Mortgages : How to Start a Mortgage Company

Hi, so you been thinking about starting your
own mortgage company and start making a lot more money then what you’re making now. No
problem I’ll tell you how to do it. My name’s Adriel Torres and I’m the owner of
My first suggestion is to seek legal counsel as far as how to start a mortgage company.
Different states have different rules and regulations and laws on how to start a business,
whether you need licensing or not. And in the state of Florida for instance you do need
a mortgage broker license. You have to be licensed as a mortgage broker first for at
least one year before you can apply to the state for the mortgage broker business license.
That’s two different licenses, a mortgage broker and then the business license to operate
as a business and hire brokers or people to work for you to originate mortgage loans.
And then you may need different city licenses or a county license. And also you’re going
to need a corporation whether you’re an LLC or you incorporate it, you’re going to need
legal entity to have the mortgage broker business license. O.k., make sure you check with an
attorney and seek legal advice and they’ll be able to tell you how to start your own
mortgage business. Again, my name’s Adriel Torres and I’m the owner of
Thank you very much.

Paul Whisler

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