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It’ll be better if he sticks
to his job of a TV mechanic.. ..instead of being an app developer. Rejected piece. Why did you lie to me? I thought you were
an honest and simple man. But, you betrayed me. I’ll have no relation
with you from today. If there’s any problem.. ..why don’t you face it? Why don’t you solve it? The verdict on the famous Vijay
Talwar case will soon be given out. Soon we’ll find out if
Vijay Talwar is guilty or not. Stay tuned to Munnu TV for the updates. Sir, will the verdict go in our favour? Sorry, I don’t know. Sir.. sir.. Vijay Talwar’s case is a
topic of hot discussion in our country. I didn’t expect anything like this. But, it was a brave act. Are you going to take up his project? The case is still sub-judice.
Not until the verdict is given out. I’ll think about it if the
verdict goes in favour of Vijay. Please be seated. Your Honor, he’s Vijay Talwar. He looks very innocent
but he’s very smart and cunning. He tried to sell a cheap app
to my client for millions and rob him. When he realized that
he would get caught.. ..he pretended to commit suicide. He should be severely punished so that.. one dares to do what he did. He’s a stigma to our society.
We must teach him a lesson, Your Honor. Vijay Talwar… Vijay Talwar.. you want to say
anything to the court? Children are like blank slate. Anything you write on
them gets imbibed for life. But, there were only
questions in my slate. The most important question was.. ..what is success? And I started finding
the answer to my question. Well-done, son. All the best. After my first successful experiment
I thought I had achieved success. But, it was a different story in school. Wow! Well-done, Vikram. You’ve done wonders. Alas! My idea was already presented
by somebody else before me. Then I realized that timing is very
important to achieve success. I didn’t give up. I decided to touch the sky. I kept doing my work. But, my attempts met with failure. I’m a great inventor.
Please give me a chance. No, I can’t.
– To hell with him. Sir, it’s a great concept. Bring something awesome like PubG. No one is going to buy this idea.
I’m sorry. PubG? I tried everything I could. I tried to make something
new like scientist Phunshuk Wangdu. Please check it out once. But people weren’t ready
to accept anything new. They wanted the same old things. My dad is the only person
who always encourages me. Nothing had changed in all these years. There are lots of
smart TVs in the market. It’s not easy to repair them. If you want.. Do you want me to be a TV mechanic? It’s better to do something
instead of sitting idle. There’s no comparison between
my project and work of a TV mechanic. Look at what he’s saying. Brother-in-law, he is the friend
I had spoken about. Hello. Is he talented like me?
– Yes. Work diligently. I was trapped again. I was doing something completely
different from what I wanted to I was trapped in the exam of
life that keeps one engaged lifelong. Whenever I tried to go ahead in life.. ..the circumstances dragged me back. Sir, it’s an awesome app. The ambulance will arrive
immediately at the accident spot. The ambulances posted
on a particular route will.. ..receive messages about any
accident that has happened in the route. It’ll help save us many lives. Why did you park the car? There’s an ambulance behind us. My urgency is more than the ambulance’s. Keep driving.
– Okay, sir. To hell with him. In the race where people just
crush competitors to go ahead in life.. ..I was lagging far behind. But, I found out an awesome
solution to this problem. Are you going to kill us? You’ve turned the wine
shop into a government office. You open late and close early. My wife has warned me that
if I don’t go home on time.. ..I’ll have to sleep with the dog. Chotu..
– Yes, sir. I’m talented enough to
be the boss of any company. But, wherever I go
I’m handed out menial jobs. Yes. I’m an expert at menial jobs. My name is Vijay but I
never got victory in anything. Bloody hell. You’re absolutely right, bro. I always dreamed of becoming a PM.
But, I’m still selling tea. Don’t worry, friend.
Good times will surely come. Tell good times to come
on Sunday as I’m free on Sundays. Seenu America. Vijay, it’s a call from
somebody named Seenu from America. It’s a call from America
and he isn’t taking the call. Let me take the call. Hello. Greetings. Greetings? Haven’t you got
rid of the hangover yet, Vijay? Vijay? Who is speaking?
– This is Seenu. From where? From America bar and restaurant. Yes, tell me. I called you to say that
tomorrow is dry day and.. ..the shop will remain closed. Don’t worry.
I’ve kept your bottle aside. Thank you. Dad, well.. If your friends call,
your dad can talk to them. Even if your girlfriends call,
I can sweetly talk to them. But, if a waiter from
a bar calls and asks.. …which bottle he’ll keep
aside for you on the dry day.. ..then I must say that I’m the
only lucky dad who answers such queries. And the credit for it goes to you. Dad, nothing like that. He would sell tea in trains earlier.
That’s why he always calls me for a drink. You know that I don’t drink too much. I drink only when I’m in bad mood. Tell me a day when your mood isn’t bad. Don’t I’ve the right to be in bad mood? Don’t ask me to swear and quit alcohol. My life is dear to me. It’s not just difficult
but impossible for you. Swear on me that you’ll
drink as much you want.. ..wherever you want
and whenever you want.. ..but not with your money. Do you want me to steal? Son, you don’t have anyone except me. Till date you’ve been
spending your money on drinks. What will you do after
you run out of money? Vijay, I was looking for you. It’s a phone worth 100,000 rupees. But, I’m unable to operate it.
Just check what I have to do. It wants your e-mail ID. E-mail Id? Nandu, go to my house
and tell my wife to give it. What do I have to get?
– E-mail ID. Yes, get it from her. Okay? Who’s this female who’s
going to give him e-mail Id? Brother-in-law,
hires people like us for meager salary.. ..and pretends to be
an engineer before everybody. Don’t worry, brother. There’s a party at home in the evening. Please take of the Deewana TV show. Party for what? My sister’s sister-in-law
has had a baby. It’s a party to celebrate the birth. Sorry. Brother, the show is
going to start in ten minutes. You do it. ‘Come with me and enjoy
these beautiful mountains.’ ‘If you’re bored,
I’m here to cheer you up.’ ‘If you’re bored..’ ‘Travel, eat, drink and enjoy.’ ‘Stay away from stress of life.’ Cut it. Extreme close. So you want extreme close?
– Yes. ‘If you’re bored,
I’m here to cheer you up.’ ‘Enjoy the travel show.
Travel, eat, drink and enjoy.’ Cut it.
– Okay. Cut it. Enough, man. Sir, one more close up shot please. You want one more close-up shot?
– Yes, sir. In the first shot you shot till here,
in the second till here.. the third you shot till here.. the fourth one
you showed only my face. What else do you want? Do you want me to put
my face inside the camera? Sir, I’ve ordered barbecue food. Whom did you ask before ordering? You’re trying to tempt me with
food and make me dance to your tunes. He thinks just like me. You’re the one who is in need. And you want me to pay the bills. What happened? What’s wrong? Work is worship till 7
and then I go for my first sip. I’ve got somebody to pay for my drinks. This is what you get for this payment. Take this. Your new super star. I won’t toil so hard
even if I want to get Oscar. I think I’ve seen him somewhere. Why is he staring at me? Hello. Excuse me. If you don’t mind please buy me a drink. I knew it. There was a reason
why you were following me. How much?
– Half. There’s even a limit to begging. You seem to belong to
a good family background. You’re healthy. You own a bike. Go and do some work.
– Don’t give me lectures. I’ll also buy a drink for you. You’re asking me to buy a drink for you
how will you buy a drink for me? You buy a drink for me
and I’ll buy a drink for you. Why don’t you buy your drink, man? Drink as much you want but
never buy drinks with your money. Dad made me swear that I
should never buy drinks for myself. So, we’ll buy drinks for each
other but we’ll have our own snacks. That’s a great logic. How much shall I buy for you?
