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Once registered getting started is easy.
Simply go to and click on ‘Current Students’ Then, ‘REMIC Student Login.’ This will bring you to a sign in page. Here, you enter your email address and the
password you chose when you registered. once inside you can access your course
by clicking on your course name under the heading ‘My Courses.’ You will now be brought into the course main page. The course online, offers tons of
interactive tools and resources. all designed to get you through the course
successfully. This includes an e-textbook, video tutorials, group discussions, interactive assignments, and a full exam prep guide and quiz. Now let’s have a closer look. Video tutorials designed by Joe White, included in every course, are a dozen audio backed video tutorials that focus on some of
the most important concepts in the course. These video tutorials will help make the
learning process simple and offer a more interactive approach
that helps reinforce what you learn in the textbook. In this case we clicked on interpreting
a credit report, and can see that this 45 minute tutorial, offers an in-depth look at a typical
credit report. Discussion questions: included in the
online course are optional discussion questions, that allow you to apply your knowledge
to real-life scenarios. Here you can communicate in real time
with others in the course, respond to postings, share ideas and
drive debate. Checkpoints: throughout the course online
you will find optional checkpoints which provide you with a platform to
tell us, how you’re doing in the course. Your instructors goal is to help get you
through the material successfully, and this is a great way for us to keep
informed on how you’re progressing. Assignments: in every course there are
four assignments that you can use as a tool to assess your progress as you go
through the rest of the course. These assignments are interactive, which
means you can review your results and receive immediate feedback based on the answers that you chose. Unlimited attempts means you can progress through the course at your own pace, reinforcing your knowledge as you learn. e-textbook: an online PDF version of the
textbook is provided to all students at the REMIC mortgage agent course for licensing. This resource allows you to read through material even if you don’t have the hard copy with you. Read on your tablet or laptop. A hyperlink index helps you focus on, and
review the areas in the text that are most important to you without having to flip through pages
manually. Connecting with your instructor: whether
you are an online or in class student you can connect with your instructor easily. By using the ‘message my teacher’ block
instructors receive your messages instantly and can reply back directly to your email which means you don’t have to be logged in to the course to get your response textbook review answers: at the end of each chapter in the textbook there are review questions. The answers to those questions are easily accessible within the course resources. You can review the chapter solutions right on screen, or print them off for the review exam preparation once you finish the course. REMIC’s examination preparation guide
and quiz is a fantastic resource to get you ready for the final exam. Although all the material in the text book
may be tested on, the guide offers important for you to focus on for the final examination. Once you’ve completed the assignments you’ll have access to the exam preparation quiz. An invaluable resource that allows you
to take a practice test of 25 sample questions that are very similar in style to the questions on the final exam. This resource will not only help test your knowledge but give you insight as to whether or not you are ready to write the examination. Finishing the course: REMIC posts final
examination results online within 24 hours of the examination. To access your certificate, you can simply
complete the feedback and click to open your certificate as a PDF you can print. Or save it right to your desktop. The benefit of taking the REMIC mortgage
agent course for licensing is much more than just the course in a test our goal is simple: your success

Paul Whisler

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