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What is a Structured Settlement? A structured settlement is a legal, financial
arrangement whereby tax-free periodic payments are made to a claimant as resolution for a
personal injury tort claim. Lump sum payments alternatively are made all
at once and are taxed by the government. Structured settlements became more widespread
over 30 years ago, in 1982. Congress passed legislation that amended the
federal tax code that advocated for the use of structured settlement in physical injury
cases as each payment wouldn�t be taxed. The action was called the Periodic Payment
Settlement Act of 1982. Today, property & casualty insurance companies
having the responsibility of paying out funds as per the structured settlement arrangement
can transfer its obligation to a third party (or a qualified assignment). If the claimant consents to the transfer of
the periodic payment obligation, the property & casualty company will not have to make future
payments. A qualified assignment company must meet the
criteria determined in Internal Revenue Code Section 130 [3]. This qualification acts as validation for
federal income tax purposes. Under Section 130, the amount received is
not included in the income of the assignment company. Without this provision, assignment companies
would owe federal income taxes on assigned cases, and would have no resources from which
to make the payments. If you are currently receiving payments, you
have the option to sell your structured settlement for a lump sum. RSL Funding can get you the money you need
when the need arises by taking a small percentage of the overall amount. With the help of RSL, you no longer have to
settle for the original structured settlement schedule. You get your awarded money faster, when you
need it most. Choosing RSL Funding
It�s possible that you have seen TV commercials or have been sent information from other structured
settlement companies promising you the best price for your payments. At RSL Funding, we don�t rely on gimmicks
or catchy jingles to get your attention. Instead, we let our reputation speak for us. If you still want to do some research on your
own, start by checking with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will be able to give you some accurate
information on customer service practices of major structured settlement companies. When viewing complaint statistics, pay close
attention as to whether the issues were resolved. Why Sell Your Structured Settlement? The saying goes, �The best things come to
those who wait.� Well, that isn�t always the case. When financial need arises, waiting for your
structured settlement payments to come in may do more harm than good. If you need a lump sum to cover expenses,
pay your mortgage, pay outstanding medical bills, buy a new car to get to and from work
or for any other reason, selling your structured settlement could work in your favor. Unlike pay day loans or get-rich-quick schemes,
your scheduled payments belong to you and you do not have to pay them back. For a small percentage of your overall payment
amount, RSL Funding can buy your structured settlement or annuity, putting you on the
road to financial freedom. No more waiting by the mailbox. No more stress�just the peace of mind knowing
that you have the cash you need, when you need it. Why Sell Your Structured Settlement Now? The initial reasons for opting for a structured
settlement depend on the circumstances. Perhaps you were in an accident, and the settlement
was put in place to support you in the event that you could not work at some point in the
future. Perhaps it was meant to be used as a retirement
fund. Maybe, it was a conscious personal finance
strategy�you wanted to tuck money away for a rainy day and gradual payments could help
you do it. Whatever the reason, your situation may have
changed. Use your lump sum to:
Pay bills Buy New Furniture
Pay for College Start a Business
Start a New Investment �and Much More Why You Should Use a Structured Settlement
Annuity Calculator Many people with a structured settlement or
annuity find themselves in the predicament of needing a lump sum of cash in a short amount
of time. RSL Funding is a viable option for those needing
their cash sooner rather than later. In these pressing times, it�s important
to understand the principals of calculating just how much your structured settlement or
annuity is worth. Using a structured settlement annuity calculator
is one of the easiest and best options for determining just how much money you would
be receiving. Because there are varying circumstances for
which people are looking to consolidate a settlement, you should be familiar with the
different types of calculators. These calculators are often available for
free on various web sites, and they allow you to calculate the present value of your
structured settlement or annuity. Types of Structured Settlement Annuity Calculators
When it comes to calculating the value of your structured settlement and annuity, there
are three main types of calculators all with slightly different functions: the discount
rate calculator, the effective rate calculator, and the present value calculator. Familiarity with all three will help you determine
which option is right for you. Discount Rate Calculator With a discount rate calculator, you can assess
the present value of your future payments, which is commonly referred to as the �discount
rate�, of your structured settlement. The typical discount rate for selling your
structured settlement is currently between 8 and 14%. Effective Rate Calculator The effective rate calculator factors in the
nominal annual rate (often referred to as the �stated rate�) and effective discount
rate to determine how much your structured settlement is worth, should you choose to
sell it. Before using this calculator, find out how
the effective discount rate is compounded (continuously, daily, weekly, monthly, annually
etc.). Present Value Calculator A present rate calculator establishes the
present value of your future payments should you decide to sell all or part of your structured
settlement or annuity. The present value refers to the lump sum a
company offers you for the payments you will be receiving. By using either the discount rate calculator
or the effective rate calculator you can often better calculate your discount rate. The discount rate is then used in calculating
the present value of your structured settlement. Though there are no guarantees the values
you receive from the calculators are what companies will give you for your structured
settlement, the numbers you obtain provide a good starting point when negotiating with
companies about selling your structured settlement for a lump sum payment. We�ve made it easy for you to find out how
much your annuity is worth. Just enter in your details into the form below,
and one of our experienced representatives will get back to you with the true value of
your annuity payments. If you�re looking to sell your annuity,
structured settlement, or lottery winnings, RSL Funding will be sure to give you the most
money. 4 Important Tips on Selling Structured Settlements Sellers of structured settlements ought to
give major consideration to the prospect of whether or not the sale of a structured settlement
is indeed the ideal choice for their particular situation. Let us suppose that you already have thought
this decision through quite thoroughly, and you�ve concluded that it is the best choice. In such a case, here are some tips covering
a few potential issues to watch out for. Tips on Selling Structured Settlements
Tip #1: Do not succumb to undue pressure to sell You need only sell your structured settlement
if and when you are truly comfortable doing so. If you even have an inkling that the deal
is not legitimate or fair, and the buyer appears to be attempting to modify the original agreement,
or tack on extra costs, simply do not finalize the deal. If the buyer seems to be trying to scare you
into signing off on the agreement, pause for a moment and refrain from going through with
it until you are certain that you are ready. Tip #2: Read over all the fine print Go over any paperwork you receive thoroughly
to make sure that the structured settlement buyer is staying true to the price he or she
originally quoted. Request ample information and make certain
you completely understand what the agreement entails. If you encounter a defensive buyer who acts
suspicious and uncomfortable with your reasonable questions, you have every right to walk away. Tip #3: Be wary of questionable promises The majority of all structured settlement
transactions require a minimum of 1-2 months to finalize. With this in mind, if a structured settlement
buyer claims he can get the deal squared away in an unrealistically short span of time,
he or she is most likely baiting you with a false promise. The same goes for overtly large offers. As with anything, if it sounds too good to
be true, there is a chance it is. Use good judgment in this regard and be careful! Tip #4: Never take the first bid that is offered
to you You need to obtain bids from various competing
structured settlement purchasers. Even when the very first offer that you receive
piques your interest, always await competing offers before making a final choice. It is also important to keep the bids you
have received private from other potential bidders�even if some potential buyers inquire
on the offers you have received up to that point. This approach can help you to make sure you
are given neutral, unbiased bids. So there you have it; our tips on selling
structured settlements. When you know what to expect, you�re more
likely to make an informed decision about who will have the opportunity to buy your
structured settlement. Remember, RSL Funding will always be in your
corner. Below the video links are very important the Better Business Bureau structured settlement annuity calculator

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