– Half for me too. Let’s go. This is yours.
– And this is yours. I don’t have change. You gave this to me yesterday. Give me 10 bucks now. Cheers!
– Cheers, bro. Bro? Dude.. darling.. brother.. All these words have become
old-fashioned in digital world. Glass-mate?
– That’ll become viral. Cheers, glass-mate.
– Cheers! Is acting your passion or do you do it
to spoil people’s mood? You mean ambition and awards?
– Yes. Basically I’m a lyric writer cum singer. Great! I don’t shake hands with strugglers. I blend all the seven
notes of music every night.. ..and add it to my drinks and drink it. I puke it out when I go
to the music composer’s office. “Again and again,
I fell in love with the bar.” ” Love, love,
I fell in love again and again.” They always say that I’m talented. You’re talented. Go and show off your skills
in Virar fast local train. “Come, my darling.” “Give me a bite of love.” “Give me your intoxicating drink.” Very good. You’ve won my heart. I’ll call you later.
– Thank you, sir. I’ll call you later. But, I never get to hear
the ringtone of their call. Bloody.. But, I didn’t get into depression. I got myself engaged with drinks. This has changed my life,
opened my eyes. Who achieves stardom? Only a handful of people. But, how many artistes
are there in this world? All of us are artistes, man. Some people have musical talents
while others sports abilities. Everybody from an award winning
singer to a bathroom singer.. ..has some talent, man. In the human body
made of five elements.. ..everybody has a talent for some art.
It’s more in some and less in some. It depends on us how
we nurture the talent. I understood this truth very soon. So, whenever I met
with failures in life.. ..I went to the wine shop. God was impressed with me and
gave me this job in Deewana channel. So, be practical, be happy. O God! Are you the
actor from Deewana channel? The parrot in my house
if a big fan of yours. He repeats your dialogues
when he sees the amid. O my God! Have you recognized me? Please go away from here quickly. Go. Don’t tell anyone that I’m here
or my fans will come and disturb me. Go. Go.
– Calm down. Even celebrities have a personal life. Girlfriend? The same kind of pleasure is visible on
my face when I eat snacks with drinks. She’s the only spice
in my bland tasteless life. Yes, after that I told
him to stand in a circle. Okay. Yes. After that you go ahead.. Yes, I know. I never saw a film in a different
language without subtitles. But for her I joined French classes. Hey you!
– Yes, sir. Stand up. Get out.
– Thank you, sir. Navneeta, I’m getting late. Excuse me. Can you read this? Excuse me, sister. What?
– This is my seat. Hey Kaalo! No..
– It’s an awesome movie. No. I feel scared. What’s there to be scared about? Book some other film.
– Come on. Will you come, Lehri? I won’t go if Lehri doesn’t go. ‘She won’t go anywhere.’ ‘If anyone touches her remember
that I’ll kill him before Kaalo.’ It’s not a ghost, it’s me. Your friends bought only
a ticket for you to scare you. Don’t worry. I’m here. O God! Why are you shouting?
– I’m scared of horror films. I’m scared of watching horror movies. Do you think they’ll romance
in a horror movie instead of scaring us? I know it but..
– Then why did you come here? I never get to meet
you alone in the classes. I thought I’ll get you alone here. I mean.. I did not have any
bad intention. My intentions were good. The environment is that of
horror but the situation is romantic. It’s the right time
to express my feelings. I’m here to watch the film
and not listen to your nonsense. Please listen to me.
You can watch the movie later. I want to get the
full worth of my ticket. That’s the problem with the girls. You get impressed later but
you mention your expenses before. Your beauty captures our heart and mind. You also take control of our pockets. I’m ready to take loans for you. Love can’t be shown
it can only be expressed. O God! When guys are young even
a donkey looks like a fairy. Just imagine what I feel
for a beautiful girl like you. This is not lust, but my love for you. Earlier I thought romances
were only meant for films. But, the day I saw you
I hardly eat and sleep.. ..yet I’m full of energy. If I get your company,
I’m ready to live for 200 years. Only God has the right on our lives. I wish I had the power to
give you the control of my life. Science has no formula to measure love. I can share an easy formula
to measure my love for you. Eternal love is equal to my love. I had decided it at first and.. Say something else. Dad..
– Finish your food first. I close my eyes but I can’t sleep. Dad..
– May I go? – Yes. Enough., enough of this. You speak a lot of nonsense.
– Is it? I’m planning to shave my beard. How do we do this? I don’t know how to do this. There was a speed breaker. How is this? I shampoo my beard every day. It must be her call. Talk to her, glass-mate. Why? Any problem? “Two love-birds are drinking
coconut water with a straw.” Idiots! One peg and they’re
showing their true nature. I hate people who drink alcohol. I never asked you. Do you drink? Oh no! I take bathe thrice
even if I cross a wine shop. Such a small thing scared you? These things happen in the beginning. Later on she’ll drink with you. Carry on with your drink, glass-mate.
– Really? Okay. Clear.
– Move on. Move on. Sir, please check. Get lost. Rascal! We got together for drinks. We got high. Just wanted to check how drunk we are. Get lost.
You’re wasting my time. Go. Why are you standing here? Go. The biggest problem is drink and drive. The cycle is a solution to the problem. No license, no papers, no checking. It’s healthy and sound proof too. Enter home without making a sound. Let’s go. Why can’t I open the door? Move. Move. We’ll take care of her now.
You may go. Hi, friends! I’m Navneeta. I’m going to die in some time. Why are you being crazy?
Don’t do this. Why are you being so immature, Neetu? What’s the use of
stopping me now, Satya? I’ve decided that
nothing can stop me now. Okay. Why did you call us? I wanted to meet all of
you before I die. Is it wrong? You stage the same
drama after every few days. Every time you call us. But when it’s time
to die you start acting. You’ve been doing this for a long time. You’ve been troubling us a lot. Darling, I’m ruined. I uploaded a selfie on social media.
Everybody liked it except my boyfriend. Earlier he would comment
on any photos I uploaded. But, now he doesn’t
even look back even when.. ..I upload selfies after doing
make-up for hours. My life is incomplete and
deserted without his comments. He doesn’t want to
be in my life anymore. If the parrot in a cage flies away.. ..what do we do with the empty cage? I can’t tolerate this anymore. I’ve decided..
– That you’ll commit suicide. Right? How do you plan to commit suicide? You want to have the pills? The pills will make you
unconscious for few hours. Sit straight. Oh no! I’ll help you to die quickly.
– No.. Don’t pull back your hands.
– Oh God! Just one cut. It’s not easy to commit suicide. Will you actually slit my hands?
– What happened? Are you scared of death? I cancel my plan to commit suicide.
I feel scared. One who actually plans to die doesn’t
stage all this unnecessary drama. Why did you call all of us here? He didn’t’ comment..
– Shut up! What happened that you
planned to commit suicide? You wanted to kill yourself just because
your boyfriend didn’t like your selfie? Social media has completely
spoilt all of you. I feel like slapping you hard. Didn’t you think of your
family and friends even once? I’m ashamed to call somebody
like you my friend. Aren’t you Shweta? 7A, Rosary Convent? Yes. Hey, I’m Lehri. Didn’t you recognize me? Lehri.. Oh! Hi! We’re meeting after a long time.
How are you? I’m good. How are you?
– I’m good too. How do you know her?
– She was in my French class. You got united because of my death. Somebody has messaged Neetu.
