Stevie’s Scam School: Investment scam

Finally, you can work from home,
and make hundreds of dollars a day. Wait! This could be a scam. Welcome to my school.
Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah, great. Hello. My name is Stevie,
the reformed scam artist. I’m here to teach you how to avoid being scammed. On with the lesson, shall we? Today I present you with
the investment scam. This scam’s a shocker, so listen in. First I’ll put up a cheeky ad
about a little get-rich-quick scheme. Most of the time, it’s a membership site
or a piece of software guaranteed to correctly predict
the outcomes of sports or share trading. Guaranteed bets? Yeah, right! When you call, I’ll put on my charm,
and rattle off all kinds of gobbledegook. Hi. Yes, I’ve got this amazing new software. It predicts results of horse races based on
historical trends and track or horse conditions. Look, you’ll make loads of money, I promise… …none of it true. I even used to send out fancy little brochures
and set up websites with loads of graphs and pie charts to get you all excited
about this little investment opportunity. Can’t blame ya. A bit of pie gets me excited too. Next thing, you’re losing money on bets based
on the very expensive software’s predictions, and realising that the software doesn’t even work! And I’m galloping off into the distance…
with all your cash! See ya! So don’t let strangers
pressure you into investment decisions. If you’re interested in an opportunity,
ask to be sent some information first, and always seek professional advice. You see, at best, sports betting programs are gambling,
at worst, they are scams. Don’t put your money into them. And if you’re unsure about any
other investment opportunity, check that the company is registered with ASIC or is
a licensed financial advisor at You know, there’s just is no such thing
as a get-rich-quick scheme. Seems I’m the only one getting rich off them. Well, the old me anyway. I can’t even afford myself
a proper ride these days. Heh, hmmm, heh, hmmm. Stevie’s Scam School. Yeah! Nice!

Paul Whisler

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