Munich – How to Invest in the Most Expensive City in Germany

So today we are going to talk about Munich and we’re staying here right now in front of this and what do you think about it. If you see this, this is Munich when you think of Munich I think of the Oktoberfest I have many pleasent moments, great moment with my best friends, with my best colleagues, and with my best clients Its a festival, everyone from Japanese, Chinese, Australians people from the US they all come to see the Oktoberfest I mean, this is only one thing you see right? but the Oktoberfest in Germany in Munich is huge, massive and what you can experience is just fun its… You know, I have a list of things I want to see in my life and if you have a similar list, you should definitely put it on your list because the Oktoberfest in Munich is just bananas you can drink beer you can have the traditional food you are wearing like the nice Lederhosen you see a lot of beautiful women with the Dirndl so there are many many great things you will experience during Oktoberfest so thats number one, number two Munich as a city, the population is the third largest population in Germany but from a point of living, the quality of life Munich is the number one. There is no doubt about it Munich is the number one its just phenomenal but everything comes with a cost with everything in life which is good or great it always comes with a price Munich is the most expensive city in Germany you can pay up to €15000 – €20000 euro per square meter thats not the average but we are talking about great areas very central areas and they are fucking expensive and don’t forget on a global level its still very cheap, if you compare it again with London and New York Munich is still cheap but domestically its expensive but it won’t sell off, it won’t sell off because people are still in the need for apartments so from a investment you have to be very careful and you have to read between the lines and thats why i’m here, to give you a better picture on how to invest in Munich Munich, as a real estate investment if you looking for a safe investment and you want to have exposure in Germany then Munich is definitely a city you can consider as an investment but if you are looking for upside if you are looking for growth then don’t look at Munich there are reasons why Munich was in 2017 under the top 10 cities globally with a year over year performance of 13.8% but again as i said, prices went up a lot and its the most expensive city in Germany we are talking about rental yields sub -2% to play the financing game, the positive cashflow is just not possible again, people are in the need of apartments there are still more people looking for apartments then there are actually projects and its very rare, the supply side in Munich is very very limited people just don’t want to sell their real estate exposure It has tremendous scarcity value, tremendous scarcity value and overtime you will just make more money and Bavaria overall is the best federal state in Germany they’re economy are just doing incredibly well and outperforming the rest of the regions It has the lowest stamp duty, we’re talking about 3.5% which is overall the lowest in all of Germany if you get offers always look for units, the sweet spot are in 2-3 bedrooms but again, affordability is a question so thats why I would recommend you if your rental income is between €1200 –
€1500 euro thats what people are looking for and thats where you should center your investment around if you think Munich is too expensive you can also look around Augsburg is another interesting city which is 1-2 hours from Munich so thats where you need to keep you eye on as well so what usually happens, if Munich compresses, rental yields in Munich are compressing then the bigger cities around Munich will perform as well…that a very good strategy but as i said in Munich, thats like gold it has attracted a lot of wealthy people from foreign countries such as Russia from the Arabic countries they love Munich because it is a global city but it has like so many beautiful lakes, greenies the alps if you want to go for skiing, its easy to reach if we’re talking about the good areas in Munich you should look for investments in Maxvorstadt, in Au Stadt the city center um…you should look for Bogenhausen so as a real estate investor I have basically clients who said ok Pascal what you told us makes sense we want to buy it we want to buy it because we trust your advice on these particular projects but for anyone who is interested in an investment its not only an investment its a lifetime investment I highly recommend you to spend time in Germany take your kids, travel with you family, go to Germany find out what is this, what is this what Pascal talks about you have to feel it and after that you gonna feel it differently you gonna feel it the way I do about German Real Estate as an investment and if you go to Munich there are many many great moments you gonna experience especially during summertime you know? in the beer garden, where you sit outside your surrounded by these beautiful buildings you can have like this fresh made beer you know? from all these Munich Bavarian breweries its just amazing and then you have like these warm pretzels, I love that when I have these warm pretzels in my hands and you take the first bite the salt and then the sausage. Everything is just amazing and you feel that and people know that way they talk they don’t speak like Germans they have they’re own accent I could listen to that all day long Munich is just amazing, for the kids for example you can surf on the Isar, you know? if you into surfing you should check it out from there you can easily take your kids and you family to Lake Tegernsee or Lake Starnberg you can go to the alps for skiing there are so many things you can do As I said, housing supply is very limited its not much left there we at German Real Estate we have 5 luxury apartments if you are interested in Germany in Munich then we should have a talk

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