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mortgage rates are going up! Oh No! what
are we to do should? Should we still buy a home? these are the kind of feelings you may
have when you hear that mortgage rates are going up so I want to give you some
perspective on history of mortgage rates I have here a graph that shows for
different decades and what the average rate was over those four decades 1970s
the rate was at eight point eight six percent in the 1980s it was at twelve
point seven 1990s eight point one two and the two thousand six point two nine
recently the Federal Reserve increased our rate a quarter percent rates are
somewhere between four and four and a quarter percent right now which may seem
high because they have been as low as three and a half but historically
there’s still amazing race me think of someone who bought a stock like Apple
maybe five years after they had already started the company and they held it
till today you think they’re gonna be upset no because if I $1,000 what if you’re down at halftime in a
game no worries the coach will tell you hey we still got another half to play we
can’t have anyone freak out out there okay
he’s got a backup voucher got to Bob let’s do my fill our interest rates are
still at historic lows and you’re gonna feel like a genius when you walk in
today and in a year from now rates are maybe a half to one percent higher and I
say half to one percent higher because that’s kind of the projection in which
the Federal Reserve is telling us rates are going to go now it’s anyone’s guess
if they actually do that in pass history they’ve shied away and haven’t raised
them nearly as quickly but this is the first year that we’ve had to rate
increases within six months of each other so my suggestion if you’re in the
buying market you should act quickly I’m excited to help you get the house of
your dreams act now and we’ll be able to get you in at the best price before
mortgage rates go up and home prices go up you will be happy and aesthetic and
you got the best low rate and you’ll be able to brag to your friends within a
year that you got that rate come to our website check out what’s on the market

Paul Whisler

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