Quantum Teleportation Is Real, Here’s How It Works

Oh crap, I wore my red shirt. I’ll just have to take the risk. Quantum teleportation, to space has finally
been done ‘successfully.Which is super exciting, but it’s quantum — which means we didn’t
teleport a thing per se, but some data. Basically, Chinese scientists beamed photons
from the ground to a satellite orbiting above the Earth; then they messed with them using
quantum entanglement Entanglement, we’ve talked about before,
Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” And it happens when you have two particles
— usually photons – that are created together. They’re like twins, and their twinning can
stretch across space and time – like me and Mark Ruffalo. Because they were entangled, when the scientists
observed the spin of the Earth-photons they could also know the spin of the photons in
space too! They spin in the exact same way! Even though there’s no physical connection
between the two, they’re just… mimicking each other. How? No one knows. It’s, Spooky. Action. They’re like telepathic twins in different
cities. Like me and Mark Ruffalo. In this case, the Chinese satellite was capable
of sensing the quantum state of the photons, so they could prove that the photons were
entangled. Even across a vast distance! So think about this for a minute, right now,
if I want to send a message I have to secure it with encryption. Like over secured radio waves. But, if we could make entangled phones… When my quantum particle moved, yours would
move. If we can take advantage of that, we could
communicate without any perceivable physical interaction! Of course, we’re totally not there yet. Quantum states are detectable, but, by the
laws of quantum mechanics, once we observe a particle, it changes. The nice thing is, entanglement means we only
have to observe one of the particles to sense the state of the other’s, but it’s not
two-way data transfer… yet. So, we teleported information to space, which
is a humongous accomplishment. But the practicality of is still up in the
air. Quantum mechanics is still bound by the same
laws of the universe as regular physics (in some ways). So we couldn’t use the particles as faster-than-light
communication, but we could use them sort of like decoder rings. For example: If a spy has one of a twin set
of entangled particles, and their contact has the other, alongside each is a coded message. If they meet, observe their particles, and
the spins match… They’d know no one had tampered with their
messages. Ultimate security. Companies are already working on quantum entanglement
as a security protocol for the future internet. Quantum entanglement could lead to moving
data without wires or wireless frequencies. And, because anyone who somehow observed the
entangled photons (i.e. spied on them) would alter them, security could be incredible. The problem is, quantum mechanics isn’t
fully understood. This is very much like trying to create a
whole new type of computer, without fully understanding how computer chips work. Or, like… building an airplane without fully
understanding air molecules! Still, some Dutch researchers plan to start
the first, rudimentary quantum computer network soon, and they’re not alone. It’s a huge engineering challenge. And it’s not impossible, but it’s hard. Success would most definitely change the world… A quantum internet could change our banking
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quantum computing actually could work! Click it! One last fun fact: In this Chinese experiment,
the team sent millions of photons to their satellite to measure them, but the sat only
caught 911. So, again, it’s a tough way to send information,
but not impossible

Paul Whisler


  1. They spin in opposite directions! And you cannot know which way each is spinning until they are measured, that is entanglement, they confirmed that it happens instantaneously, not that it was transmitting data.

  2. HEY! Could quantum entanglement be faster than the universal constant(aka the speed of light), it's not like it needs a signal!!!?????

  3. How Do You Know If Quantum particle Changes When You observe it?
    =Because You Observe it

    And HOW do u know if a quantum particle NOT changes When u DON'T observe it?


  4. I’m not understanding these Mark Ruffalo references. It’s confusing me more than quantum entanglement itself. Is it just because you kinda look like him?

  5. I've always felt the part about observing a particle collapsing it as being weird. I dont think a lot of people understand that part….. you would think if we can tell the particles are entangled then we should be able to create FTL communication. If they can't observe it how do they know it was entangled? Someone really needs to explain this quantum wave collapse thing…. its becoming almost mythical…. if I look at a particle it just magically collapses? I have to see that to believe it. Its the one part of quatum theory that really bothers me… like something hasnt been explained.

  6. Chinese satellites? LOL Not even the US has satellites! Fake News bro

  7. I feel like I was just blasted by subliminal images of you having a quantum entanglement with Mark Ruffalo.

  8. Did you know that human choice (to do or not to do) associated with each option (What's for dinner? 1. Steak, 2. Chicken, 3. Salad; for example) exists in a Quantum Superposition of both "to do" AND "not to do" until one is physically acted upon, thereby revealed as either "did" OR "did not"?
    Food for thought.

  9. "it's not Impossible It's just really hard" like getting above a 6 in GCSE RE

  10. …some more buhshit with no practical use. Useless. Bet they already spent billions on it. Meanwhile, on planet Earth, we face irrevocable prospects of extinction if we do not transition from climate changing fossil fuels to alternate forms of energy within 12 friggin years. To those of you who have evolved from apes, congratulations, you friggin supermonkeys!