– Read it. Hello Neetu,
I heard that you’ve had a breakup. Don’t worry. I’m still alive.
Your Suresh Khajwa. He’s fine for me. All men are the same. Their ways and manners are different. But, their goal is the same. They just wait for our consent
and then they show their true colours. Instead of concentrating on these
relations think about your family. That’ll be better for you. Isn’t it good?
– Thank you. When will our time come?
– Okay.. Finally you got time to meet me. I wanted to meet you but a
friend called and started her drama. I was busy with her. What kind of drama?
– Forget it. How was your sister’s engagement?
– Superb! It’s a love marriage but
we’re organizing the wedding.. if it’s an arranged one. Brother-in-law belongs
to a different caste. But, my family has no problem. They’ll have no objection
to our relationship too. O my god!
– Keep quiet. Good morning, sir.
– Okay. Be seated. Hello, sir. My name is.. Your name is Pilu and
your dad’s name is Tilu. This isn’t a marriage
bureau but a corporate office. Share your idea with us. If we like the idea,
we’ll invest money in it. Or you can leave through
the gate you entered. I hope you don’t mind. C’mon start. It’s going to be a mobile restaurant. Call and you’ll get
food delivered to you. Everybody from rich to poor. Every food from street
food to restaurant food Everything that one wants
will be delivered at your doorstep. It’s just like a quick
engagement and instant wedding. It’s a fantastic idea, sir. A 160 crore worth historical film. We’ll shoot it in Jhumritallaih,
it’ll be completed in 12 years. We’ll insert the chip in the neck.
We can charge it anytime. We can hear what’s going on in the mind
if we connect Bluetooth speaker. It’s like a mobile hotspot. Good morning, sir. Accidents take place
in everybody’s life. Some escape the accidents
while some are fatally injured. I’ve made an app to
help during such accidents. Lakhs of accidents take place daily. Most of the deaths happen because
they are not taken to hospital on time. But, it won’t be a problem
anymore as I’ve a solution to this. An app which informs
when an accident takes place. Suppose somebody meets with
an accident in a deserted place.. ..for example in the
outskirts of the city.. ..or on deserted
and dark village roads.. The person dies and his
family is unaware of his plight. Human life shouldn’t be so cheap, sir. Who’s responsible for their death, sir? This app is for those people. My app is a life saver for such people. It informs the nearby ambulance,
fire department.. ..Police station and relatives
of the victim through messages. Sir, it’s the design that..
– Enough. Let him finish. Why should I? It’s bogus. Everybody is aware that
there’s a seatbelt in a car. If people don’t wear it
they’re bound to lose their life. If you don’t drive carefully
you’re bound to meet with an accident. The victims are responsible
for the accidents. Isn’t it? Do you know why people wear helmets? They don’t wear it
s it will save their lives. They wear it to avoid paying fines. Your idea isn’t a strong one. It’s useless. Even a fifth grader will
come up with a better idea. So, instead of such useless ideas.. ..think of a strong idea that’ll help
our company grow. Got it? But sir.. A smart person should understand hints. Don’t waste our time. Please.. Bharat..
– Yes. We can start work on Vijay’s project. Try to find out about his app.
– Okay, sure sir. He was not ready to listen to me. He said that the app wasn’t a good one. He also said that a fifth grader
would have a better idea. Brother, anything else? Please go.
– Order something. Get two plates of success.
Can you get it? I had tried to explain life to you.
Didn’t you get it? Become member of my practical club. You’ll live happily. Don’t waste time on
such petty things, man. Isn’t the watch nice? What’s the price?
– I don’t know. It looks expensive. Expensive things are always good. It’s nice, glass-mate. Lehri gifted it to me. Hey! ‘You’re the buttermilk of my life.’ ‘I’m thirsty.’ Give it to me. ‘You’re my glass.’ ‘You’ve made my life spicy.’ ‘Your love-bird.’ ‘I love you.’ I’ll break your teeth
if you touch my phone again. You’re lucky that
your lover is romantic. I always got lovelorn serious ones. I’m sure he wrote these
lines after few pegs.. ..or he wouldn’t expressed
with such feelings. What peg? No.. he doesn’t drink. Do you think he had
a juice before writing this? No one can write poems
without having a drink. That’s not true. I asked him but he
denied that he drinks. Let’s have one more drink. Did he send you such messages before? Yes. At what time? He mostly sends them at this time. I think that if somebody is sending
somebody messages at this hour.. ..and that too romantic messages.. means he’s definitely drunk. He’s an alcoholic and also a liar. He’s just pretending that he loves you. Today’s special. Chandra..
– Mr. Ajay.. Just a minute, Mr. Vijay. Earlier people used
to drink only on earth. Have aliens also started drinking?
That’s great! Mr. Ajay, what are you doing? Today is waiter Sreenivas’ birthday,
Mr. Vijay. It’s an occasion. Let’s enjoy, man. ‘Happy birthday to you.’ ‘Happy birthday, Sreenivas.’
– Keep quiet. You’ve brought no gifts for me. You’re just moving
your hands and enraging me. Listen, my brother Sreenivas.. ..I thought I would gift
you an iPhone as a gift. iPhone. But I kept it with me and it became
my phone. – My phone. One day I went to buy shoes for you,
Sreenivas. But, my shoes were torn
and tattered so I wore it. Mike and I were going to
get you a bicycle without seat. But, then we thought
the chains would’ve come out.. ..the tyres would get punctured,
the brakes would fail.. ..and you would meet with an accident.
So, we didn’t get it for you. Forget about gifts. We’ll fill your pockets
with good wishes before we leave. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday, Sreenivas.” Lehri, stop. Shweta was right. Somebody called Mike has
uploaded this photo on social media. Mike celebrating Sreenivas’ birthday
at American Bar and Restaurant.. ..with Vijay and others. Isn’t he Vijay? He lied to you. Hey! Mike, I’ll be right back. Listen..
– Stay away. Please listen to me.
– Leave me. Please listen to me.
– Don’t touch me. Lorry, listen to me. Lorry? You’re so high that you can’t
even pronounce my name properly. It was Sreenivas’ birthday. Who is Sreenivas? He works here. He’s a close friend. You’re celebrating the birthday
of a guy who works here.. ..because he’s your close friend. You’re beautiful. He not only lied about
his drinking habits. Do you know what he said when
I asked why he smelt of alcohol? He said that it was the smell
of sapodilla juice and not alcohol. Darling, please listen to me.. You sent all the messages
when you were drunk. Right? No. I sent some when I was in my senses. Lehri.. You’re right. He’s a liar. Lehri, when you suddenly
asked if I drink.. ..I got nervous and I lied to
you because I didn’t want to lose you. Lehri, please stop for a while.
Listen to me. I promise that I won’t drink again. I won’t even pass the road. I’ll leave that area. Okay. I’ll stop breathing if
you go away but I won’t drink again. I’m ready to sacrifice
my life for this petty thing. It may not be a big deal
for you but it’s a big deal for me. I’m not smart like other girls. I can’t distinguish between
good and bad or right and wrong. If anybody says anything
I easily believe the person. Tell me something.
Won’t I trust the person I love? Either my family or my friends
take decisions on my behalf. For the first time I
didn’t seek anybody’s advice. For the first time I
didn’t depend on anybody and.. ..decided to choose you
as I listened to my heart. You’ve to prove if I’ve taken the right
or wrong decision by choosing you. You’ve taken the right decision.
