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Paul Whisler


  1. Bhai mujhe super splendor Lena hai Kwon si lu layawala. ya old model

  2. fuel switch arrow confusion because generally in all bike switch is turned down for on & up for reserve but i was not there at the time of purchase So I'm not aware of any thing about this bike.

  3. By the way I'm now become a perfect biker with the help of manual book instructions by sorting all doubts since starting of August.
    i wanna suggest everyone to read the manual book & follow all mentioned things related to long life of bike's parts & yors 1st too.
    I'm not a beginner Since i'd been drive a bike 6 years back…so i confused & scare little bit to drive this before understanding basic things again about how to manage simultaneously clutch,gears, indicators & all things.
    So friends
    1.never ever believe on other riders,walkers, or any kind of living things which are in front of U or side of u or back of U cause i saw riders who does the mistake & after accident say other person did the wrong thing & he could be right but after accident right or wrng doesn't matter only the thing matter is yr life & other' s life running on road.
    2.never ever try to over take big vehicles u know,why?
    3.try to run at a gradual speed of 50-60 for 1st 200-300km.

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