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Paul Whisler


  1. are mughal people having relating blood with japanese people which has been asimilated with jewish people ?

  2. mughals never reached south india. they were numerous fight between Hindu Rajput of rajasthan(old word – Rajputana) and Marathas of Maharashtra that prevented mughal empire to spread over all sub-continent.
    moreover, North-East states of india remain untouched.

  3. We can see on the NorthEastern India there was no expansion of Mughal dynasty, this is because Mughals were defeated 17times by the Ahoms from the place now known as Assam. Ahoms were the longest ruling kingdom of India.

  4. You are the first American who promouncing Urdu, Persian, or Hindi words as they should be

  5. By the time the Brits arrived the Marathas had significantly weakened the Mughals and were controlling large swathes of Central and South Central India. The Sikhs were ruling North Western India (present day Kashmir, The Punjab and KPK), Tipu Sultan and the Nizam of Hyderabad were controlling a large part of Southern India. The vestiges of the Mughal empire – Alivardi Khan and then Siraj-ud-daula were ruling Bengal. The Ahoms were ruling North Eastern India. The British had to defeat these kingdoms – not the Mughals. The Mughal emperor was paying tributes to the Maratha empire and was more or less the mayor of Delhi.

  6. Couple of wrong information, but far more informative and non-bised than leftist schoolers.

  7. Yeah….finally the great mughals…..God bless emperor Aurangzeb.he was the best of mughal emperors.

  8. Past is Past.All empires vanished but Rajput Royal families are still there to disturb Indian politics.

  9. Hands down, the Muslim rulers had the greatest influence in India – culture, language, wide variety of cuisines, Architecture, the perfume industry – attar and oud, the list goes on…

  10. So u mean to say there were no hindu kings ruling in india hmmmm…. See people how they are disorting our history. No Rajput, No maratha, No peshwa.. no cherro, No Sikhs, just only muslims… Waah

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