Trust me. Give me the bag. It seems as if you’re
going to your maiden home. Hello. Glass-mate, I’ve reached the bar. When are you coming? Consuming alcohol
is injurious to health. Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health. Stay away from cigarette
to avoid untimely end to your life. Rahul Dravid. Are you watching a film, glass-mate? When will it end? Glass-mate, I’ve divorced alcoholics. This is the end of
our temporary relationship. Delete my number,
throw away the sim card and phone. Bye. Bye. This dry day will last
only a couple of days. Son, what are you doing? Good morning, officer.
– Good morning. Drip irrigation system. What? What does it mean? Nothing. There’s this small device. When the soil will become dry,
the water from here will.. Wait, let me explain in your language. You don’t have to come upstairs
with water bucket anymore. Good job, son. My brother-in-law is weird. He wants to go to Bangkok by car. I don’t know when he’ll reach. Hello. Hello. This is Bharat here. Yes, tell me. Do you remember coming to us
with a project? Yes, sir. I’ve spoken to boss
and have convinced him. Can you meet me on.. Friday?
– Yes. Friday is okay. Can you meet me on Friday? Okay, sir. Thank you.
– Okay. Meet you on Friday. We’ll surely meet on Friday.
– Okay. Bye. Dad..
– Yes, son. ..will you listen to
something I have to say? Let me hear it first. Let it be. It isn’t anything special. Son, I hope you’re not
going to explode a bomb. He’s my dad. The temple supervisor. Hello, uncle. Dad, she’s Lehri.
I was going to tell you about her. I’m pleased to meet you. Uncle, wedding card. Idiot! Your wedding? Is this the surprise you wanted to give me?
– No, uncle. It’s my sister’s wedding card. Are you sure?
Read the name in the card. I’m absolutely sure.
– Offer prayers. Come. Son, earlier matches
were broken because.. ..families were concerned about
the girl, her religion and dowry. But, times have changed. The happiness of a couple
is in their hands now. Support each other through thick
and thin and face all challenges. It’ll make life easier. Did you get it? How is it?
– Are you going to buy it? Just for selfie. Vijay is a very nice person. He loves me. Do you know that he quit alcohol for me? Perfect! Pack this. We check clothes before buying them. But, this is the question
of your life, Lehri. Why didn’t he quit drinking after
he found out that you hate alcoholics? He had no other option
after getting caught red-handed. It’s simple logic. Shall we go now? Shweta, meet him once and
you’ll know why I trust him. Please. I’ve invited Vijay home
to introduce him to everybody. You can meet him at sister’s wedding. Okay. What are you doing, glass-mate? Will you wear this shirt for your
girlfriend’s sister’s reception party? I’ll be your designer for the occasion. You want me to wear a suit? There are holes in my underwear and.. ..I don’t have money to replace them. I’ve managed to save only
2000 rupees for the wedding. 2000. Don’t worry. That’s enough. What are you going to do? All film-stars including
me buy clothes from here. 1000 rupees for 10 hours. So expensive? Will you wear this to the bar everyday? How can I wear somebody’s used clothes? Why do you want to
spend money for one day? Spend on foreign liquor
instead of western attire. Only things that are attractive
get sold, my dear friend. Glass-mate, this is perfect for you. Everybody will look at you
if you wear this to the reception. Who is he, Mike? He’s a friend, Aziz. Give some discount. Mike, you want further discounts. Please, Aziz.
– Okay. Give 800 bucks. Thank you, brother.
– Remember one thing. Don’t spoil the suit. I assure you. Hi!
– Hi! Please come in. Hi!
– Hi! Indu, your friends have come. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Excuse me. Please move aside.
Please move. What are you doing? Setting the environment for you.
– You’re spoiling everything. People should know that
somebody important is here. Move aside.
– Stop it. Okay. Cool. Not like that. Thank you. He’s Mike.
– Hello, uncle. I’ll hold my breath. Let’s go inside. Come.
– Okay. Hello. Hello. Lehri was repeatedly asking about you.
Where are you? The wedding can take place without me. I’ve urgent work and I can’t come. Her boyfriend has
come dressed in a suit. He must have borrowed it from somebody.
Disconnect the call. Come. Dad, he’s Vijay. Hello.
– Hello, son. She’s my mom and she’s my elder sister. Hello.
– Hello. Hello. Set the coat straight. What are you doing? Why do you take coat on
rent when you can’t carry it? The coat should be crisp. You should’ve at least ironed it. Why do you wear it
when you can’t afford it? Let’s go. Let’s go. Thank you. Bye. Very nice.
– Hello. C’mon, man.
– It’s torn. Hey Mike! You’ve turned a nice suit into a rag. Did you rent the suit for this? I gave the suit worth
thousand bucks for 800. Come and pay me tomorrow
or I’ll go to your place. The outcome won’t be
good if I go to your place. Congratulations! Mike, where are you trying to escape?
Stop! What did you say?
That everybody would be looking at me. You were absolutely right. I don’t know why I listened to you. I lost my common sense. I didn’t know that all the problems
in this world will be faced by us. It’s not that bad, glass-mate. It’s not just bad, it’s disastrous. Let’s go. You chose that guy. You saw what the outcome was. Now we’ll choose a groom for you. Without meeting him I knew
that he was playing with your life. Why did you invite the pauper? People were discussing his suit instead
of the attire of the bride and groom. What does he do? He works for a project. Where? Which project? I don’t know. You don’t even know what
your so-called boyfriend does. I’ll ask him. Just like you a girl fell madly
in love with a guy. She forgot everything and
promised to spend her life with him. Then they got married. They were happy. Everything was fine. Two years later they had a daughter. Their joys multiplies. And their life continued. Then one day the girl found out.. ..that the man she trusted
was a betrayer. He told her that he was a businessman.
But, he said so to hide his failures. When she questioned him he didn’t
answer her and they had arguments. With time their arguments
increased and they got distanced. They didn’t even want
to see each other’s face. One day they decided that they
didn’t wish to live with each other.. ..and they got divorced. But, they never asked their
12 year old daughter what she wanted. She needed them. Her world was shattered. Her name was Shweta. 7A. She was your classmate
in Rosary Convent. She shifted to another
place with her mom. Somebody else got punished
for their mistakes. You’re very innocent, Lehri You easily trust a person. He’s taking advantage of your innocence. I’m sure he’s not
the right choice for you. Don’t misunderstand me, Lehri. It’s better you be careful
now instead of regretting later. It’ll be better if you
sever all ties with him. I told you not to
go to Bangkok in a car. The tyres got punctured several times. We got a call. Try to convince him.
We’re tired of him. Excuse me. Do you want something? Lehri.. I.. Yes, sir. I’ll reach by 4:30. Vijay, there’s a small change. Boss is going out in the evening.
Can you meet us at 11? Sir, only ten minutes to 11. Can’t you come?
– I’ll definitely be there, sir. My son bought this
phone for me yesterday. It’s expensive. But, it’s not a big deal
if your son is successful. If you want Vijay to be successful
in life give him pressure. Hey! All the best.
– Thanks, dad. I’ve given a lot of pressure. Right? I told you about Vijay. He’s the one. Hello, sir.
– Hello. We left the presentation
incomplete that day. It’s okay.
You don’t have to do it again. Sir, you’re going to invest
money on my project so.. Just a second, Vijay. We haven’t called
you here for sponsorship. Our boss gave you
a chance but you failed. So, do something. Give us the project
with the patent rights. If the idea succeeds
we’ll share profits with you. You can speak to sir
if you’re ready for it. Sir, I was saying.. What’s this, Bharat? Has he come here for
a walk in borrowed clothes? Do you think this is a tourist spot? A beggar is somebody who
survives on alms given by others. And you’re one of them. You steal ideas developed by others.
