodie to get away from snooping on people. He has had a privileged life but has no boundaries in stopping people get on with their lives.

  5. Dumb question, of course the lender approves of this. Questioner should have asked what consequences ought your organization be subject to in case of misuse/mistakes with this public information? What is public information, what constitutes ease dropping, what constitutes spying? Which values does your organization hold above proper fund allocation?

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