Moving Truck vs Low Bridge in Slow Mo

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
the “The Super Slow Show.” Dan, are you aware
of a website called It’s about this bridge
in North Carolina, exactly 11 foot 8 inches
of clearance. – Who’da thought?
– For some reason, people keep crashing
moving trucks into it, so frequently that a guy
has set up two cameras permanently recording
this bridge. ( tires screech ) ( tires screech ) Today we’re going to
recreate that experiment. – We have our own moving truck.
– Excellent name.( theme music playing )Well, not a great name
for a moving company, though, especially if they charge
by the hour. – Well, you’d make
a lot of money.
– You would. Yeah, I’m kind of nervous about
driving a truck into a bridge. And you don’t drive at all. This is true. Which is why we’ve got
our very own stunt driver,
Kyle. Afternoon,
Kyle the stunt driver. – Good afternoon.
– How’s it going? This is our bridge.
It’s not actually a bridge. Dan:
Yeah, it’s also not 11′ 8″. But it will be solid impact
for a truck. I should think so,
which I why I’m scared of it. Have you done anything
like this before, like running into a bridge? You know, thankfully, I’ve never
run into a bridge before. – No?
– No. You nervous about it? No, not too really. I’m definitely interested
to find out what happens. It’s kind of scary because a lot of the trucks
just stop dead. It’s like actually crashing
into a wall almost. – Yeah, it’s interesting.
– Are you prepared
for a sudden impact just in case it doesn’t
tear the top off? Yeah, yeah, I’ve got a
five-point harness system
in there. I should be good to go, even coming from
a 35-mile-an hour truck, coming to a dead stop,
I think. Is that how fast
you’re going? Yeah, 30, 35. I still wouldn’t want to be
doing this myself. I’m so glad that we’ve got
you to do this instead. Hopefully it just peels
the lid right off. That’s the effect we want. – Kyle: That’s the plan.
– Yeah. All right, well,
from this point on the video’s in your hands. Yeah, I guess we’re just gonna
radio and just go, “Go!” – And then that’s it for us.
– That’s it, yeah. – It’s all on you.
– Great. Good luck, Kyle. Thank you. – Dan: Cool.
– Gav: Let’s get to safety. See you guys
on the other side. We’re going to record this
at a thousand frames a second,
in 4K, one camera looking down, one looking right
at the point of impact. – Are you ready?
– I’m ready. – Let’s hope Kyle’s ready.
– Okay. Kyle, go, go, go! Gav ( laughing ):
It’s so scary to look at. Dan:
Oh, I can’t wait already. Oh, he’s bookin’ it. He really is. He’s really going for it. ( together )
Ooh! ( laughing )
Oh! Dan: Damn! It completely split. Look, it’s literally like
the top of a can. Isn’t it? It ripped the top off
and then snapped the back. Dan:
It’s completely wrinkled. Oh, man. I didn’t realize they made
convertible trucks. Properly, like,
accordioned it. It’s actually, I think, – got inside the container.
– Oh. Oh, look at the truck. Here it comes. That’s fully opened up. – Gav: Well done.
– Dan: How was that? Well, I felt a bit of a bump. – You did?
– Is that it?
Just a bit of a bump? Just a bit of an “unh.” And look what you’ve done. Well, there’s your problem.
Your roof’s up there. Gav:
Can you see that it’s
actually embedded itself in the shipping container
material? Yeah, I might’ve– might’ve
drifted up towards 40 right before I hit it. You weren’t messing around.
You were like, wow. Lead foot, I guess. Why don’t we go and see
what the hell just happened? – In slow mo.
– Yeah, that’d be great. Oh, there’s the shadow.( all laughing )Gav:It’s just driving
into itself.
It’s folding itself up.Dan:It’s, like, using it up,
isn’t it?
That bar
didn’t actually crumple.
– Kyle:No.
– Gav:That bar went
all the way in that top part.
Oh, now you’re just dragging
the… ( laughing )
Dan:I feel like
it’s not so much–
’cause it’s only 8’6″.It’s not so much
shaved the top off
as decapitated it
What you’ve done there, you’ve made very hard metal look like cloth. It’s amazing what
high speeds will do to hard materials.You know, just out
for a Sunday drive.
Nothing out of the normal.Oh, the ripple
through that. That’s wicked. It’s like that scene
in “Willy Wonka” where it goes in dirty
and comes out clean except this comes out
without a roof. Dan:Now it’s just convertible.
It’s just gone.
Gav:That is amazing.Kyle:Now it’s more
of a flatbed truck.
Yeah. Still functional.
Still runs.( laughing )
Did you see the text
on the side?
Dan:Oh, it’s just
squashed completely.
so it says “Mo-ers” instead.That is absolutely
Kyle:Yeah, the accordion
effect’s amazing.
It’s like a cartoon.It was just like
