Should you Invest in Marijuana Stocks – BEST Cannabis Stocks

should you invest in marijuana stocks?
Stick around for the best cannabis stocks on Robin Hood! what’s up guys?
welcome back to the channel my name is Bruce Wang today is gonna be
another Robin Hood investment video mainly today we’re gonna talk about
cannabis stocks marijuana stocks weed stocks if you’re brand new to this
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over my Robin Hood portfolio and what I’ve done in the market in the past week
I usually call these the Robin Hood challenge where I deposit $100 every
week into my accounts and I try to grow my account as much as possible all
through my phone so a quick plug before I start off everything if you guys want
to follow along and join the Robin Hood app the links are in the description
when you do sign up you’ll get a free stock let’s go over what you can get the
rare stocks that you can get are Berkshire Hathaway Apple Microsoft
General Electric CenturyLink and Natalie capital those are the more common stocks
that you’ll be able to get and it’s 100% free
no no commissions on trades you can trade stocks ETF bonds and even trade
options but if you’re a beginner I don’t recommend that yeah follow along
join me on Robin Hood it’s in there just links in description so at the moment
right now my portfolio is worth two thousand four hundred eighty two dollars
and forty four sets I’m pretty much flatlining on the day there’s is a lot
of volatility and I’ll go through that very soon on the week you can see that
up 5.2% and mostly that’s because of my cannabis stocks so I’ll go through that
with you and I’ll give you guys the top five cannabis stocks all right let’s get
into the meat of the video first off I want to go over over our cannabis this
is my number one go-to cannabis stock why because it’s the price of the shares
are easy to get into I can only deposit $100 every week for
this challenge and I’m investing $100 every week and seven dollars and ninety
cents is very flexible for me to play around with
what I can buy and what I can buy Aurora cannabis ticker symbols ACB at for the
week you can see that there is a really big bull run right here and there is now
some volatility and that’s where we can buy and sell and make some crazy profits
I have 32 shares my average cost is $6 62 cents
when I first originally bought in my average cost was only $5 guys so my
equity right now is $252 portfolio diversity is 5.7 percent total returns
so far is $40 about 20 about 19 percent total return why is this one of the
biggest cannabis stocks it because the market cap is seven point seven three
billion dollars very high market cap and there’s no dividend yield so this is
just strictly a growth stock later in the week they’ll be the earning calls
February 11th during the pre-market hours so I’m very excited for that I
want to see exactly how much earnings per share there is I want to show you my
history with ACB I originally bought in December 31st for $4 I’ve got 10 shares
at $4 94 cents and as the price increased I just bought little by little
and I think yesterday I bought 10 shares at $7.95 and right now the price is
seven dollars and eighty-eight cents aurora cannabis is my favorite cannabis
stock wheat stock but there are a lot others let’s scroll down here on the
portfolio and if we look at the section where people also bought in this section
what Robin Hood does is they basically group together a lot of the more common
stocks that are all bought together so let’s look at canopy growth right here
this is the second most popular cannabis stock on Robin Hood if we look at the
one week they’re up two percent on one month they’re up 70 percent so this is
why I compare on cryptocurrencies to cannabis stock is because their
volatility and their growth is based off mostly speculation and the growth you
know on the year it’s ridiculous here you can see that there’s almost 60%
growth and this was only listed last year the market cap this has a higher
market cap that over cannabis we’re looking at 11 point 12 billion market
cap right here again no dividend yield market hi 52 weeks hi is if we look at
the 52 week high it is $59.25 the 52 week lows are 18 and 93 let’s look at
Khronos group Cronos group again another very popular wheat stock on the weak 20%
growth on the month 80% growth on the three-month one hundred sixty five
percent growth on the year very similar to the three month Chronos groups market
cap is a lot lower than canopy growth and aurora cannabis I’m starting to get
these mixed up they sound very similar Cronus group is another very popular
cannabis stock just opened last year around let’s see if I can find it this
was listed on the market on February 27th 2018 so it’s almost been listed on
the market for almost a year now and again it’s crazy how these companies
have such large market caps if you guys are planning to invest in any of these
stocks let me know which one in the comment sections below and why here is
tiller a ticker symbol TL ry another very large market cap cannabis stock at
seven point seven four billion this was listed again last year July 19 2018 and
you can see that the growth over that time was is 260 percent growth insane
insane amount of growth guys the 52 weeks high is saying that this
stock price went up to 300 the 52 weeks low is $20 but when I’m taking a quick
look at this I think the 52 weeks high is closer to
170 yeah round $170 moving on to our last cannabis stock this is New Age
beverages and B Evie is the ticker symbol one week we can see that there is
a six percent gain one month is the 30 percent gain three month 67 percent gain
on the year over a hundred percent gain so you would have doubled up if you
started investing in this last year this was listed in 2017
New Age beverages isn’t a cannabis stock per se but it is a drink infused with
cannabis so it kind of is kind of on the fence right there and if we look at the
market cap it is 359 million so the market cap is a lot smaller than than
the other stocks that I showed you so I so I think
that this stock would be a lot more volatile so be careful when you if you
are purchasing some of this and be evey if we if you guys jump into the 100 most
popular stocks on Robin Hood you can see a lot of the cannabis stocks that I’ve
went over are on here at the top here is Aurora cannabis Cronus group as I’m
scrolling down you can see canopy growth I think new age beverages is somewhere
here in the middle new age beverages right there
so these stocks are very popular on Robin Hood if you were to jump into the
desktop version of Robin Hood you can see the exact amount of people that have
invested in those companies that also have a Robin Hood account but for
whatever reason you can’t really see it in the mobile app and that is some of
the top cannabis stock sweet stocks marijuana stocks in the game right now
on the market before you decide to throw all your money out the window and invest
in these stocks just be very well aware that these companies are very volatile
they haven’t been around for that long a lot of them only only been around for
one year some even more than that the market cap is very high so that’s a good
thing just be careful and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose other
than that I don’t think that I’ll be investing in any of the other companies
other than New Age beverages and Aurora cannabis those are the only two that I
find very interesting and are well worth the risk for me the other ones there
they seem like very great companies but they’re just so they just don’t resonate
with me that is gonna be my review of all of the popular cannabis stocks on
Robin Hood thank you guys for watching if you made it this far don’t forget to
subscribe leave a comment again leave a comment about what cannabis stocks you
find interesting that I went over that would be great and don’t forget to
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question just shoot me a DM and I’ll catch you guys on the next video thanks
for watching bye