You’re a thief. Mind your language. I don’t want to talk to you. The world will speak about my app now. You’ll mind your language then. You spoiled my sleep
for a meeting with this fraud? Hey! You don’t know who you are talking to. Don’t show me your temper. You don’t know who I am. Inform me on phone about whatever
you want to discuss in future. Listen..
– I don’t have time for useless people. Hello. I want to meet you. We’ll meet tomorrow. No, I want to meet you now. I thought about you
and after much thoughts.. ..I felt that you’re not right for me. I won’t be able to forget you
if I stay here so I’m going out of town. I don’t have the courage
to give you one more chance.. ..and prove myself
wrong before everybody. You said that you work on some project. But, after seeing you
at a TV repairing shop.. ..I knew that you were lying. I didn’t want you to convince me again. I didn’t want to give
you a chance to lie again. I don’t want to marry you.. ..and regret the wrong
decision all my life. We’ll keep compromising and
feigning love before the world. So.. Let’s finish it. Let’s make this relationship healthy. If you want we can be friends. Do you want to say something else? Healthy relationship? You don’t need to go to gym
to keep a relationship healthy. Trust is enough for a relationship. Love can’t last long without trust. It dies mid-way. Dad always told me to
quit alcohol but I couldn’t. You got angry and told
me to quit alcohol and I quit it. Love is like a sticker which sticks on.. ..but if you try to take it out
it’ll come out.. ..but it won’t stick anywhere else.. also leaves a mark behind forever. If you had held me by
the collar and questioned me.. ..before everybody in the service
centre I wouldn’t have felt bad. I’m feeling bad that you
took a decision without asking me.. ..and without trying to know the truth. I’m doing this job to meet my expenses. My dream is to develop the app
that’ll save lives. I can prove myself. It’s not just about income. You’ll have problem with my bike later. You’ll say that we won’t be able
to ride it with our kids after marriage. I can get kids from the neighbourhood
and take them for a ride. I can prove myself
every time you’ve a doubt.. ..but I won’t do it as I’m tired. We go through may
tests in our profession. I thought that at least I
would be relaxed in my love life. But, it’s the same here. Deals in everything. True love is when you
trust your partner blindly. Even if I make a monument
like Taj Mahal for you.. ..and you’re in bad mood you’ll
say that labourers made it and not I. Enough! I can’t tolerate this anymore. Girls are always worried as
to how they would run their family. The boys are also worried
as to how they can prove their worth. It’s easy to be a victim
but difficult to support somebody. I’m going away. You left my heart long back. Where are you? I’ve come to stay at my sister’s place. Are you alright? Yes, I’m fine. New place, new life. That’s the best thing for you now. Don’t call or message
him and complicate your life. Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Excuse me. Why do you dream
if you aren’t dedicated? I unnecessarily recommended you
to the CEO. You’re irresponsible. Do you ever check your mails besides
browsing your social media account? I approached you for the project. But you went back
when your work was done. I checked all the mails. I went there with all
the files and my laptop. What happened after that? I was rejected and thrown out. Do something.. Forget it.
thanks for recommending me to the CEO. I don’t have the strength
to answer your questions. Sorry for it. Don’t show me your face again. As you wish.
– Idiot! She always walked
with her head bowed down. I wished she looked at
me once and I would feel blessed. She looked at me. I hoped that she smiled at me. And she smiled. I proposed her and
said that I loved her. She also reciprocated
and said she loved me. I thought that I would
live rest of my life happily. But, then everything changed. You’re good with others and
harsh with people close to you. All of them are like this. For the first time I fell in love.
But, I failed in it, glass-mate. Love is like our hair. If it’s destined to stay on it’ll
stay even if you use the worst soap. Once the hair decides to leave.. ..even the most expensive shampoos
won’t be able to keep it back. So, hair and love is not in our control. She told me that beard suited
me and told me never to shave. She said it so that no one
looked at me when she was with me.. ..and after break-up I
would look like a lovelorn lover. It’s Kamla’s call. Hello, Kamla. I’m your Bagula. Hello.. hello. Hell, Kamla.. ..why are you so furious? Ajay, what happened? I called her several times since morning
but she didn’t take my call. Now when she called and
didn’t let me say anything. I don’t know what her problem is.
– Come and sit next to me. This is the hot topic
of discussion today. Do you know the difference
between the love of a man and a woman? The love us only when they’re
free after finishing their work. But men forget their work
and are busy with their love life. My Kamla is different, Mr.
Vijay. Completely different. Rascal! Let me explain. Imagine that you’re Ajay
and I’m your girlfriend. Kamala doesn’t drink. I think she didn’t
tell you about her habit. Call her and ask if she has eaten. Okay. I’ll do it. Kamla’s phone is ringing.
– Oh! Hello, Kamla.
– Yes, tell me. Has my baby eaten?
– No. No? Why? I don’t want to eat. Why don’t you wish to eat, baby? My stomach is upset. Did you have anything wrong yesterday? I ate your brain. I’ll hang up if you talk nonsense. If your stomach makes a lot
of noise then wear the headphone. Now I’ve got a headache too. What an irritating man!
– What is she saying? Control.. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll go home and give
you a head and stomach massage. Hang up now. And now we’ll revert the scene. Your baby will ask you
if you’ve had your food. The phone is ringing.
Take the call. Not the real one. He got carried away by his emotions. Hello. Did you have your meal?
– Yes, baby. Did you really have your meal? No. Then why did you lie to her? She would be worried
if I spoke the truth. This proves that we understand
their feelings for us. We can also understand their pain. But they can neither
feel our pain nor our love. A big applause for you. Glass-mate, I wish to cry. Look at yourself. This is not done. Will you cry for a girl? Why will I cry for
someone who broke my heart? That’s a good logic. I’ll shed tears on my helplessness. Sorry. I drank and drove. Sorry.. sorry.. “I’m young and..” Hey! Dad, you haven’t gone to bed yet? Wash your hands quickly
and come for dinner. Enough. Enough.. enough.. Relax and eat. I’ll make something hot for you. I’m going through a rough phase in life. But, it’s not going
to be the same always. But, she didn’t trust me.
I told her to go away. We met a year back. Within this short span of time
we said ‘I love you’ to each other.. ..through letters,
messages and all other means. After mom’s demise
you never made me miss her. You always supported
me under all circumstances. You never scolded me if
I failed or came home drunk. You always pampered me and fed me. So I should say ‘I love
you’ to you and not any girl. I love you, dad. I love you forever. I’m ready to sacrifice
hundreds of girls for you. Shall I get something
else for you to eat, my son? No.. sorry for not being
able to control my emotions. You always said that
good children never cry. But, I’m helpless. Neither did I succeed
in my work nor in my love life. I’ve become useless. I won’t be anything without you.
Nothing.. Nothing.. Don’t mind my words. My son works in a company
where he gets paid lakhs. But, the neighbours
always criticize your son. He failed in love.
He comes home drunk every day. Isn’t he mature enough? Look at my son. Important people respect him. If you want I can speak to my son. He’ll help him get a peon’s job. He’ll at least earn something.
– Excuse me. What happened? Why is he shouting? Tinku was watching cartoon channel. But there’s a power cut. I’ve been telling you to
install an inverter for a long time. But, you never listen to me. Tinku is shouting his lungs out. Go and pacify him. Why are you worried when
we’ve an electric engineer at home. Vishwa. No.. no.. when we handle any electric
job we must wear rubber slippers. Go and get it.
– Rubber slippers. Dad, do you know that rubber slippers
are bad conductors of electricity? He’s a gold medalist in engineering. Stop crying. The power supply will be restored.
