Sen. Richard Durbin Discusses College Loan Debt With NIU Students

[Music] [Narrator]: On Friday, August 29th, Senator
Dick Durbin spoke with NIU students, alumni, and President Doug Baker about a proposed
bill that would help ease the difficulties of repaying college debt. [Sen. Durbin]: I think if members of the Congress
and the Senate meet with these students and their families, understand their debt, understand
the compromise they’re making in their lives and the concerns they have about their futures,
it’s obvious. If you can refinance a car loan, if you can refinance a mortgage, you
ought to be able to refinance a student loan to a lower interest rate. [Narrator]: Angela Isom, a current student
and an advisor in the monetary literacy program “Financial Cents”, recommends students
seek economic outreach offices on campus to help them better understand their financial options. [Angela Isom]: The advice that I give them
is that financing their education is very important, and that’s the first thing that
they have to know, is that it’s very important that they have their education. And then,
after that, when it comes to payment, go seek help. Go to the Financial Cents educators
or the Financial Aid advisors to help you, because you don’t want to get caught up
in loans with interest rates that are skyrocketing. [Music]

Paul Whisler

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