Paul Whisler


  1. I don’t think you should invest in cannabis. At least not until there is a clear winner.

  2. Nice! There you go. Next trillion dollar industry! Hemp derived CBD is going mainstream now.

  3. Yes you should invest in marijuana stocks
    In fact I am trying to get a recreational marijuana license in my city
    Your thoughts

  4. Open up a Robinhood Account- Get free stock- 😀Robinhood:

  5. I would only invest in one or two cannabis stocks….that sector is too volatile

  6. Hey Bruce, great video. I own shares in Aphria, Hexo. I plan to increase my shares in those companies as well as buy shares in a few of the other companies you mentioned.

  7. Tilray hit 300, just didnt ever close anywhere near there. You highlighted the candlestick that showed it lol
    I like HEXO, but I swing trade.

  8. I really like how your doing this with Robinhood.I use tdameritrade & Robinhood.Keep doing these videos.

  9. I stay away from cannabis stocks. Very risky and volatile. Might as well take all that money and throw it on black on the roulette wheel. I invest in stocks and im a firm believe in blue chip stocks, and best of breed. Just my strategy. Marathon not a sprint.

  10. How did doing your taxes on dividends and profit turn out ? How much profit you made and how much in taxes did you pay.

  11. Look into PYX. If you notice the loss per share you are insane since you should be seeing the total number of shares is 9 million! Also they bring in 2 billion or so a year and are just now investing in cannabis/hemp/eJuice. Don't forget me!

  12. I believe canopy will fall like buzzfeed and vice, it got so much hype that it has been over-evaluated.

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