– The power supply will be restored. Phase on. I’ve switched on phase one. Voltage. Okay. Stop crying. Why are you irritating? I’m fed up of his continuous crying.
Please try to pacify him. Come, son. I can’t understand.. Yes, dad.. The power supply tripped
when I switched on the ac. What are you doing here?
Go to the main board. Look the TV has started working. When there’s problem of voltage
the main board stops working. You should open the bonnet and
not the dickey when a car stops working. This is basic. Vishwa..
– Coming, mom. Son, excuse me. Your uncle is worried about your job. He’s worried that you’re
unemployed at this age. Should he speak to his
son about a job for you? What do you mean? It means that we can solve
a problem only when we reach its roots. This is a basic principle. But a mature person who knows this
is unable to solve his own problems. Son, where do you go
every day to feel better? Dad.. Tell him.
It’s for your uncle’s information. America bar..
– And restaurant. Right? The place from where the guy called you. Brother,
my son goes there daily to drink. In case that bar is
closed where will you go? There’s Shankari bar a
few steps away from this bar. You’ve two options
for such a small thing. You know the other option
available if one is closed. Similarly,
life doesn’t stop if a girl ditches you. He feels that you don’t know this fact. I accept that you
failed in your love life. But instead of being depressed.. ..and wondering why she left you.. ..or how you can win back her heart.. ..and wasting your time after all this.. will defeat
everybody and start afresh. How do I explain it to him? Nothing is more important than career. When you give it importance..’ll give us importance
and we’ll succeed. He thinks you don’t know this. It’s not a pizza you’ve ordered
on phone.. ..that’ll be delivered in half an hour. Success demands time. Don’t you know this basic thing? I’m sure you’ve understood.
Go and freshen up. How are you, madam? I wanted to discuss about the project. Please listen to me. Please, madam.. I’m really sorry, madam. Please spare few minutes for me.
I’ll explain everything. Why are you taking the trouble to leave?
Remain seated. Before you finish the
sandwich I’ll finish talking. What was his name? The one whose words sound harsh. The proud fellow with
lot of attitude and arrogance. Yes! Janardhan. He gave the instance of
helmet and tried to convince me.. ..that my app was useless. He wanted to buy it from me at
cheap price and sell it in the market.. an exorbitant price. Stop your nonsense. Wherever you go most of
the people will be like him. Firstly, you didn’t answer my mail. Now you’re staging all this drama. How can I trust that you’re
serious about your project? Trust? When I displayed my presentation
for the first time.. ..I expected that at
least you if not anyone else.. ..would definitely encourage it.. ..because I noticed
that you had faith in me. “I’m your cuckoo and you’re my crow.” “Let’s enjoy desserts together.” Hello. Hello, sister. How are you? I’m not good. What can you do? Nothing, sister.
– I’ve spoken to sir. I’m coming to Mumbai with a project. I’ll mail you the details. Sister is coming to Mumbai? Okay, sister. Bye. Boss, why is this unlucky
girl coming to Mumbai? Why are ruining my happy life? Anna Rascal! Shut up! Tell me, mom. Did you have your meal? Do I have no other work? Will I keep eating all day? You haven’t eaten anything yet? I’ll call you later. Are you angry with your mother? She’s my mother and not yours. Sorry. Interesting. Safety of life is important. Am I right?
– Yes, sir. Nothing can be more precious than life. I think you should
work more on this project. For example, prepare a demo. Yes, we can do it.
– We’ll do it, sir. We’ll prepare a demo. If the rest of the board
of directors give their approval.. ..we can go ahead with this project.
– Okay, sir. Okay, sir. Let’s see. You’ve to stay here for a week.
– A week? Sir, can’t we complete
the project in a day? What you plan to do tomorrow,
do it today. That’s okay, sir.
We’ll stay here for a week. Okay. I’m in trouble. Don’t call or message
him and spoil your life. Since you’re going to
stay in Mumbai for a week.. ..shall I book a room for you? We can stay at your place. In my house? No.. it’s very small.
You won’t have any privacy there. Hello. We’re neither
here for our honeymoon.. ..nor to enjoy the scenic
beauty through windows. Let’s go. Why does she wants to
open windows during honeymoon? We’ve to work hard. Janardhan is in the board of directors.
We need his approval too. He may cause problems. We can’t afford to make mistakes.
We’ve to be focused. Don’t worry. I’m well-prepared. Nice painting. What’s there for lunch?
I’m very hungry. Sorry, sister. There was leakage in the gas
cylinder and so there’s no cooking gas. Freshen up and go out for lunch.
I’m on diet. I’ve been surviving on
air since past two months. I’m very tired. The restaurant is close by.
50 rupees per food plate. Do something. Order food online. Order online?
Didn’t you see the viral video? A delivery boy was eating
the food he picked up. Oh no! Go and have lunch at the nearby joint,
it’s cheap. Just order. A cottage cheese spicy gravy, bread,
large fries and a big burger for me. Okay? One should definitely
taste seafood in Mumbai. A fish fry and spicy crab curry. Why do you look so depressed? Idiot! Why aren’t you eating? I won’t eat now. I eat after 9. I’ve a particular time. Eat something, brother. I’m not hungry. I’m on diet. Wow! What a beautiful moment! A boat in the middle
of the sea on a moonlit night. I’m lost in the painting. The real experience
must be so enthralling. I’m ruined. I’m sure there are some
secrets behind this pale painting. Stop! Let’s go up. Do you know what the
rent of the room is? Guess. 10,000? You won’t get a room for
10,000 even beside a drain. 40,000. What?
– Yes. This is Mumbai. Even Europe isn’t as
expensive as Mumbai, you know. That’s why water is expensive in Europe. The food you’ve eaten in a day is the food
I eat in an entire year. Remember it. If you stay back for a week
I’ll have to be on diet for 20 years. Go and tell her.
– I can’t. Why? She’s the cat I can’t bell.
– Bell? I’m indebted to her.
– Oh! If it was not for her,
I would be cleaning cowsheds. If I say anything she’ll say.. ..I’m earning because of her. I’m living peacefully because of her. I’m doing all shit because of her. So, how can I argue with her? Why do you address her as sister? If I don’t address her as sister.. ..she’ll think that
I’m trying to woo her. Basically,
she’s a hen who doesn’t like cocks. She’s very arrogant. One day her mother called
her and asked her a simple question. Dear, did you have your meal? Do you know what she said?
She got furious. I asked her why she was
being rude and she said.. Hey! She’s my mother and not yours. You’re right. She did the same with you? She’s not a girl but a witch. She’s a flying witch
in the disguise of a fairy. She’s full of negativity. I tried to dissuade her and
yet she went t o Mumbai with Vijay. I know. What do you plan to do? Even if they like the project
they’ll need my approval. But, I won’t give my approval. No one can challenge you, sir. They’ve to suffer now
that they’ve challenged me. Sister, you never trust
anybody except yourself. Why are you giving so
much importance to this man? I don’t trust the man,
I trust his idea.. ..because I’m personally
connected to it. Your work, your decision. Why are you looking so depressed? Anything wrong? I had a break-up in a metro like this, My new love story
is going to start here. Your future sister-in-law
is staring at me. Lovelorn lover,
if you stare back hastily I’ll lose her. Take your time to turn back. Slowly. Slowly. He’s my friend. Why does she look
disturbed after seeing you? That’s because I was her boyfriend. My domestic life has got ruined
even before I could settle down. Should I talk to her? No.. no.. break-up with her. Your pair is not at all good. Hey! He forgot his friend
after getting the girl. Are you talking to ghost?
