Majesco Suite at Responsive Auto Insurance Company

It has been a very good relationship over
the five years. They were quickly able to pick up on our needs. They really put a lot
of effort into building the relationship. We visit their offices, and they are in our
offices constantly. They have never led us to believe that we�re small, and they treat
us like we are just as any big carrier, which is very big to us. We decided to go with Majesco primarily because
of the integrated modules; a billing solution that would talk to the policy and also the
claims. And we engaged relatively quickly. We actually went live to production six months
from the day we started we wrote our first policy. So that was impressive, thereafter
there were a lot of changes. We added endorsements online, renewals online, and we are looking
to now upgrade to their new billing system. Majesco brings to the table the whole package,
the solution. Not just the technology, but a professional team with a lot of knowledge
from insurance perspective all the way through technology.

Paul Whisler

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