Small Business Success Story: Miami Car Wash 1 Corps | Infinity Insurance

I came to this country with the goal of running my own business and the first thing I did was wash cars. This is a good business. It started as a door-to-door service. Then office buildings contracted us, and now we’re going
to keep growing as the public’s demand increases. I studied at the Gacilaso de la Vega University in Peru. I worked in a large bank, the first in Peru, which trained me in quality and service. And that’s exactly what my company, Miami Car Wash 1 Corp, is giving to all my clients. My company is called Miami Car Wash 1 Corp, and we’re here in the city of Doral. My market niche is buildings. I give service within buildings. The three tips that I have for you to wash your car are mainly: First, good products. Second, good machines, and the most important is the third: the desire to do things right. For the car to look great and for the customer to be satisied, which is what Miami Car Wash 1 Corps does for you. The type of insurance I have is commercial and car insurance. Commercial insurance is for any customer at any time if there’s an accident, we can cover it. That’s why Infinity grows with me, to keep moving forward. That is my goal, to continue progressing, to help my country, to help my people, as a Latino because us Latinos have big hearts.

Paul Whisler

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