Matching accommodation to student need

It’s extremely important to be able to
match the accommodation to student needs. So … it is important to always be
really in tune with what is their need what – exactly – is their need. But the other part is to be able to use
that accommodation routinely in classroom instruction. That the week
before the test is little late to be learning how to use that particular
accommodation. If you’re building the accommodation and the accessibility
support into your lessons from the outset then students could go have
practice and using it as part of that lesson. The other thing that you’d want to do is
to look at … if you’re providing native language support, you want to make
sure that the student has gone and had practice either using that accommodation
in the classroom as part of instruction so there they may be receiving the
instruction in native language or that if they’ve come they have the native
language proficiency to be able to use that. So just because a student is an
English Learner, you want to make sure that they have the development – the
literacy development in their native language to make sense of that
accommodation. There are instances, for example, folks
were going to provide students with a word to word dual language dictionary
but … if they haven’t been using that dictionary and they really just have
oral language proficiency in their native language, it doesn’t make as much sense. Another
way to make sense about which accommodations you might provide is the
state accessibility and accommodation guidelines. And if the state is in a
consortium you can look at those guidelines. Many
states are now doing crosswalk so you want to check to see if your state has
a crosswalk document where they they look through and they’ve seen the
commonalities among the different tests. And that’s a much more efficient way to
go and look through for which accommodations might be provided with
the test.

Paul Whisler

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