– Get lost from here. How are you?
– I’m no longer a part of your life. Why have you come to talk to me? I’ve come here to repair his TV.
I’m not following you. TV? You won’t believe me if
I say I’m here for a project. The door remains open
only for 10 seconds. Come on. What happened? How will she go alone at this hour? Crazy lover, I’m also going alone. Hey! Hey! These Hyderabadi guys will never change. You may leave,
sister will be here to pick me. Lehri, it’s not a coincidence
that we’re meeting after so long. Even nature wants to bring us together. I want you to think about it. What are you saying?
She left you? Tell me the truth. Did you come to Mumbai
for this project or for the girl? I’ve come here for the project but
it’ll be great if I also get the girl. You’ve confused me. She interrupted. How is it? This project is not worthwhile.
It’s mere wastage of time. What do you know about a project? Try to do your work properly at times. He’s going to finish off
one week’s grocery at one go. I think my stars are
not in good position. I’m going through tough times. What’s the use of buying
movie tickets worth hundred rupees? We can have fun for ten bucks. Your condition is worse than me. I’ve a bad start of
the day because of you. Yes dad, I’ll be back in four days. Come back and we’ll have meals together. He has made a device.
We want to test it. Tell him about it.
– It’ll send messages to the ambulance. How is the response? Positive so far. We’re still working on the demo. Once it’s done, I’ll be back. You’ve a wild looking beard. You’ve a presentation tomorrow.
– No.. My girl likes beard. But you had a break-up. Situation is like..
– Speak in Hindi. It’s a regional language film. The British left but they
left their language behind. I took a hasty decision and
closed doors for reconciliation. I should’ve kept my doors open for her. Her memories keep knocking on my heart. It keeps knocking all the time. Enough. A man’s love is always fake.
It’s just a pretence. I don’t need to think
too much to judge guys. Brother, come. Why have you brought me here ? What’s all this?
– There’s a surprise for you. This isn’t going to help. Give me some time. Shall we start? What’s this? You wanted to experience
the scene in the painting. Right? How is the experience? Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s go back. Aren’t you having fun? I said, let’s go back. The scenes will be more beautiful ahead. Let’s go back. The beauty of the
painting was enthralling.. ..but the real experience was scary.
Isn’t it? This is what actually happens. We judge people from a distance
without getting close to them. It’s not right to give
a negative judgment from distance. You think men fake love. Love is a maze for us
and we men get trapped in it. It’s easy for us to fall in love. Once they fall in love nobody
knows how they’ll get out of it. Therefore she may not be with me.. ..but whenever I miss
her I express my feelings. You’re a person who
can see good in everything. If you look closely you’ll
find truth in my love. So, you can smile? Lehri, how are you? How did you change? I’ve found someone. Are you in love?
– No.. nothing like that. He’s a nice guy. Anyone who loves me
will hardly last few days. After that he’ll run away. How are you?
– Fine. I wanted to talk to you. Do you remember that
I reached the conclusion.. ..that your boyfriend was
a wrong choice without meeting him? I think I was wrong. What’s the use of talking about him now? It’s not like that. You know him better than me. If you took the decision because of me.. ..then I would like you
to think about him once again. Hello. Are you still in Mumbai? Yes. Can I meet you? Of course. I’ll send you my location. Okay. Bye. Hey! Stand here and dream. I’ll go inside and
postpone your interview. No. Let’s go. Go ahead. Accident alert system. It can save people’s lives. Let’s get into its details. If a vehicle meets
with an accident anywhere.. ..and if all the passengers
inside lose consciousness.. ..this device attached to car’s
OBI port will reduce the speed.. ..of the engine and also
send message to Accident Alert app.. ..downloaded on the mobile. Through GPS it’ll connect
to the addresses already fed inside. For example the nearby hospitals,
police station and blood banks. They’ll immediately be alerted. This device will be beneficial
and provide help to injured people. Nice. Does anyone have anything to say?
Any questions? But, the airbags serve the same purpose. Correct, sir. Many people lose their lives
even when there are air bags. According to records 90% people
die as the accidents are reported late. This device is the
solution to this problem. Sir, his concept is that
the app will alert everybody.. ..without being dependant on anybody. But, this app is entirely
dependant on a mobile phone. If the mobile phone is switched off
then what will happen. I don’t think that’ll be an issue as people
often carry chargers and power banks. We always charge our
mobile phone before we go out. I don’t think the phone will
be switched off after all these. I didn’t mean that. What if the mobile
breaks during the accident? It’ll be switched
off at that time. right? But sir, that rarely going to happen.
– Sir, the matter is.. You carry on.
– Such things will rarely happen. Why are you trying
to highlight this point? This app can save many lives. The device may not work in some cases.. ..but that doesn’t
mean we can let others die. Sir, people get violent
when they hear a fake news. If a person loses his
life because of his app.. ..we’ll be doing the rounds
of the court the rest of our life. The company’s reputation will be ruined. Sir, give us some time,
we’ll find a solution to it. Do anything you want..
but you won’t find a solution. Please try to understand
that his app is completely useless. Do you know why? The man who developed
this app is a failure in life. When he met me in Hyderabad.. ..I assured him sponsorship if
he corrected the loopholes in the app. Do you know what he said? He refused my help and said
that he would manage on his own.. ..and didn’t need any help. Bharat, tell him.
– Yes, sir. He has a good track record. He always ruins anything he works on. Bad luck is always his companion. It’ll be better if he works as a TV
mechanic instead of developing the app. Get back to your native place. Vijay!
– Vijay! Vijay, leave him. I said, leave him. Sir, he has gone mad. If you’ve any solution
then share it with us. What’s all this? If you want to reach out to everybody.. ..then talent isn’t enough.. should also have
manners and responsibility. And most important trait is patience. You need all these qualities. If you don’t possess these
qualities then you’re useless.. ..even if you’re talented. Get out from here. Come on. Come. You won’t hit anything. Why don’t you speak with him? It won’t help, sister. Shweta, what brings you here? She’s Vijay’s girlfriend. Vijay? Vijay, I’m really sorry. I told her that you
were not right for her. That’s the reason why
she went away from you. It’s not her fault. I’m the only one responsible
for the break-up. She went away just because you told her. Today she’s back because
you told her to be back. What if anybody else
says something in future? It won’t happen, Vijay. If you had willingly left me,
I wouldn’t have been hurt so much. Vijay..
– Please. It’s not just you but the
entire world is laughing at me. Everybody thinks I’m useless.
No one trusts me. Now even I’ve started
believing that I’m useless. Hey! Hey Vijay.. What happened, dear? Hey! Champakali, turn around. Champakali, look at me. Turn around. I want to click your photo.
Why don’t you listen to me? Champakali, turn around. Hello! Why are you forcing her? Turn around only when you feel like. Smile when you like
and cry when you wish to. Do what you like. Let anything happen,
take your own decisions. Or you’ll suffer like me all life. Your life is yours and nobody else’s. Staying sad won’t help, glass-mate. Look at your condition. Let’s go, son. I said, let’s go.
– I won’t go. How long will this continue? I’ve faced so many obstacles in life.