a cartoon crash.
– Just, like, perfect folds.
– Yeah. I want to see
the other side of the container because that bar went in
so deep. – Yeah.
– Should we go check it out? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Oh!
What? It came fully out
the other side. Dan: That’s so abstract. Gav:
So it looks like it’s
bonked that side. It actually pierced this side. – Dan: Oh, yeah.
– Kyle: Just punched
straight through. – Huh.
– Huh. – Um.
– Great. – Do you wanna do it again?
– Yeah. Yep. All right. So, second attempt. I wonder if he’s going
to make it through the exact same holes
as last time. That’ll be damn impressive. Do you think he could go? I’m not even sure
this truck’s the same width. All right, we’ll see. Yeah. All right, okay,
you ready? – I’m ready.
– Okay. All right, Kyle,
we’re ready for you.
Go! Go! Go! Gav:
This one sounds
a little bit more rickety. Dan:
It does, doesn’t it? – Getting up to some
serious speed now.
– Really is. Good night! – Oh!
– Oh! What was that? It has gone
through the same holes! – ( Gav laughs )
– I knew it! It literally did exactly
what you said. – I called it.
– And that one exploded. Was that a real moving truck?
Was there stuff in it? That one was insolated. – That was
a refrigeration truck.
– Oh… I wondered whether
you’d be able to get it through the exact same holes
as you did last time. You’re that good
that you nailed it perfectly. So this one was insulated. Yeah, I think they turned
this one into a refrigerated
box truck. Yeah, look at this. I was like, “What’s with that
gunk that’s falling out of it?” That one was like an explosion. It was completely different
because the other one
just peeled away.This one sort of
exploded almost.
Should we go and check out some
of the carnage underneath? Dan:
There’s more carnage
this time, almost. Kyle:
Ooh, lots of debris. Peeling off nicely. Kyle, you broke the sign. Oh, no. Now it’s just “Low Clear…” Yeah. That is mental.
Look at that shot. That is cool. You go faster or slower
on that one? I think it was actually
pretty much about the same, pretty close to 40. Gav:
Whoa, it’s spewing out
the sides.
Dan:Look at the sides there,
all the foam coming
out the sides.
Kyle ( laughing ):
Look at the top corner.
Oh, man.That is mental.
Look at all that.
I wouldn’t hire
this company.
For sure.– If that was your stuff?
Jeez, look at all
that stuff flying.
Then the roof falls down
behind it as well.
That’s such a weird sight,like I barely know
what I’m looking at.
– Looks like–
– Look at all that peeling out
on the left.
A refrigerated sheep holder.It does look like–It’s almost just like…A sheep popped.Yeah, it really does.That’s a great shot.
That’s cool.
Here we go.
Look at this slot
perfectly in there.
through the holes!
It’s just peeling off.Look at all that
coming out the top,
the carnage there.
It just accordions
that sheet metal up top.
It really does.And the doors bend.That’s gotta be a hefty
insurance job.
For the rental trucks.And you actually draggedall of your accordion
back through with you.
It looks like it’s just cloth
being ripped.
– Kyle:Yeah.
– Dan:Look at that.And then the unveil,
out of all that.
It’s so satisfying.– Kyle:That’s awesome.
– Dan:That’s great.Just peeled
the truck off.
I think that’s
what we were going for.
I think what’s
happening here, is the wind–
because you’re going through, the wind is sucking air in. It’s sucking all the debris
through the tunnel. Yeah, it really changes– And look at all this stuff
flying over to the side as well. It’s gone really far. Just popped. That was great.Phenomenal driving, Kyle.Once again. Yeah. Happy to do it. Oh, hello. Well, that was some phenomenal
looking footage– Why am I behind
the tallest part? – I’m the shortest.
– Nobody wants to see you. Thank you very much
for watching that video. Feel free to subscribe
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in the very next episode on “The Super Slow Show.” Hello again.
We’re gonna break stuff. A lot of stuff. Maybe even a limb or two. Well, why did
it have to be my limb? Unfortunate.
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I have. – Have you?
– No.

Paul Whisler


  1. Your video make me laugh and very good to show slowly motion.

    I saw many times when truck accident by bridge of train. I am not sure remember right address is
    606 W Marquette Rd
    Chicago, IL 60621
    (I don't remember right address) that where train bridge.
    I was there come from 2000 to 2003
    Too many people very IGNORE care drive truck go through the bridge of train and accident make very angry. I saw many times.

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