Top 5 Online Sports Betting Sites - Best Sportsbooks of 2024

  • Top Rated Sportsbook
    BONUS 125% up to $3,125
    Min Deposit $10 up to $50,000
    Top Rated Sportsbook
    BONUS 125% up to $3,125
    Payout Speed 24-48 hrs
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $10 up to $50,000
    BONUS 75% up to $750
    Payout Speed 1-48 hrs
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $5 up to $15,000
    BONUS 100% up to $1,000
    Payout Speed 1-48 hrs
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $20 up to $500,000
    BONUS 100% up to $1,000
    Payout Speed 1-7 days
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $20 up to $2,500
    BONUS 200% up to $1,000
    Payout Speed 2-10 days
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $10 up to $40,000
    BONUS 50% up to $1,000
    Payout Speed 24-48 hrs
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $20 up to $500,000
    BONUS 100% up to $500
    Payout Speed 2-20 days
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $10 up to $9,000
    BONUS 50% up to $500
    Payout Speed 24-48 hrs
    Deposit Methods
    Min Deposit $20 up to $10,000

Comprehensive Guide to Online Sports betting

If you're a sports enthusiast with a passion for predicting outcomes, winning, and playing big, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate guide to online sports betting in the USA!

Our comprehensive guide will reveal the top online sports betting sites for US players and provide expert insights on selecting the best sportsbook, safe gambling tips, and winning strategies. Get ready to elevate your game and embark on an exciting journey through the world of real-money sports wagering!

What Is Online Sports Betting?

Online sports betting refers to wagering on sporting activities for real money. The events can be real world events such as world cup, virtuals like virtual leagues, or e-sports like CSGO.

Betting is done on a web-based platform known as a sportsbook (a bookie) which offers multiple betting markets per event.

How to Identify the Best Us-Licensed Sporstbooks

The best sports books have a higher customer rating and many positive reviews. A good sports gambling platform has the following:

Promotions and Bonuses

Many players like promos since they allow you to boost your bankroll. Top sportsbooks provide deals such as free bets, welcome offers, reload bonuses, referral bonuses, and VIP perks.

Payment Methods - Convenience and Transaction Speeds

High quality sportsbooks provide a wide array of payment options. The methods range from e-wallets to cards and bank transfer. Also, some operators support crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and others.

Although most operators support instant deposits, withdrawals may take even up to 10 days to clear. Therefore, consider joining bookies with fast transaction speeds to prevent delays during cashouts.

Website Layout and User-Friendliness

Well-designed sports betting sites load quickly, even in devices with low processing speeds. Besides, they are easy to navigate and you can access dozens of betting lines in a single page.

Mobile Compatibility – Mobi-Site and Apps

Nowadays, most bettors have smartphones and tablets. If you are such a player, be sure to join an operator with a mobile friendly site and a native Android/iOS app.

Reputation – Licensing Information and Safety

Safety is important in the cyber space since cybercriminals can bypass a weak system and steal banking details and other sensitive info. Therefore, your sports betting online service should be SSL-protected.

Additionally, it must hold a verifiable sportsbooks online gambling certificate from a trusted licensing body. Avoid platforms without a license since they are either illegal or scam sites collecting private data.

Customer Support – Available Channels and Waiting Time

Although most operators have sophisticated systems, something can go wrong while betting or processing payments. Therefore, stick to bookmarkers with 24/7 customer support and short waiting time.

Also, there should be multiple communication channels including e-mail, social media, phone, and a chat feature. Interestingly, some companies have a special customer support team that guides new players on different ways to bet on sports online.

The representatives might also provide you with information about responsible gambling, bonus terms, available promos and VIP deals.

Online Sports Betting Basics

Sports betting involves four things, identifying events you wish to predict, analyzing them, making selections, and placing your stake. However, you should only play on US-licensed platforms to prevent the risk of losing your money.

How to Place a Sports Bet

To place a real money bet, follow these steps;

Step 1: Access your bookie account by providing login credentials.

