Our Student Loans Secret: Dana’s Story

This is Dana from Washington, D.C. I just paid off all of my student loans! And I literally woke up at 7 in the morning
once I knew my paycheck had cleared and called Discover first thing and paid them all off
once I knew I had the money in my account. And literally got the nicest woman who was
like, Peggy from the middle of the country somewhere in Nebraska. And she was kind enough to cheer me on as
she closed off my Discover student loan account. Now that I have paid my loan off –
sometimes I forget about it. It was always the thing that was lurking there
and my mind would kind of race to it when I bought something or chose to indulge. But now I forget that it’s not there, and
suddenly I’ll just remember that I don’t have a student loan anymore and it is literally
the best feeling. And for my friends who still have loans I
try not to harp on it so much, but it just feels so good to be like – gasp – student
loan! And realize it’s gone – there’s nothing like

Paul Whisler

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