  11. If someone observe the other entangled particle, and it changes it's state, wouldn't it'll change the state of other particle since both of them we're entangled? or is it unidirectional entanglement?

  12. The writer of Ender's Game predicted this type of communication it's called the ansible

    I'm going to be disappointed if that's not what they named it

  13. I'm not a physicist but I am a licensed engineer. The idea of changing one particle and the other particle "sensing" and "changing" it's response dynamically means that there is some form of connection, we just haven't found how the connection works yet. There isn't anything spooky about it, give it time and scientists will find how the connection is made. Maybe we can't observe it because the connection isn't visible in our dimension. That's what I love about science…..it's progressive!

  14. When I opened this video what came in my mind is that we can use the entanglement to communicate throughout the space without taking time!!

  15. No mark ruffalo, you should only say bruce banner or sometimes the hulk , or rarely proffesser hulk , or once in a lifetime world breaker hulk

  16. I'm more concerned with these Millennial soyboys they keep using to make presentations. Look into some testosterone injections and grow some hair on your chest fruitcake.

  17. I thought about building a teleporter once, then I started thinking why do I need one, am I just trying to escape from reality.

    Then I stopped building it and lived up to my responsibilities instead of trying to run away from them.

  18. Uh, I don't think you can just say atoms spin in space the same than on earth, I mean atoms are just a theory not a law of physics, you can't actually look at an atom and say " oh god, it's spinning exactly the same way it does on earth" , there's currently no way to actually prove this. so why is it in the video, I'm going to keep watching and disrespectuflly commenting out things I disagree with.

  19. Mais no futuro se obtivemos a tecnologia necessária relacionado a quantum, seria possível nos humanos teleportamos por através ligações quantum?

  20. They mimic each other. As made at same time with same matter eg two same bottle spinned with same force stop at same time

  21. My understanding is that you can’t transfer information through entanglement or wormholes.

  22. i also think this concept of soulmate and twinflame comes from entanglement theory

  23. So, do you guys just put the word quantum in front of every word?

  24. Photons cannot be visualised they are packets of pure energy. You can’t have a physical representation of a photon. This completely rules out the possibility of wrapping messages around photons as you said in your vid.
    Anyways the idea is nice about the increase in security but it’s just not feasible to a guy like me who has spent about a year studying the nature of photon and still am on square one.

    No offence to the idea by the way

    Also I’m 15 yrs old so I could as well be wrong

  25. anyone came after endgame which also has quantum physics? except its about time not space

  26. Who else click the vid knowing that they wouldn't understand a word

  27. The act of observation can only effect the path of the object, not how the object moves on it's own axis.

  28. Scientists need to figure out an algorithm for the objects movement on it's own axis

  29. Ant man and Rick Sanchez has already done it… This is old news.

  30. I can't unsee the Mark Ruffalo reference. Now, I half-expect Trace to hulk out.

  31. I’m just tryna go back in time so I don’t die, the hell is dis? 😂

  32. I think i might not have understood what the hell your talking about. I am just lost.

  33. How would you know which particle is entangled to your particle

  34. NOTHING CAN SEND INFORMATION AS FAST OR FASTER THAN LIGHT. An entangled pair is created so that a single equation can describe both sets of probabilities. The probability is 50/50, like a coin. If you flip a coin you don't know how it landed until you look. If one side is heads, then the other side will be tails. Nothing is traveling at all.

  35. How can you link an information or some data to a friggin particle? Sorry for my ignorance.

  36. Ive watched like 10 videos on quantum computing but its still hard to grasp the idea

  37. "Quantum mechanics is still bound by the same laws of the universe as regular physics in some ways…"
    No it's not. That's the first thing Quantum physics teaches us. When you get down to a scale that small, the rule book goes out the window.

  38. It's Simple… Meisner Superconductive fields create discrete simultaneous existence of one object in two places at the same time… Conscious mind via EXTROPIC UNIVERSE FUNCTION… Chooses which place to become mono-existent in…

  39. If we don't know how quantum entanglement works, then how is he concluding that we can't use it for faster than light communication ? 1:55

  40. This is just so amazing, that really means everything is connected & this is how the world works. 🧬♾

  41. Radio waves must pass through space in order to transmit information even if you can't see it. Everything even light must pass through the space in between two locations. This information in the form of measurable states of photons is information that does not pass through the space between the photons and is said to be teleported as a result. You know how it takes 45 minutes for a radio signal to travel between Earth and Mars? With quantum teleportation it would be instant. Also, now that this can of worms has been opened there will be "other" applications of teleportation. Use your human imagination of you have one.

  42. Many do not see what China did as Quantum Teleportation. See link to see what China really did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-hptxIzJ6Y

  43. Wait. I thought the twins were exactly the same but OPPOSITE spins. If you change (or decide to look at) the spin of one of them, the spin of the other has to be the opposite of what the other was observed to be.

