New car loans for new Uber drivers

One of the most disruptive things out there
in the internet world has been Uber. Uber has completely discombobulated the taxicab
industry where people have been able to get an Uber car for significantly less than for
cab and you know the reputation for the driver. And more importantly, the driver knows your
reputation so he is safer also. But Uber can’t get enough drivers and now they’re offering
a program for people with bad credit who through Uber can get a car loan and have the money
deducted from the Uber fares collected out driving for Uber. Some of the drivers are
complaining about the loan terms and interest rates and stuff like that, but it provides
an opportunity for someone who doesn’t have any cash to really get the capital to start
your own business and get out there and work and pay off the car as you work. I’m Clark

Paul Whisler


  1. The good part is that it's better than making nothing, even though some people says Uber drivers make about minimum wage after all the expenses.

  2. At .90¢ before Uber takes 20% of the fare charge is this going to be enough to make car payment with thousands of drivers competing for a limited number of customers?

  3. Sweet! Repo'd cars are gonna be dirt cheap in a few months.

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