Step 2: Once you are in, add funds if your balance is below the minimum betting amount.

Step 3: Peruse the betting markets and identify events you want to bet on.

Step 4: Predict the outcome of the events. You may select your favorite team to win or predict other markets such as goal scorer, totals, and Under/Over. Your bet slip can have a single prediction (a single bet) or multiple predictions (a Parlay or a Multibet).

Step 5: Select your bet amount (e.g., $150).

Step 6: Click the “Place bet” option to submit your predictions.

Step 7: Wait for the outcome of the event. Remember that you can only win if your prediction is correct. However, some bookies allow you to cash out before the games begin.

Types of Sports

Most bookmarkers offer a wide variety of sports to cater for the needs of different punters. Nonetheless, sporting activities with more fans attract more betting action than those with less viewership.

Popular ones include American football, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, and Basketball. Others include horse racing, virtuals, e-sports, MMA, ice hockey, golf, cricket, volleyball, and more.

Most bookmakers experience a spike in betting activities during key events such as world cup, NBA finals, Bowl events, and NCAA championships. Therefore, only join sport betting sites that offer promos during such events to get the best value.

Types of Sports Bets

Online sportsbooks provide several markets under each upcoming event. Popular bet types in football include;


In moneyline betting, you select the outright winner in a particular matchup. For instance, if team X is playing with team Y, you can select X to win the game.


Over/Under bets involve predicting if a particular team might score more or less than a particular number of goals. For example, if you pick over 2.5, you can only win if the side you’ve selected wins with 3+ goals.


In Totals, you predict exact goals at the end of the game. For example, in a matchup between team A and B, you can predict the full-time results to be 3:2.

Point Spread

Point spread requires a bettor to select margin of victory. For instance, you can bet the underdog to lose by a specific spread.

Prop Bets

Props involve predicting specific events within a game. For instance, you can bet on the first side to score or the total points a player might score.


You can bet on future outcomes such as the next NFL champion.


Parlays are several bets combined in a single bet slip. For instance, you can build a 5-team parlay by predicting the outcomes of 5 matchups.

In general, parlays have bigger payouts than single bets, especially if you wager on teams that are equally strong. However, the chances of winning a multibet are minimal since all the selected outcomes must be correct.


Some operators offer sports betting jackpots with big payouts. The pots have several pre-selected games that you need to predict correctly to win the cash prize.

Fiat Money and Crypto Betting

Fiat money betting refers to playing with real-world currencies such as USD. On the contrary, crypto sports betting involves playing using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum.

Playing with crypto coins is more advantageous since you bet anonymously. Besides, third parties might find it difficult to track your money and gambling activities.

Pre-match Betting

In sports, pre-match betting refers to wagering on events before they commence. For example, you can bet on games that will kick off in a few minutes, an hour, a day, or several days.

If it is a winning parlay, you’ll only get your payout after the final whistle of the last game. In case a game is canceled or postponed, the best online sports betting sites either refund your stake or consider it a winning bet.

Live Betting

The best sports betting sites enrich your betting experience by providing a live betting page. Live betting option allows you to bet, even if the events have begun. Like pre-match betting, the live option has multiple markets.

For instance, you can place an over/under bet, a moneyline bet, or even build a parlay. Additionally, some operators provide a live betting section with additional features such as the cashout button.

E-sports Betting

E-sport is a new sportsbooks online betting category that lists markets on multiplayer video game tournaments. Popular games include League of Legends, CSGO, and DOTA 2. In CSGO, for example, you can either bet on the Terrorists (T) or Counter-Terrorists (CT) to win.

Sportsbook Features

Established operators have added new features to their sites to enhance your gambling experience. Some features you may encounter in established online sports betting sites include;

1)  Live streaming

The streaming feature allows you to watch live events directly on your browser. Therefore, it might be helpful if you want to watch the match while placing live bets.

2)  Stats feature

Like the streaming option, the stats page displays real-time updates of ongoing events, including scores, cards, corners, and other metrics. Besides, it shows head-to-head history, rosters, winning percentages, and even the next matchups.