  44. Imagine if this was possible for force or energy. Like a reactor in one place under controlled conditions causing a reaction the other could take advantage off. Wild lol

  45. Entangled particles don’t have the same spin arghhh they are opposing spins

  46. How is this technically "teleportation?" You are not actually teleporting one photon somewhere else, but detecting another photon of the same state elsewhere. Can someone explain it better please?

  47. You want real teleportation. Well; stop with the bs rhetoric and look into the history of this particular topic. Tesla claimed he could teleport matter; he didn’t specify what matter he teleported but let’s say a gas was teleported. Well let’s think; what has to happen in physics to move anything or replaces anything or; carry anything.

    We must create a hierarchal energy that can replace the space of one thing with another or carry it or move it by… force. That equates to density mass. Smoke has a density mass and a plate of steel has a density mass; which one will move the other?

    That’s hierarchal energy.

    Now to move matter via teleportation it would be imperative to create a means to increase density mass of frequencies. After all that’s what we’re talking about.

    So; how can I do that? Oh yeah; I can do that and you can do that and that happens every time an explosion occurs or a boom box in a car passes by; it vibrates the frickin windows or destroys what ever is intended to be destroyed. There is an initial pressure wave and a following low pressure wave. Air and matter is being propelled by density frequency manipulation.

    So; let’s create the same effect without the explosion or boom box. We can do that by increasing frequency speed. By increasing the sped beyond the rate of dispersal will increase ambient pressure within the path of the transmission. Only the core will experience the density change because nothing is containing the pressure.

    Tesla claimed to move matter. Well; he did he moved all sorts of gasses while he was experimenting with running electrical charges through various gasses thus discovering neon lighting and he experimented with every known gas. He discovered by increasing the hertz rate he could actually teleport the gas from one container to another. I can fill a balloon in one room while transmitting from another. That’s teleportation of matter.

    How does this work? It requires a series of frequency transmitters wit a core and compressive shield. The core carries the load and the shield contains the load.

    Now; all this is bragged about science. The STARWARS PROGRAM was100% about changing density of transmitted frequencies.

    Don’t think for one second this isn’t perfected.

    Example; there is a geological mapping process called reflective mapping where a signal is transmitted from deep within the earth’s crust to create a reflective transmitted signal or bump. Doppler Radar picks up the signal in a 3D image display and a 3D image of the formation is revealed. It could be water, oil, rare earth minerals because each will transmit a specific frequency signal.

    My Discovery included ELHFED a technology designed to duplicate the exact same effect of molecular disassociation that occurred at the WTC event.

    There were angles of destruction revealed in the photos to then calibrate the angle of intersection at altitude. Any dummy can do that.

    So; what does ELHFED do? It permits the saturation of compressed gasses into matter. Just as a saturation diver (me) experiences except I’m underwater. Nothing more than an atmospheric density difference.

    So; let’s say I saturate every molecule with a compressed gas; say helium because that’s number two in size and a stable gas. If I compress the gas and saturate all the hydrogen molecules that make up every form of matter I can create a wedge to separate the billions of molecules all at once if; I remove the compressive energy from the gas.

    What happens to the structural integrity of each molecule? The fail as a structure. Since there is no consumption of matter there is no explosion or pop . All the components are still occupying the same space but no longer assembled into recognizable materials.

    All this is; teleportation of matter. Unfortunately it’s been weaponized by ass holes.

    Remember all those dead fish, seals cows birds; well; that’s ELHFED or equal technology. They are using this for global searches for all water, oil gold or what the hell ever they are looking for.

    The technology has a greater and lessor saturation levels just like a diver experiences. Controlled decompression and no one is aware explosive decompression and every one dies.

    Total saturation and the structure of molecules fail. That’s the reality of where technology is concerning this topic. Teleportation is simple once you consider the necessary conditions to move or carry something. But people don’t ask questions beyond what is required for a school grade. Otherwise if you get a job you’ll be doing XYZ and that’s it. If you start looking around. You’ll get fired.

  48. Ps; constructive argument is necessary to expand this or any research. Carpet bombing the comment will just show your pure misunderstanding of the topic.

    I welcome any institutional educational,or government rebuttal or deniable bs regarding this discovery and research. As long as I get to know exactly where you studied and who you represent.

    Today’s educational system concerning physics is a hoax. 100% pure bs to earn a grade and make you a parrot to continue their bs.

    We seem to be mired in complete crap when it comes to any physics or medical information concerning physiology and the physics of biology.

  49. Definition of teleportation: Moving from one space to another "without" covering distance; it's impossible and always will be, n' that's that

  50. Have you guys talk about quantam portals and going back in time like avengers endgame

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