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Hi welcome to Groves capital my name is
Christopher Groves I am CEO of Groves Capital and I’m Aleyna Groves I’m the
CFO of Groves Capital I handle all the money transactions. Yes as you can tell we
are a family owned company and just like we’re family we like to treat our
customers like family. It’s very important to us that you understand what
is going on in this process, how this is gonna be a big game-changer in life to
make sure that your investment is protected not only today but for future.
And we also offer over 30 years of experience in the mortgage and real
estate industry so you’re definitely in great hands with Groves Capital. So why
choose Groves Capital, well our clients come to us year
after year because we have a wide variety of loan programs available
whether you have a lower credit score a lower down payment higher credit score a
higher down payment we have a loan program available for you and we offer
the lowest rates in the nation and who doesn’t like to save money. I know I love
to save money and one of the biggest things we pride ourselves is really
treating our customers and clients like our family it’s important to us that you
understand what is going on with the process understanding every step of the
way what we are doing and how it’s going to benefit you not only today but for
your future generations. This is one of the biggest purchases you’re ever gonna
make and you’re really going to be in great hands with Groves Capital. So here
at Groves Capital we offer a variety of loan programs for our clients whether
you’re a seasoned investor whether you’re a veteran have a lower down
payment whether you’re self-employed or even a millennial. Yeah Millennial’s
listen up we’re gonna help provide the biggest future benefit to you and that
comes with home ownership. It’s gonna save you in taxes you’re
going to build appreciation in a property that’s been set you up for your
future. I don’t care if you have no money down you have bad credit we’re gonna
find a solution for you if it’s not today I guarantee in the next six months.
So let us Groves Capital help you benefit your future. So I’m sure you’ve
heard rates are at historical lows right now so whether you’re purchasing your
first house or refinancing an existing loan that you have Groves
Capital is here to help. So go online today hit apply or call us for a free
consultation and let us help you make the biggest investment of your life
safely and comfortably Groves Capital let us welcome you home.

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