3)  Cashout

Bookies with a Cashout feature allow you to cancel your bet before the games begin. However, the sportsbook only refunds a fraction of your initial stake.

4)  Live betting

The live betting feature enables you to wager on ongoing events. However, the markets are volatile since the odds change if one team scores. Other game stats like the ball possession, red/yellow cards, and time may also affect the odds.

5)  Casino and racebook

The best online sportsbooks offer additional services such as betting on horses and playing online games to keep players active. Therefore, if you like betting on sports while wagering on casino games or greyhounds, you can pick an online sportsbook that offer such services.

Safe Gambling Tips

While playing, keep these safe gambling tips at your fingertips to prevent frustration.

1)  Observe bankroll management guidelines

Bankroll management is important while playing games of chance. Firstly, don’t place stakes that you can’t risk losing. For example, don’t gamble on a single event with all your bankroll, even if it is a favorite.

Secondly, don’t chase your losses. Stop playing if you realize you have lost a significant amount in a short time frame since you might lose more if you try to recover it by betting.

2)  Avoid bad bets

Don’t pick markets that have a low probability of winning. For example, it is risky to place a $1000 bet on an underdog team, even if it is on a winning streak.

3)  Limit your gambling activities

You can prevent addiction by setting limits in your online sportsbook account. The best bookies have tools that enable you to minimize your losses by limiting your bet amounts, deposit amounts, and playing time.

Others have a self-exclusion tool which prevents you from using your account for a specified period. You can self-exclude for a week, a month, three months, or more.

4)  Bet on the favorite.

While building your bet slip, always select the stronger side to win. Betting on the underdog is risky, especially if it is not in a good form.

5)   Analyze teams

Although it is impossible to win all your bets, you can only make accurate predictions if you do thorough research. Seasoned punters check head-to-head history, lineups, available strikers, injuries, playing tactics, and other relevant details to make informed decisions.

Sports Betting Online: How to Get Started

Dozens of bookies are licensed to offer betting services to American players. However, they don’t accept every user that registers. The sites uphold strict gambling guidelines imposed by different states to prevent underage gambling and fraud.

Therefore, you cannot play if you don’t meet some registration conditions. In most states, you cannot join a bookie if you are below 21 years. Others don’t allow betting sites to accept players that reside outside their borders.

As a punter, it is a prerequisite to have an internet-enabled device, an online sportsbook account, and stable internet connectivity. To get started, find a legit online sports gambling operator and sign up.

Also, verify your account and set a payment method to prevent issues at a later stage. Once you add a payment gateway, you can fund your account and start playing.

Pick Your Best Sportsbook for the Best Sports Gambling Experience

Online sports betting is fun since you get money if your teams win. As a player, always maintain a positive play through bankroll management, setting deposit limits, and limiting playing time.

Are you a starter? Register with any of the US-licensed sportsbook betting sites listed above to enjoy higher odds, top-notch security, and state-of-art sports betting features.

Online Sports Betting FAQs

Can I edit a sports betslip after submitting my prediction?

No, bookmakers don’t allow players to alter the content of the bet slip once they submit their selections. However, some renowned operators allow you to settle the bet using the cashout button. Though, the button might only appear before the events begin.

Can is bet anonymously?

For anonymous betting, join a bookie that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What can I do to win most bets?

As a player, always analyze the teams to identify the favorite. Also check sports news to see if there are issues that may affect a team’s performance. Nonetheless, winning is not a guarantee since mistakes happen in the arena.

How much can I win per week in sports betting?

Betting cannot be a source of income, even if you are a seasoned gambler. Sports betting experts recommend that you play for fun and have a gambling budget. Besides, avoid betting with funds meant for other purposes such as rent or school fees.

Which is the best US-licensed bookie?

Nowadays, many legal betting operators meet all the standards set by their licensing bodies. If you want a good site, pick one on our top 10 list to enjoy high-quality services.