Organization Discount – GEICO Insurance

There’s a lot of benefits to being part of
an organization. There’s the relationships you’ll cherish
forever. The accomplishments you’ll always be proud
of. And of course the t-shirts from the annual
reunion. Wait, is that a matching fanny pack? And if you’re a member of one of GEICO’s partner
organizations you could get even more. You could be eligible for a special auto insurance
discount. GEICO has many long standing relationships
with military, professional, alumni, and Greek organizations to give their members discounts
and support. You still get the same great benefits you’ve
come to expect from GEICO like 24/7 service from GEICO’s licensed agents, emergency roadside
service, and an award winning mobile app. Your membership might be worth even more than
you think. So get a quote today and see if you qualify. Being a part of a group means more memories,
more swag, and with GEICO, more savings on car insurance.

Paul Whisler


  1. I saved a bunch with Geico, just for belonging to my credit union.
    Thanks, Geico.

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