Northumbria University, Student Accommodation: Claude Gibb

It’s exactly as I hoped it would be and has been everything and lived up to expectations the friends that I’ve made i feel like I’ve known them forever I’m Harriet and I’ve moved into Claude Gibb Well i was born in sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and I have lived in Dubai my whole life and only coming back to the UK for holidays so I have never really had a connection to the UK and now i’m moving here for 3 years so hopefully I’ll fit in the room is a lot bigger, more spacious which I really like people here are really friendly and it’s a really good location, it’s really close to the gym and to the buildings on campus like the Student Union which is really good On Facebook if you search for Northumbria University, it comes up with a page. You can like it and see all the posts from people I’ve actually met a few people from my course already, the wonders of technology. I’m going to miss my Family, especially my cat. I’m just excited to live a different life for once. Yeah I really love it, it reminds me of home so i’m not getting home sick and everything is really compact so i’ll probably get used to it quite soon especially since Northumbria is right in the city centre which helps a lot. It’s such a good location. The atmosphere was really busy and it was a lot of fun. They give us so much free stuff like free dominoes pizza so that’s always good. I joined the netball squad and the trials are on Sunday but i’ve also joined the snow society so apparently they’ve got a trip in December to France so i’m quite excited about that. I’m think I’m going to join the gym. It’s all really new and spacious and light inside so it has a good gym atmosphere. I’ve settled in really well and I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase, don’t tell that to my Mum. I would tell them that they it’s OK to be nervous and that everyone is so that’s the great thing about it because everyone is so open to making friends so everyone is really friendly and you’re all in the same boat. Claude Gibb is, well i would definitely recommend it as it is such a good location and everyone gets along really well especially in the dining hall everyone is just so open to talk to anyone and sit with anyone so no one makes it awkward. I’m absolutely loving it and I’ve got nothing to complain about, I’m just really happy all of the time.

Paul Whisler

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