Meet The Ralston Team with PA Equity Resources

We purchased our house through Equity
Resources and we worked with the Ralston Team. Christina and Joanna and the
process was so easy it actually wasn’t a process at all. With this process I feel
like, the whole experience with the Ralston group they really, they made it
stress-free and easy to understand because I’m not the best with
terminology and whatnot so they really made it you know comfortable for me to
ask questions. So, I felt more comfortable with with Joanne and Christine. Their personalities sell themselves. They are kind. They are so knowledgeable on the
whole process. They answer every question. They make it easy, They don’t make you
feel stupid when you think you are. Not having gone through it before I wasn’t
sure what to expect. They gave us such a clear indication of what’s coming and
how to work through it you know everything was above expectation. I was real uncomfortable with the whole: People just calling me out of the blue, and the
online sort of thing. I just didn’t have a comfort level for it. I got Christine
on the phone and there was just a connection there from the very beginning.
There was a comfort I just kind of felt a connection to her. They are so nice to
work with so easy to work with. They are always in communication with my clients
and with myself so that we know each step of the way that things are going
well. Joann and Christine are the best lenders I have ever worked with and that’s ser… I’m serious that they are so available. I love the Ralston team. They, they have always been awesome to work with
and I love recommending them. I think that you can work with any mortgage broker and you can get a product from point A to point B to the closing
table. It’s, it’s the process of how you get there and with Johanna and Christine
you know how you’re getting there because they fill you in and they tell
you. (Christine): We pride ourselves on is honesty and making sure that, what we’re
communicating to both them and their buyer is what, you know, we’re gonna, the
end results gonna be. We do a fantastic job at communicating
throughout the whole process whether that be through emails, phone calls
whatever form a communication. (Joanne) Because we are a team we can just, you know, we can cover each other. We were you’re always available for someone to reach out to, to question. Whether it’s a Real Estate Agent or a Customer. (Christine): You go through
different phases of each one of their lives and you know you have people that
are are getting married and starting families, or retiring, or moving up, or you
know, first-time homebuyers. People that are going through divorces and are
going through, like, really difficult times, but yet you’re a part of helping
them you know through that difficult time and in the transition you

Paul Whisler

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