Student Accommodation – with Alysha

My name is Alysha and I study Linguistics
here at Bangor University. I’m going to be talking to you today about living in student
accommodation. So lets get started… So this is my room. You’ve got your heater,
you’ve got your bed, you’ve got your lovely desk and some shelves at the top, drawers at
the bottom and a wardrobe to the side. You’ve also got a little side desk area. I really
like my room. I think it is very spacious for the amount that you do pay.I do have an
en-suite so I will show you that now. You’ve got your toilet, you’ve got your sink, mirror,
shower. So living in student accommodation, you’ve got to consider some of the things
such as distance. You wanna find out how far you are from your lecture rooms so I study
Linguistics and luckily my university buildings are only about a 10 minute walk from here. Everything
is within walking distance in Bangor anyway so you’ve got the high street which is only
about 15 minutes away, you’ve got the train station which is about 10 minutes away, you’ve
got your supermarket which is 5 minutes it’s literally down the road.So these are the things
that are important. You don’t wanna be somewhere where you are too far away from everything
that’s going on.Another thing you’ve got to consider is cost because different rooms do
have different prices and that depends on things such as if you have an en-suite, or
if you have a shared kitchen or catered kitchen or you have a shared bathroom. So the price
will differ.Alright, lets go outside. So this is the gym over here and then we’ve got a
little sports hall here and look ahead of us, look up there…mountains right in front
of us! So I’m here at the gym, it’s so good here because you get free membership and the
treadmills have TVs which is good so you don’t really need a TV license. The gym overlooks
such a beautiful view of the mountains that I showed you before. And it’s free! Students
at Bangor have access to the free membership – it’s so good! So we’re at the launderette
now and on Ffridd we do have two launderettes which are 24/7. They work with a card system
so you just top up your card which saves you from carrying around loose change. Security!
So I’m just going to take you over to Bar Uno. So on campus we also have our local shop.
I’m just going to go and show you our kitchen now…take a look! This is the kitchen space
where all of our flat mates will come over and do some cooking and it’s super good because
we have two hobs over there and we also get two big fridge and freezers.So that’s basically
it guys.Thank you so much for joining me in this video and for joining us on the Get Ready
for University YouTube Channel. Bye!

Paul Whisler


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