How many more shall I face? I get up and try every time. But when I’m destined
to fail why should I try. I can never attain anything in life. Whenever I step out
I fall flat on my face. The job at the TV service
center was perfect for me. What else I’m destined to do? Wake up in the morning,
drink at noon and go to sleep at night. Leave it. What do you mean? You won’t understand what I mean. Is it me who doesn’t
understand or is it you? In our generation we also made mistakes. But, we never left anything. We found out the slightest
mistakes we made. We rectified the mistakes
and then moved on. But, your generation has this problem. If there’s anything,
any person or dream you dislike.. leave it mid-way
and take another path. If you leave everything
you’ll always remain empty-handed. If there’s a problem,
why don’t you face it? Why don’t you solve it? If anybody questions
your ability answer him back. If you don’t know
the answer then find it. No power in the world can stop you
if you rectify your mistakes. I’ve carried the deity’s
palanquin on my shoulder for years. But, I haven’t got rid
of your responsibility yet. I can carry the deity
but not your burden anymore. Son, will you still work
in the TV service center? A man maybe thirsty but his tears
will never quench his thirst. You always ignore people. You can ignore my advice too. Let’s go now. This can save millions of lives,
it’s very useful. Sorry, I can’t help you. Please sir, have a look.
– Sorry, I’m not interested. Excuse me. There are lots of cars around. Pick anyone. Sir, I want to do a small experiment. The court will give you permission.
We can’t give you permission. Do your work properly. Hello. I wanted to share my feelings with you
many times but I couldn’t.. But I fear that if I don’t
share this with you today..’ll never find out. You’re the inspiration for my device. It happened three years
back when I was busy thinking.. ..what to do in life. When I was returning home
from science seminar.. ..I saw a car
that had bumped into a tree. And in the car.. were inside it. You were unconscious. I was scared
and started looking around. But, there was no one around. I needed to reach the hospital
in half an hour to save your life.. ..or you would die. Move. Move. When the doctor informed me
that you were out of danger.. ..I felt relaxed. It was at that moment
I wondered that.. ..if nobody spotted you there
or took you to the hospital on time.. ..the present would’ve been different. I had designed this device
inspired by your accident. When I reached your office
with the idea.. ..I planned to tell you everything. Then I thought that you might think.. ..I was bragging to get my work done. So, I hid the truth from you. Now it’s your responsibility
to save the project. Why are you saying this, Vijay?
Where are you? I’ve connected the
sim card to the device. You don’t need a mobile now. Vijay, please don’t do this. Please. Vijay! Vijay! His app is useless. His track record is excellent , sir. Anything that he takes up is ruined. It’ll be better if he sticks
to his work as a TV mechanic.. ..instead of developing apps. Rejected piece. You’ve turned a nice suit into a mop. Did you rent the suit for this? I’ve rented it out for
800 bucks instead of thousand. Come and give the
payment tomorrow morning. I thought a lot about you. After thinking a lot I decided
that you’re not right for me. Let’s end our relationship here. If there’s a problem,
why don’t you face it? Why don’t you solve it? Hello, control room. Vijay! Our next story is latest
sensation of the city.. ..Vijay Talwar. Some people think that
what he did was right.. ..while others think he was wrong. Some say that it was
the need of the hour. There are as many opinions
as there are people. Only time will tell who’s right. All the automobile manufacturers
in India and abroad.. ..are interested in Vijay’s idea. The patent rights are with Vijay. But unfortunately,
he isn’t aware of its value. Breaking news. The court will approve
the project devised by Vijay. To prove whether the
device is effective or not.. ..Vijay carried out a car accident. Let’s see if the court
hails it as a crime or not. Will Vijay Talwar get the success
he aspires for after risking his life. Your Honour, damage of public property, Rash driving,
breaking the electric post and. ..the most serious crime under
section IPC 309, attempt to suicide. The case file is on your table,
Your Honour. Vijay Talwar.. ..would you like to say
something to the court? I’ve just found out that so
many cases have been filed against me. I should’ve studied
law besides engineering. I always thought why I was named Vijay. When I escaped death
I understood its importance. I thought that people would
respect and applaud me after I get well. But, the reality turned
out to be opposite. I risked my life so that I can
prove that my project is effective.. ..and can save lives. What did you want to prove? A bus conductor can be a super-star. A tea-seller can be the Prime Minister. A 60 year old man can
start a brand like KFC. But, they achieved their
success with patience. You’re an impatient and
irresponsible young man. That’s it. Social media is so addictive
that it makes everybody think.. ..that he’s a hero. He’s one of those affected people. People will follow his footsteps. He is safe after the accident. But, what’s the guarantee
of others’ lives? We must get rid of this problem. He’ll understand the value
of life when he’ll be punished.. ..and his project will be banned. This is the only option to
stop this craziness, Your Honour. Madam, what is he saying?
– It’s absolutely wrong. Is it wrong to think
of the well-being of others? What do you want? He hasn’t murdered anyone, Your Honour. He only thought of people’s well-being. Silence please. This is wrong. Vijay did all this
for everybody’s well-being. This is wrong.
You can’t punish him. What’s going on, Your Honour?
Is this court or a fish market? Order. Order. The court is adjourned. The device can save many lives. If it is banned it’ll be problematic. Vijay.. Let anybody say anything.
I’m with you.. ..even if you’re arrested
and even if you don’t get success. I don’t care how you are.
You’re only mine. Sir, I’m Vijay’s father. You said what would’ve
happened if he died. It wouldn’t have mattered. His death would’ve given
lives to several people. They would’ve
wholeheartedly blessed him. Nothing could make a father prouder. Do you’ve anything else to say? I was not scared to face death that day. But I’m scared after hearing him. I feel suffocated. If you ban this project
it’ll not only shatter my dreams.. ..but it’ll also shatter
the dreams of the father.. ..who never discouraged
his son’s dreams. It’ll also shatter
the hopes of the families. ..who’ve lost a family
ember to a road accident. Has law turned blind
that it can’t see their pain? The lawyer wants me to be punished. He isn’t aware that I’ve been
punished at every stage of life. The biggest punishment
for me is failure. What are you thinking, sir? That why should you listen
to me as I’m a failure. I’m not scared of failure. My first project was a failure. I failed even in relationships. I’ve failed in everything
since childhood. But nothing could discourage me,
Your Honour. I’ve become strong like iron. Failure is the best teacher. The best batsman in the world
Sachin has failed tenth standard exam. The biggest industrialist
Dhirubhai Ambani had also failed. One who repeatedly wins makes headlines. When a loser wins he creates history. If plane inventors Wright Brothers.. ..were disheartened by their
failures and stopped experimenting.. ..then it would be difficult to travel
from one corner of the world to another. They also failed in the beginning. One who can’t embrace
failure will never win. Humanity doesn’t teach us to take lives. It teaches us to value and save lives. My journey has ended where it started. Yet if you think I’m guilty
then you can ban my app.. ..and put me behind the bars. Mr. Garewal..
– Yes, Your Honour. Do you want to ask him something else? No more questions, Your Honour. The path you chose to
prove yourself was wrong. But, your intentions weren’t wrong,
it was good. The court doesn’t have
any objection on your project. You damaged public property
and you’ll have to pay for the damages. The court warns Vijay Talwar
and also forgives and releases him. Sir, would you like to
say something about your project? Please… please excuse me. Please. While stepping down
the stairs of the court.. ..I felt for the first time
that I was climbing stairs of success. So, ones who stumble
and fall don’t give up. Get up, dust off your
clothes and get back to work. The court has closed
Vijay Talwar’s case.. ..and has given approval to his project. Vijay’s project will be sponsored
by Malhotra Group of companies. They’ll also launch it. I’m so happy for you. Thank you, sir.
– Keep it up. Action, sir. Every person who dreams
doesn’t make it big. The one who has big thoughts succeeds.. ..and works hard in the right direction. Sorry, sir. I’ve different goals in life. I’ll quit this job.

Paul Whisler

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